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Gay parents don't make children gay

March 13, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In response to Michael Thom's letter to the editor of March 8, 2012: I think that it is important to note that parents who happen to be gay do not have the power to make their children gay or in the words of Mr. Thom, "follow in their footsteps."

My parents were heterosexual as they raised me (still are, for that matter...and still married, for that matter) and they unwittingly raised a gay son even though it was not something they were trying to do.

They did succeed, however, in teaching me about love and how to love with my whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. They taught me how to love God and how to love my neighbor as myself. I think that Jesus said that on these two principles hang, well, everything. Thanks Dad and Mom, for raising me to be someone who tries as hard as he can to love God and neighbor, even if that neighbor is different from me.

The Rev. Jay A. Wiesner

Philadelphia, PA



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