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Dr. Ron Paul: The medicine we need

January 19, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The mainstream media has portrayed presidential candidate Ron Paul as extreme and unelectable. The media are simply afraid of him getting the GOP nomination because he represents real change to the direction of our country.

Ron Paul warned Congress and the American people of the housing collapse before it hit. On Sept. 6, 2001, on the House floor in Washington, D.C., Paul stated, "The Federal Reserve credit created during the last eight months a lot of it ended up in the expanding real estate bubble." He went on to say, "This too will burst as all bubbles do." The easing of credit standards by the Fed along with the subprime mortgage practices led to a false sense of growth and a highly inflated housing market. Was no one listening? Apparently not, and the American people are still suffering the consequences.

Now, Paul is trying to warn Americans that the U.S. dollar will collapse if Congress does not act swiftly and boldly. Will anyone listen this time? Let us hope so. There are a few different ways to calculate how much the dollar has been devalued. One way is to use the Consumer Price Index, which compares the price difference of goods or services between any two given years. Using this calculator, one would find that one dollar from 2010 has a value of a measly four cents when compared to one dollar from 1913.

Can you trust what he says? The answer is unequivocally yes because Paul has had one of the most consistent voting records ever. He has never voted for higher taxes, an unbalanced budget, any gun ownership restrictions, congressional pay raises, and he is going to decline his Congressional pension when he retires (

If elected, Paul would cut $1 trillion from the federal budget in his first year. And by that I mean real cuts to the budget. Many other candidates propose cuts based on a model of proposed increases in government spending every year. These are not real cuts and would do nothing to solve our budget problems.

Ron Paul's opponents have attacked his foreign policy and some news pundits have stated that his view on the military and war is his Achilles heel. Military members, however, tell us a different story. From April through June of last year, Paul received more campaign donations from members of the military than President Obama and more than all the other GOP candidates combined ( If the people that actually serve our country are behind his foreign policy, then maybe we should consider supporting it as well

As the 2012 Minnesota Caucus approaches us on Feb. 7, consider voting for Ron Paul if you are going to vote. The caucus is open to the public and one can easily find information on where to go to vote for your precinct. Get involved and have your vote count in this election. Make a statement that Americans want a sound currency and a balanced budget.

Brandon Berg




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