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Marriage amendment discriminatory

February 17, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

"It seems we need laws or perhaps constitutional amendments to keep people's heads on straight." (Letters, Feb. 15, "Supporting Marriage Amendment.") You've got to be kidding! And comparing us to geese, well here's an excerpt from "Psychology Today" by Conrad Lorenz dated November 1974: "In geese you may find a very strong homosexual bond between two male geese who behave like a [mating] pair even though they cannot copulate."

There are a few important lessons to be learned here. First, do your research before you make a statement. Second, in the United States religion and government are meant to be separate. And lastly, marriage is a legal contract easily dissolved in a state with no fault divorce.

I find the whole Anti-Same-Sex Marriage movement troubling for one reason, it is discriminatory. This is a country where we are all to be treated as equals and they want to create exceptions to that princi-ple. And creating those exceptions is in itself a uniquely un-American thing to do.

So let's not pretend that marriage is some kind of exclusive club reserved only for the most upstanding, deserving, and qualified individuals society has to offer. Instead, let's allow our fellow Americans to engage in a ritual that can be provided quickly at drive-thru windows in Las Vegas and easily annulled when alcoholic effects fade.

Matthew Pagel

New Ulm



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