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From the Farm

Pre-game superstitions must be kept

December 3, 2010
By Kerry Hoffman

I am a big believer in superstitions. Once, when I was looking for a job, Russell made the comment, as a joke, that I needed to wear my underwear inside out for good luck. I wore my underwear that way for one week, and then was offered a job.

I know of a person that wouldn't go to the Cathedral Greyhounds championship game this last week because he hadn't been to a game all year, and he didn't want to jinx the team.

I have some quirky superstitions, or habits. Justin Morneau has some really quirky pre-game rituals like having a Punto Slurpee before every game, made by Nick Punto. According to, Punto sometimes hides from Morneau, just to mess with his mind! Punto and I would be great friends.

When it came to the Cathedral football, I didn't have any real rituals until it came to playoffs.

This year, as the Greyhounds entered the playoffs, I started taking my white pom-pom to each football game. I wasn't going to change my pattern, for fear of affecting the outcome of the game.

(The white pom-pom also served as a way for Russell to spot us during pre-game warm-ups.)

Friday morning, before we were even one mile down the road, I realized I had forgotten my trusty pom-pom.

I was petrified. I didn't want to say anything for fear of being looked at like I was some sort of nut case, because that's what Steve would call me when I explained my dilemma.

As we neared almost five miles down the road, I couldn't stand it.

I looked distraughtly over at Steve and said, "I have cursed us. I forgot my white pom-pom at home."

"Do you want to turn around," he asked. "You nutcase."

We were already a bit behind schedule we had to milk the cows that morning before we left, and there was no way I was going to be late for the last game at Mall of America Field.

Boston Portner and Katie Steffl, two of our 4-H friends from Sleepy Eye, were along on the ride and they came up with a brilliant idea. This idea is something my boys would have never thought of.

After a quick stop at McDonalds, Boston and Katie gave me a ton of straws and told me to make a pom-pom with the papers. Using a black hair band of Boston's, I created a pathetic, flimsy, straw paper white pom-pom anyone has ever seen.

But it was a pom-pom, and you bet I took it into the game. I waved it a few times, but fear of having it turn into confetti, made me put it in my bag, but it was still at the game.

I actually started another superstition after I read an interesting story in a dairy newspaper. I purchased 60 bottles of milk for the team for after game celebrations. The best way to regenerate your body after exercise is chocolate milk!

Chocolate milk was it! I had to purchase it for the championship game; after all I had purchased it for the previous game.

According to WebMD, "The combination of carbohydrates and protein in low-fat chocolate milk appears to be 'just right' for refueling weary muscles, says William Lunn, PhD, an exercise scientist at the University of Connecticut.

Thankfully, Kwik Trip let me purchase the milk at a discount! Looks like I may have to continue purchasing that milk for away games next year.

Of course, as you all know, the Greyhounds won the championship game and the pom-pom now has a special place in Russell's souvenir tub. When he graduates, and I get to assemble a display, the paper-pom-pom will be included.

Having the Greyhounds win the championship is so rewarding. Four years ago, Russell looked up at me during that State Championship game, which the Greyhounds lost, and said, "Some day I am going to play here, Mom."

I wonder how many boys looked at their moms and said the very same thing this year.

It was that team from 2006, and I had written it at that time, that provided the drive for this year's team to take it to town! Just like this team will provide the impetus for all the younger boys to strive to meet that very same goal.

Coach Lux referred to that very thing during the coming-home reception Friday night.

So if any mothers heard sons tell them that some day he figures he is going to be playing football in the Dome, don't brush it off.

You may want to consider purchasing a maroon and white pom-pom and some chocolate milk!

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