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Commissioners' minutes

July 27, 2010
The Journal


July 27, 2010

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner, and Potter, along with Lay Board Members Mohr and Kuster. Also in attendance were Administrator Enter, County Attorney Hinnenthal, and Family Services Director Henderson.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to accept the Minutes of 7-20-10 and authorize publication of the Synopsis of same, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to accept and file the report on the Senior Nutrition Program for South West MN through Lutheran Social Service, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to approve the Amendment No. 1 to B-07838 Shared Services Contract Brown County Family Services with the MN Dept. of Human Services for mental health services in Brown County, carried.

M/Potter, S/Seeboth, to accept and file the Social Service Case Actions Listing for June 2010, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to authorize the purchase of a HP LaserJet P4NB/W printer with envelope feeder in the state contract amount of $1,917.33 with funding provided by Energy Assistance Program administrative dollars, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to accept Family Services Correspondence Items #1 thru #2 and Consent Agenda Items #1 thru #6, carried.

At 9:54 AM, Chairman Seeboth convened a Closed Session to consider Social Services Payments, whereupon M/Lochner, S/Potter, to authorize the payment of Social Services payments in the amount of $12,560.74, carried. The Closed Session ended at 9:55 AM.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to approve extension of the PERA Phased Retirement Option (PRO) request of Dick Embacher being effective 8-31-10 thru 8-31-11 according to the PERA guidelines, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve the School Health Nursing Service Agreement between Brown County Public Health and Springfield School District #85 2010-2011 School Year, carried.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to approve pursuant to MN Statutes 145A.04 Subd. 4 (c) to increase the fee for Tuberculin (Mantoux) Skin test from $25 to $35 per test effective 8-1-10, carried.

M/Dove, S/Potter, to accept and file information regarding the MN Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act of 2010 Chapter 305 that will be effective 8-1-10 and require enforcement by county officials through county law enforcement, carried. It was noted the new law limits youth access by requiring tobacco products to be placed behind the counter, restricts free giveaways of novel tobacco products, and prevents youth from buying tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to accept and file the following Public Health update: Public Health Standards; Homemaker Program Transition; Regional Exercise 6-30-10; MN Dept. of Health/Local Public Health Association Emergency Preparedness Policy Summit; NACO Prescription Drug Program; Social Host Ordinance; Strategic Plan; Radon Awareness Project; Electronic Medical Record, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to accept and file the Brown County Work Service STS Summary Report for the period of 4-1-10 thru 6-30-10, the report on the new firewood project, and on STS for-profit/non-profit projects, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to accept the quote received for a 911 Audio Logger in the amount of $16,818.01 (includes sales tax) from Alpha Wireless for the purchase of a Eventide VR615 Recorder with funding for this purchase provided by 911 funds, carried. An additional quote was received from Northland Business Systems for a 16 Channel Audiolog PRO-Tower Server.

M/Potter, S/Berg, to approve the State of MN Grant Contract No. 96000000289 in the amount of $40,000 for State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) Grant Funds to be used for ARMER 800 MHz subscriber equipment and authorize Board Chairman Seeboth and County Administrator Enter to sign same on behalf of Brown County, carried.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to accept and file the 2010 2nd Quarter Budget Report (Cash Basis and Unaudited) which reflects activity at 50.0% of the budget year as follows: Expenditures of $11,448,999.42 or 40.3% and Revenues of $14,626,813.66 or 51.4%; and the 2010 2nd Quarter Supplemental Budgets Report noting expenditures of $538,482.82 or 29.0%, and revenues of $739,566.46 or 39.6% of annual budgeted activity, carried.

Correspondence C-1 thru C-10 were accepted and filed.

Seeboth reported on the Park Commission meeting on 7-26-10; Berg reported on the Fire Chiefs meeting and on the Regional Radio Board meeting; and Dove and Lochner reported on Sioux Trails.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two week period.

At 11:18 AM, Chairman Seeboth recessed the Regular Meeting for lunch.

At 2:00 PM, Chairman Seeboth reconvened the Regular Meeting.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve Res. No. 2010-19 regarding the county's Statement of Proceedings in the case of Charles Kotten vs. Brown County Board of Commissioners, currently pending in the Minnesota Court of Appeals, carried.

There being no further business, Chairman Seeboth adjourned the Meeting at 2:10 PM.

The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 27, 2010 are on file in the County Administrator's Office and may be viewed during normal business hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM. Correspondence and requests for additional information may be directed to the County Administrator's E-Mail Address: Home Page Address:



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