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Cantaloupe Supreme

August 23, 2011
By Wendy Monro , The Journal

I am doing it! Yes, I have decided to eat all of my servings of fruits and vegetables this week to see if it is possible to live this way. There are conflicting numbers out there as to the exact amount of servings you should be eating. I have been reading so many different books on this topic and have been getting a little confused. I really don't want to spend my days counting what I am eating anyway. I just want to enjoy the food I eat.

I decided to put the numbers aside and just eat nothing but fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, nuts, and wine for an entire week. That way, I am certain I must be getting the necessary servings.

Is wine a serving of fruit? Doubt it. But, I know there are grapes in there and, in that way, I am getting even more fruit. Although, I usually do eat many vegetables throughout a normal day, I am lacking on my fruit intake. I just don't really like fruit that much. It's too sweet for me.

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A fresh, ripe, cantaloupe, some ginger root, mint leaves and honey are all you need for Cantaloupe Supreme.

What I have discovered is that if I add fruits to my savory dishes, I really enjoy them. For example, yesterday morning, I made a salad for breakfast. I used a spicy arugula, added some avocado slices, chopped up some almonds, and diced up some scallions. Then, I put in some strawberry slices. Once I drizzled on some balsamic vinegar and olive oil and added a pinch of salt and pepper, it was wonderful. Since then, I keep slicing up strawberries and drizzling them with balsamic vinegar. I love these!!

I have to say, I am really enjoying eating this way. When we go out, I order a salad, which I love anyway. Sure, I snatch an onion ring or a French fry from someone else's plate; but, I don't get the entire order for myself. I can't resist French fries dipped in ranch! Mmmm. I have to have one or two if they are staring at me from someone's plate.

I think I do feel healthier and lighter and more energetic with all of this fruit in my system. It may be too soon to tell as it has only been a few days now. It might just be that I feel better mentally knowing I am consuming all of this nutritious food. Who knows?

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Cantaloupe Supreme

1 cantaloupe

1/2 teaspoon ginger, minced

1 teaspoon honey

6 mint leaves, cut into ribbons

Cut the cantaloupe in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Slice the cantaloupe into thin pieces and cut off the rind. Place the cantaloupe slivers onto a plate. Cut an inch off of the ginger root. Peel the skin off by scraping it with a spoon. Mince the ginger. Sprinkle the ginger over the cantaloupe. Cut the mint leaves into ribbons by stacking the leaves together, rolling them up and then slicing them. Sprinkle the ribbons over the cantaloupe. Drizzle the honey all over this. Enjoy!

I really had a great time at the grocery store buying everything for this little experiment. In the fruit section, I usually grab some oranges and applesmaybe a bunch of bananas. Not this time. For this trip, I decided to go all out. I bought champagne grapes (which are now my all time favorite grapes), plums, mangoes, and cantaloupe. My shopping cart full of fruit looked amazing!

I have never enjoyed melons. I don't even like watermelon. I can eat melons, but they wouldn't be my first choice in a lineup of food. If they are an option at a buffet table, I will always go for the cubes of cheese over the cantaloupe any day.

The fruit I usually eat, if I eat fruit at all, is oranges. To really enjoy an orange, I have to peel it, dice it, squeeze lemon juice on it and sprinkle Spike seasoning over it. Then, it is heavenly. So, getting the cantaloupe was new for me. I knew I wouldn't like to eat it just diced up and plain. I decided to add some ingredients to liven it up.

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It was time to tackle the cantaloupe this morning as I was getting tired of salads for breakfast. I woke up before everyone else in the house. I considered waiting for Claud to wake up so he could slice it up beautifully for the pictures. He is so much better at slicing and making things beautiful than I am. Then, I thought, oh come on, just do it yourself. I can slice, right? I did it myself and I think it looks rather pretty. Of course, Jack woke up as I was slicing and chopping my ingredients and asked, "Are you making crepes? It's Sunday." I sarcastically replied, "Yes Jack, this is a new form of crepe." I knew full well he didn't think these were crepes. I also knew he wouldn't even try a bite. I would have to make everyone crepes when I finished. That's fine, I don't mind whipping up a batch of crepes. It's a Sunday tradition that I love.

So, for my cantaloupe, I chopped up fresh ginger, made ribbons out of fresh mint, and drizzled on some organic honey. I thought this would make it very interesting and delicious. I was right! The end result was delicious. The mint and ginger made it much more savory for my liking. I really enjoyed it. I think I could eat this sort of cantaloupe for a snack any day. Hey, I do like melons.

I called it cantaloupe supreme because I believe this makes the cantaloupe so much better. It does for me anyway. What I have learned from eating so many fruits and vegetables is that you have to be clever and creative to make the things you wouldn't normally eat satisfying. Prepare them how you enjoy your food and you will see that eating tons of fruit and veggies is quite easy.



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