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Landlords trying to do right thing

March 10, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

We would like to respond to the editorial in last Sunday's paper, identifying ourselves as the landlords criticized for not renting to an unmarried couple.

First of all, we would like to say that we are sinful people in thought, word and deed, so that we have no right to claim any kind of moral superiority over another; however, we are sinners who recognize the Bible as the truth of God's Word to guide our lives in His good and right paths. As such. God's Word says that those seeking to have a husband and wife-type relationship should first be married in order to do so. Although many in our society today do not practice this way, and/or believe the messages of the Bible in this regard are outdated, in accordance with its own words we believe the Bible to be a timeless standard to direct our lives before God. There will be those who do not look at the Bible as an authoritative or timeless teaching from God, however, as people who do, our consciences are bound to its teachings. Because of this, the teachings of the Bible will direct our daily decisions in life.

In this case, due to conscience before God, we have established the policy in question. We realize that not everyone will agree with these positions, but we would ask that they could at least respect the basis for our decision, and respect the fact that the state of Minnesota grants us this right to carry out our duties in this regard on the basis of our conscience as it's guided by the Bible. We would like to wish the young couple good luck in their search for a home to rent. It appears they are nice, hard working people and we seem to have a common thread. We too love animals and our family has adopted many pets from animal shelters. We have a deep gratitude for the people who volunteer to care and nurture our four-legged friends.

Marlin and Paula Huiras

New Ulm



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