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From the Farm

Great minds do think alike

May 21, 2010
By Kerry Hoffman

Russell and I were riding the same wave length the other day.

I don't recall where we were going or coming from. I do know we were riding in the Jeep and not the cow car. My memory isn't totally failing me yet.

As we drove along the unknown road, I looked at Russell and said, "I just love this time of year."

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Kerry Hoffman

He looked back and responded, "Me too."

I have always heard that great minds think alike, now I have proof.

"I like the way the fields look after they are dug up," Russell said. "They go from being all lumpy and full of old corn stalks to looking all smooth and dark."

That was the very same thought that was going through my head.

For several days, I have been watching the field work progress as I drive to work. Each day I get to observe a new field being worked up bringing the dark soil to the top.

Some of the fields look so smooth and soft; I swear I could take my Jeep right through them at full speed. Of courses, I wouldn't.

Each day I notice how a field that wasn't planted the day before now has the tracks of a tractor and planter. I also notice how big the planter is by the distance between the tire marks when the tractor turns around at the edge of the field.

There are some pretty big tractors pulling big planters near Judson and Cambria.

Must be God's country over there. But, from what I understand, and from what Steve tells me, the people near St. George believe they live in God's country.

I am amazed at how fast the corn is starting to grow. In fact, I noticed one field was planted over the weekend (my weekends run Friday through Sunday), and by Wednesday the corn was coming out of the ground. Is that possible?

It must be God's country by Judson.

Every day I take the Judson bottom road to Mankato. I do this for several reasons. First, I like to take those curves on that road, it's exciting. Second, I also like to drive past the big beef farm. The momma cows are finally all out on the pastures and all their little black baby calves are tromping around too. That pasture is so awesome. It's so clean and green. It's on the river and those black animals look so awesome standing out there - surrounded by green grass, clear-blue skies and a river.

Wednesday, I noticed a bull in that pasture, which means the beef cows will be calving in ... January! Brr! The calves romping out there now should consider themselves lucky to be born in the spring.

Wednesday I drove past one of our fields of alfalfa, that Steve just happened to be cutting. That is just as good of a smell as fresh-cut grass. I felt like stopping right there in the middle of the gravel road to take in the smell.

I am sure Russell is waiting for hay season as well. He's loves to participate in field work.

He turns 14 today. He's already taller than I am, and he sure likes to remind me of that fact.

He is no longer my little Momma's Boy. He doesn't scatter ashes around the basement like he did when he was two.

He has very little time for me these days. He loves to be out in the tractor tearing up all that winter-worn soil.

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