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Balance budget by cutting waste

June 30, 2011
The Journal

To the editor:

With interest I read and reread Saturday's letter to the editor (The Journal, June 25, 2011).

Minnesota Governor Dayton should stop wasteful spending by all departments, look at every agency in state government and start cutting where needed!

Our family has seen close up and personal the waste by two agencies who receive taxpayer monies, BCSS and LSS. These two agencies oversaw the care of our adult son until his death May 5, 2008. Five years, ll months, three days.

After his death, we as parents requested from these two agencies what did it cost the taxpayers of Minnesota for our son's care?

We received no reply from either agency. Because if BCSS and LSS had followed our son's health care directive, which they knew about, many taxpayer dollars would have not been spent to force their client to live those last years of his life in the manner these two agencies forced him to.

So far in my research it has cost close to a million dollars of taxpayer money!

Many conversations/letters between parents and these two agencies and case workers went unheeded... he was on the taxpayers' credit card.

We don not have to raise anyone's taxes here in the state of Minnesota... all we have to do is quit wasting our money in St. Paul.

Oh, by the way, why do we see state vehicles only staying overnight at the pricy motels and eating at the best restaurants? Taxpayer picks up that tab, too!

Wake up, America... think! It's not illegal yet!

Korie Langbehn




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