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School lunches

March 26, 2011
The Journal

St. Paul's Lutheran


Monday:Ham, Baked Potato, green beans, pears, butter sandwich.

Tuesday: Chicken Fajita with hard/soft shell, cooked carrots, peaches, p/b sandwich.

Wednesday: Chili, grilled cheese, crackers, mandarin oranges, jelly sandwiches.

Thursday: Cheesewrangler or hot dog on a bun, fries, pineapple, cookie, p/bsandwich.

Friday: Pizza, corn, applesauce, b-day cupcake, p/b and jelly sandwiches.

Minnesota Valley Lutheran


Monday: Corn dog, green beans, corn chips, pineapple.

Tuesday: Chicken strips w/dipping sauces, whipped potatoes, whole kernal corn, fresh fruit.

Wednesday: Rib patty on a bun, peas and carrots, pear chunks, cookie.

Thursday:Tacos, lettuce salad w/dressings, tortilla chips, Mandarin oranges.

Friday: BBQ hamburger on bun, tri-tator, green beans, applesauce.

New Ulm Public


Monday: No School.

Tuesday: WG pancakes and ham slice or assorted cold cereal and string cheese, apple juice cup, lowfat milk.

Wednesday: Egg & Cheese muffin or assorted cold cereal and yogurt, sliced pears, lowfat milk.

Thursday: Blueberry muffin and string cheese or assorted cold cereal and muffin, banana, lowfat milk.

Friday: WG Pancakes w/sausages, assorted cold cereal and string cheese, orange juice cup, lowfat milk.



Monday: No School

Tuesday: Soft shell tacos w/toppings, ham and cheese on wheat, broccoli buds w/dip, refried beans, diced peaches.

Wednesday: Hamburger on bun, chef salad w/bread slice, romaine lettuce w/lf dressing, mixed veggies, kiwi segments.

Thursday: French toast sticks w/ham, chicken salad on bun, celery sticks w/dip, peas, apple juice.

Friday: Cheese pizza, deli sub, fresh vegetable pasta, peas, baked apple slices.

High School/

Middle School


Monday: No School

Tuesday: WH?pancakes w/ham, neopolitan pizza, wg chicken patty on bun, chicken salad on wg/taco salad, celery sticks w/dip, peas, apple juice.

Wednesday: Cheesy chicken and rice, BBQ chicken pizza, cheeseburger on bun, deli sub/chicken caeasar salad, romaine salad w/lf dressing, cut corn, diced pears.

Thursday: Soft shell tacos w/fixings, sausage pizza, Gardenburger on bun, roast beef on wg/chef salad, cauliflower buds, refried beans, apple wedges.

Friday: Vegetable low mein, buffalo chicken pizza w/cut corn, fish and cheese sandwich, turkey on wg/taco salad, fresh vegetable pasta, green beans, baked apple slices.



Monday: Yogurt, toast, fruit, juice milk.

Tuesday: Waffles, fruit, juice, milk.

Wednesday: Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, juice, milk

Thursday: Pancakes, fruit, juice, milk.

Friday: Breakfast cookie or granola bar, fruit, juice, milk.


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Tacos, squash, fruit.

Wednesday: Turkey or meatball sub, tortilla chips and salsa, lettuce salad, fresh fruit, no salad bar.

Thursday: Tator tot hotdish, biscuit, green beans, fruit.

Friday: Cheese quesadilla or scrambled eggs, carrots, fruit, bread pudding.

Sleepy Eye Public


Monday: Waffles, applesauce, milk.

Tuesday: Cinnamon pastry, string cheese, peaches, milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast pizza, fruits, milk

Thursday: Cereal, muffin, assorted juice, milk

Friday: Yogurt, cinnamania crunch, mixed fruit, milk



Monday: Chili crispitoes, green beans, mixed fruit, sandwich and milk.

Tuesday: Footlong hotdog, baked beans, mandarin oranges, pretzels, sandwich and milk

Wednesday: Soft shell tacos, fresh veggies and dip, pears, sandwich and string cheese.

Thursday: Spaghetti and garlic bread, lettuce salad, peaches, sandwich and milk.


St. Mary's School

Sleepy Eye


Monday: Breaded chicken wraps and fixings, tator tots, carrot coins, peach slices.

Tuesday: hard/soft shell tacos or chicken fajitas w/fixings, corn, fresh vegetables, pear slices.

Wednesday: Hamburger or ham on bun, French fries, green beans, cinnamon roll.

Thursday: Lasagna hotdish or turkey sandwich, corn, fresh veggies and dip, mandarin oranges.

Friday: Tuna or egg salad sandwich, cheese sticks, chips, green beans, pineapple tidbits.

Lafayette Charter School


Monday: Lasagna hotdish or cheese sandwich, corn, bread and milk.

Tuesday: Roasted chicken or turkey sandwich, potato wedges.

Wednesday: Spaghetti and sauce or ham sandwich, mixed vegetables.

Thursday: Cheese quesadilla or bologna sandwich, peas, bread and milk.

Friday: French toast and sausage or PBJ sandwich, peas, bread and milk.



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