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Let K-mart know we want to keep store

March 4, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the closing of the K-mart store in New Ulm,

If you believe the K-mart store should not close, call their Public Relations phone number (1-847-286-8371). You will get their voice mail. Press "1" to record your message. You will then get a call from K-mart to discuss your concerns. You may have to be patient about the callback as they may be overwhelmed with other callers. In any case, they will have your recorded message.

I think if enough people let K-mart know what their customers want they may agree to keep the store open. Sadly, money and greed for more and more seem to rule the business world, while real people lose their jobs and go on the unemployment rolls, further worsening our economy.

New Ulm is such a nice town, I like to shop locally because I think our dollars should be kept here to support our own economy. Considering the high cost of gas it doesn't make much sense to drive to Mankato more than necessary. Many times I've gone to mankato, spent time getting there, paid for the gas and not found what I was looking to buy. When?I?get back to New Ulm, I find what I wanted!

I don't think losing business is in New Ulm's best interest. We need competition between Walmart, Target and K-mart. I live closest to K-mart. People on my end of town benefit from the store being there.

Older people and those without transportation benefit by K-mart being in town. K-mart pays taxes, which helps our community.

The recession will not last forever. Please shop at K-mart so their corporate leaders will know we support this store staying in New Ulm. Please pass on this phone number to your friends (1-847-286-8371). I don't have their e-mail address so perhaps those with computers could Google the information. Thanks for your help.

Linda Klotz

New Ulm



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