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Keeping Pace with the Krzmarzick brothers

Adam and David Krzmarzick of Sleepy Eye ran in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth

July 24, 2011
By Jeremy Behnke - Journal Sports Editor , The Journal

NEW ULM - A while ago, Adam Krzmarzick had an idea that one day he'd like to run a marathon.

The 2007 Sleepy Eye St. Mary's graduate and 2011 graduate of the University of Minnesota decided that he was up for the challenge of running a marathon. But there was one small problem - he wanted someone to run it with him.

He didn't have to look very long or very hard, because he decided to ask his younger brother David Krzmarzick to join him.

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Adam (left)?and David Krzmarzick ran in Grandma’s Marathon June 18 in Duluth Minnesota.

And soon, both of the brothers were training for what was by far the longest run of their lives, the 2011 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth. Both of them completed their first-ever marathon on June 18 - Adam in 4:19:25 and David in 4:46:50 - and both trained for months for the event.

The challenge seemed more natural for Adam. He ran cross country and track and field in high school, so he had the mindset of a runner already. David, on the other hand, played football, basketball and baseball in high school, so it was a little bit different for him. He was a 2009 graduate of St. Mary's high school and currently attends Minnesota State University-Mankato.

"I had more of the running background, so it was my idea to do it," Adam Krzmarzick said. "What interested me mainly was the challenge of it and just to say that I did it. I wanted to do it with someone, so I called up Dave and asked him and he said he was on board and we just went for it."

Although he didn't have the runner's background, David did run a 20-kilometer race last summer. He didn't hesitate to run the marathon, because he also said that it was a goal of his.

"I knew he would do it, he's pretty crazy and he'll go for stuff, he's not a guy to sit on the sidelines," Adam Krzmarzick said. "I was confident he'd say yes."

Adam said he didn't have a lot of experience running in races of great distance.

"His 20k was longer than I've ever gone," Adam said. "My longest run was maybe 12 miles, so I hadn't done anything real long either."

Once the training process began, Adam said he was confident he could finish the marathon, but once he got there, it wasn't easy. While running the race, he said he had to deal with minor knee and ankle injuries, but he toughed it out and finished anyway.

Adam, who lives in the Twin Cities metro area, sent David a training program for both of them to follow. It was a three-month plan for the both of them to gradually increase the distance they ran each week. David said it was a bit tough for him to keep up with.

"He sent me his training program that he was going to follow, and when I seen that, I thought that I might be able to do it, but that required you to run six days a week," David said. "I tried to keep up with it, but I didn't even come close."

David also said that one of the biggest challenges he had while training was finding time to do the longer runs. Because he also referees basketball games, it's usually tough to get motivated to run long distances after that.

The training for both was going well, but Adam said he had some questions about actually competing as the event got closer.

"I was a little nervous because the week before, with my injury, I didn't want to push it too hard," Adam said. "I was only doing about 10 miles on my weekend runs and another 15 after that, so I was getting a little nervous. But I still was going to give it my best and go for it."

"The night before we ran it, I was definitely a lot more nervous than he was," David said. "He slept good, but I didn't sleep at all, I was pretty nervous."

Once it was time to race, both of them were able to keep pace with a group of runners that were in their pace group. But as the run got longer, both fell back a bit. They also said that the weather, which was in the mid 40s at the time of the race, made it tough.

"I thought I paced myself smart," Adam said. "I probably wasn't adequately prepared for the last five miles, between that and my injuries, it was a little bit of a struggle at the end."

David also had some problems during the race.

"I never thought I wasn't going to finish it, but there were times I thought I'd have to walk the rest of the way," David said. "I didn't really eat anything until about mile 16, and then at about mile 18, after stopping because I ate, it was really hard to start running. My legs didn't want to pick up and go."

And while it was difficult, they both managed to finish.

"I was just ecstatic at the accomplishment," David said.

As for running another one, they probably have at least one more planned.

"I think we're going to run another one after [younger brother] Kyle has graduated," David said. "I think we'll do one more for sure, but we don't know if it'll be next summer or the summer after that."



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