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Schools before stadiums

February 8, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The question every Republican should be asking themselves. What will the Republican party do when the legislators come back next year and says "gambling revenue do not cover the states bonds" sold to build Vikings the stadium, Will the Republican call for more taxes cuts to schools and LGA. To pay for the bonds. Or will they call for Higher Taxes for he middle income family. As we know they will never raised taxes to the top income families. The Journal should point out the amount of money from gambling revenue is guess.

Any legislator that votes to spend any state monies for Vikings stadium before the state repays. School and LGA will Not get my vote in November. I have told my state legislator this and they promised to repay schools and LGA first.I hope every voter in Minnesota does the same.

Richard F. Owens

Granite Falls



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