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Schell’s Brewery launches Burton Ale

October 19, 2011
The Journal

NEW ULM - The August Schell Brewing Company has released Burton Ale, a nearly extinct style of beer. Schell's rendition of the Burton Ale was produced as part of the Stag Series, a collection of limited edition, one-and-done experimental brews released periodically throughout the year.

More so than perhaps any other beer style in history, the demise of Burton Ales happened amazingly fast. At one time the Burton Ale was so popular it was considered one of the main draught beers in Britain, sitting beside mild, pale ale, and stout. Eventually brewers became faced with the consumer preference for bitters and lagers and saw sales of Burton and mild ales plummet. By the end of the 1960s Burton ales were virtually gone.

Schell's Burton Ale is a nod to a forgotten style of beer. Its overall character is that of what brewing books describe it to be in the 1950's, a darker, sweeter beer. As is traditional for British brewers, Schell's added sugar in the kettle, and some Dark Candi Syrup. Finally, the Burton Ale is hopped with Nugget and Goldings, fermented with a British ale yeast, dry-hopped, and aged for three months prior to release.

The Burton Ale is the fourth beer to be produced within the Stag Series. Schell's launched the series with Barrel Aged Schmaltz's Alt, followed by Wild Rice Farmhouse Ale, the Rauchbier (smoked beer) which was declared one of the best Rauchbiers in the country by Modern Brewery Age, and now the Burton Ale. Each beer produced within the Stag Series is released just once and for a limited time before its recipe is retired.



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