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Is this how to win friends, influence people?

July 27, 2011
The Journal

After watching President Obama lambaste his opposition on the debt ceiling/federal spending issue Monday night, we think someone should sign him up for a Dale Carnegie course.

With eight days to go before the Aug. 3 government default deadline if the president and Congress can't reach an agreement, there's little time for name calling. Frustrated by a weekend of failed negotiations, the president called on the American Public to side with him and to tell their senators and representatives to raise taxes on the wealthy to help reduce the deficit, or else. We don't think his plea will work.

We thought the American Public delivered a pretty clear message to President Obama in the 2010 election about how they feel about federal spending and tax raises. They want the government to halt the mad dash to bankruptcy that Obama likes to blame on his predecessors, but which really went out of control under Obama. In 2010 the voters gave the Republicans the majority in Congress and weakened Democrats' hold on the Senate.

There is no more time for posturing and drawing lines in the sand. It is time for Obama, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get this situation resolved.

Failure to do so would prove none of them are worthy of the title "political leaders."



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