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Huevos Rancheros

February 22, 2011
By Wendy Monro

I really love to eat breakfast. Actually, I love every meal and all of the snacks in between.

Breakfast has a special place in my heart because it can set the tone for the whole day. I never ever skip this important meal. Who am I kidding? I don't ever skip any meals. I pretty much wake up every day hungry.

During the weekdays, I don't have much time to think about breakfast. I am so busy running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door. I don't think much about it; but, I still make it and eat it. It's just quicker: toast with cream cheese, oatmeal, a quick egg, etc ... On the weekends, it is a whole different story. I put a lot of thought into my breakfast on the weekends...maybe too much thought.

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A meal of Huevos Rancheros fixed up on a plate.

I wake up and before I get out of bed, my stomach is growling. Claud must get tired of waking up to me moaning, "I'm hungry." Before he wakes up, I lie there thinking about what's in the fridge. Sometimes I'll just run down to the kitchen and grab some crackers and hummus to hold me over until everyone else wakes up. That's how crazy it gets.

I actually have to have a pre-breakfast snack. I don't think that's normal.

Whether or not I munch on a quick snack, I start putting the breakfast together in my mind as I remain snuggled up in my bed. One of my favorite breakfasts is the traditional English breakfast.

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Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Serves: 4

Time: 20 minutes

1 cup canola oil

4 corn tortillas

8 eggs

2 cups salsa

1 can refried beans

2 avocados

Juice from one lemon

salt and pepper to taste

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 jalapeno, chopped

In a large skillet, heat the oil on high. Lightly fry the tortillas in the oil, about 30 seconds per side. Set aside on a paper towel. Fry the eggs over easy in the same oil. Set aside. While the eggs are frying, in a small pan, heat the refried beans. In another small pan, heat up the salsa. In a medium bowl, mash up the avocado and add the lemon juice. Sprinkle in salt and pepper to taste. This is the simple guacamole. On each plate, place one tortilla. Place a scoop of beans onto the tortilla. Put two eggs on next. Pour salsa over the eggs. Sprinkle cheese on top of the salsa. Sprinkle on the chopped jalapenos. Place a large spoon full of guacamole onto the top. Dive in.

This consists of two fried eggs, two slices of bacon, a sausage, Heinz baked beans (yes, it has to be Heinz), fried bread (yes, you fry the bread), and a fried tomato half. I don't think this is a breakfast that should be consumed often, for obvious health reasons.

However, it is so wonderful, filling, fried, tangy, and delicious. It is just what the doctor ordered if you happened to be out too late the night before singing karaoke and drinking. Do people karaoke sober?

I have yet to meet a karaoke singer who hasn't had a drink or two...or five.

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An English breakfast like this one will help you to erase any thoughts about how you may have sounded to the listeners who had less to drink than you did.

I also love to make breakfast burritos. I fill the tortilla up with scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, diced tomatoes and onions, chopped cilantro, and salsa. This is a dreamy way to start the day.

A Spanish omelet with sour cream and balsamic is fantastic.

Any type of frittata would make me happy.

Sometimes I throw together a homemade Egg McMuffin. I just heat up some Canadian bacon, fry and egg and melt some cheese on an English muffin. I really like these but Jack says they aren't the same as McDonald's. I like to think it's because they are better. That's what I tell myself.

Every Sunday, we make crepes filled with Nutella.

Actually, now the kids make these themselves. They are growing up so fast.

My absolute favorite breakfast of all time is Eggs Benedict. Nothing can top hollandaise sauce.

Claud makes the world's best hollandaise sauce. He really should get some type of award, plaque, or certificate for his version of hollandaise.

A statue could be erected in the image of him standing over the stove creating this mouthwatering masterpiece. It's that good.

I have never tasted anything so wonderful in all of my life, and I have eaten a lot of things.

That being said, my mom has been making a breakfast dish that comes pretty close eliciting the same emotion I get from sitting in front of a plate of Eggs Benedict.

This emotion is similar to that of butterflies in your tummy feeling you get when you are falling in love. It's like love, but I don't think there is a word for it when food is the object of your desire.

This dish is huevos rancheros. It is so incredibly simple to prepare. First, you lightly fry corn tortillas. Then you fry up the eggs in the same oil.

Meanwhile, you heat up refried beans and salsa. While these are warming up, you chop up some jalapenos and whip up a simple guacamole. In no time, you stack up the ingredients on the tortilla and the work of art is ready to eat.

There is something about the tangy guacamole combined with the warm beans and the lightly fried tortilla all the while enveloped in the egg yolk that will make you smile with every bite.

This dish hasn't quite edged out Eggs Benedict as my favorite breakfast; but, it is a close second.



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