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Last word on marriage amendment

February 25, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

A reply to the letter of Feb. 17, 2012 ("Marriage amendment discriminatory"). Just a few things to be learned. Geese may exhibit homosexual tendencies? I would like to have Mr. Lorenz prove this. Obviously, they also may not.

Secondly, our coins say, "In God We Trust." In jury trials, witnesses swear to tell the truth "so help me God."

Third, many marriage ceremonies include "Before God and these witnesses." Suit yourself.

1 Cor. 7:2 - "to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband." 1 Cor. 6:9-10 deals with immorality. Although there is no command to marry at all. We all believe this probably to the same extent we believe in The Bible.

Marriage is not reserved for the most upstanding individuals. Anyone may participate: poor, rich, young, old. To infer otherwise is absurd. I will write no more on this subject. To do so is foolish and I will not drag the sanctity of marriage any lower. Probably too much has been said already.

Claus Sieh

New Ulm



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