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President vs. the Constitution

February 19, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

President Obama, why are you violating your oath of office? In your words you stated you would, "to the best of your ability to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution" As a man that taught the U.S. Constitution in law school you must know the importance of the First Amendment to the American Constitution.

Why have you forbid U.S. military chaplains from using the name of Jesus in anyplace but a formal church service or Bible study? Why have you forbid U.S. military chaplains from reading a letter in church service from the Pope concerning birth control provisions in health care coverage of ObamaCare? President Obama, why are you standing against the basic long standing foundation blocks of Christianity and installing the new political religion?

President Obama, it appears your passion for a short term political gain is at the cost of the cost of your personal relationship with Jesus. The human experience is very short and we will soon cross the river; why are you taking so many steps to push Jesus away?

Kori Langbehn




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