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Inter-county transit needed

January 25, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Are you aware of anyone who is transit dependent? County transportation systems are currently underfunded and constantly under threat of losing the funds they currently receive. County systems, largely due to these economic reasons, are limited to travel within their own county limits.

The development of an inter-county transit system would improve the quality of life for all Minnesotans by enabling them to participate in activities and events in all of Minnesota's communities including those outside their current county of residence.

An inter-county transportation system could realize a decrease in the amount of vehicles on major routes, decreasing traffic congestion, saving road conditions and improving air quality, as well as decreasing fuel consumption. This would be a HUGE benefit to those who are transit dependent including the disabled, the elderly, and those who are yet not old enough to be licensed. I am also aware of some, who, by their own choice, would rather travel via public transportation; but there is as yet, nothing available.

Contact your legislators and the Department of Transportation to demand inter-county public transit. Help Me Get There!

Lisa A.S. Black




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