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No rental for unmarried couples

March 4, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Is it unethical to rent to married couples only?

I called to inquire about a three bedroom rural home for rent thinking it would be a great place for my boyfriend, his son (when we have him), myself and our pets. When I inquired as to the rent amount I was interrupted and asked if it was for a family. I told the woman who it would be for. She asked if we were married and I said 'No, we're not'. She then told me she rents to married couples only as it is her religious belief. I found this humorous, hypocritical, and also hurtful. I have never heard of this before!

I feel that just because someone is married it does not mean they are a wonderful person or even a law abiding citizen. Perhaps they are but it isn't a guarantee. Spousal abuse it at an all time high and there are many felons that are married with families (some who are on the straight and narrow and some who are not). I find it extremely offensive to basically be told that since I don't share this woman's religious views on marriage I am not worthy of renting from her. I have never been arrested, never been in trouble with the law, I work and keep my home extremely clean. I have numerous pets but volunteer at an animal shelter and do sub-contracting work with dogs. This is a huge part of my families' life. It is an around the clock job and though we are not perfect I think we are pretty down to earth, genuine people...and renters. We are not noisy and have never had a noise complaint. We are friendly and open minded. It is just me or is it extremely hypocritical to say you're Christian then refuse to rent to someone because they're not and they're not married? I would love to hear others' opinions on this. To me it is a very upsetting issue.

Kari Kay Rose

New Ulm



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