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February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010
The Journal


February 16, 2010

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner,

and Potter, along with Administrator Enter and

County Attorney Hinnenthal.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to accept the Minutes of

2-2-10 and authorize publication of the Synopsis

of same, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to schedule a Closed

Session for labor negotiation strategy planning

to be held in the Commissioners Room 204 of

the Brown County Courthouse, New Ulm, MN

at approximately 1:00 PM this date 2-16-10 for

the Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc. (LELS)

Locals #94 and #98 and for the two (2) AFSCME

Collective Bargaining Units (Courthouse and

Highway) pursuant to MS 13D.03, carried.

M/Potter, S/Berg, to authorize the payment of

General Government claims as corrected in the

amount of $125,275.26, carried.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to authorize the purchase of

various computer hardware/software in the total

amount of $21,140.49, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept and file the

2009 Comprehensive Report and 2010 Goals/

Objectives for the Brown County Probation Dept.,


M/Lochner, S/Potter, to approve the

appointment of Don Klaviter to the Brown County

Corrections Advisory Board retro active to 2-10-

10, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to approve the appointment

of Amanda Jensen as Youth Representative on

the Brown County Extension Committee effective

immediately, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to accept and file the

following Extension Program Update: 4-H

Program Coordinator Report and Nutrition

Educator Report, carried.

At 10:02 AM, Chairman Seeboth convened a

Public Hearing on Proposed Revisions to Brown

County Fee Schedule pursuant to MN Statute

373.41. There being no public testimony, M/Berg,

S/Lochner, to close the public hearing and to adopt

the following fee schedule revisions effective

this date 2-16-10: RECORDER, LandShark

Start-up Fee- $50; Monthly Subscription Fee-

$50; Document Fee- $1 per document viewed.

RECORDER, Replacement of lost marriage

license- $25. HIGHWAY DEPT., Driveway/Field

entrance permit fee- $100 plus requirement that

applicant must purchase the culvert from the

county inventory, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to accept and file the

presentation on the Brown County Volunteer

Monitoring Program whereby Brown County was

awarded a Surface Water Assessment Grant from

the MPCA to monitor five stream reaches and two

lakes over a two year period to provide MPCA with

assessment data required for the evaluation of

the Aquatic Recreation uses by utilizing volunteer

monitors, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept a gift from an

anonymous donor for the installation of three new

windows in the log cabin at Lake Hanska County

Park at no cost to the County, carried.

M/Dove, S/Potter, to accept and file the 2009

Year-End Activity Report for the Brown County

Recorder's Office and the 2009 Certificate of

Compliance, carried.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to authorize the purchase

of two (2) ITT Night Vision Enforcer NEPVS-

14 Generation 3 Pinnacle Monocular devices

from Streicher'sMinneapolis in the amount

of $7,720.00 plus sales tax (includes helmet

mount assembly and throw lever mount, and free

shipping), for use by two (2) Deputies assigned to

the Emergency Response Unit, carried. Additional

quotes were received from Morovision and from

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to approve First

Amendment to Brown-Lyon-Redwood Drug Task

Force Joint Powers Agreement which allows

Lincoln County membership and authorize Sheriff

Hoffmann to sign same on behalf of Brown

County, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to authorize the payment

of Family Services Administrative claims in the

amount of $143,079.70, carried.

At 11:10 AM, Chairman Seeboth convened

a Closed Session to consider Social Services

Payments, whereupon M/Potter, S/Berg, to

authorize the payment of Social Services

payments in the amount of $223,274.35. This

motion carried unanimously and the Closed

Session ended at 11:20 AM.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to authorize VSO Peterson

to participate in the DAV Mid Winter Conference

scheduled to be held in Arlington, VA on Feb. 27-

Mar. 3, 2010; and the DAV National Convention

scheduled to be held in Atlanta, GA on Jul. 29-

Aug. 3, 2010 with the understanding that travel,

lodging and related expenses will be paid by the

DAV organization, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to accept and file

the January 2010 Budget Report (Cash Basis

and Unaudited) which reflects activity at 8.3%

of the budget year as follows: expenditures

of $2,096,956.29 or 7.4%, and revenues

of $624,143.13 or 2.2%; and the January

2010 Supplemental Budgets Report noting

expenditures of $101,768.55 or 5.5%, and

revenues of $85,563.55 or 4.6% of annual

budgeted activity, carried.

On behalf of the County Board, Commissioner

Dove presented the 2009 Distinguished Service

Award to Patricia Krambeer, Probation Office

Manager, who worked for Brown County since

1989 and recently retired from her Probation

Office Manager position.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve regular

employee status for Laura Filzen, Social Worker

CP/CMH and Erin Myhre, Financial Worker,


M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve the appointment

of Heidi Helget to the FT Child Support Officer

position at the annual salary of $37,060 (Grade

XII, Step 1) being effective 3-15-10 and posting

the vacated Support Enforcement Aide position

according to policy, carried.

Correspondence C-1 thru C-11 were accepted

and filed.

Lochner reported on Detox and on a wetlands

meeting in Sleepy Eye.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve the

Agreement with Springfield American Legion

Club, located at 5 N. Connell Ave., to "rent"

space for the WIC clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of

each month, 9AM4PM, at a charge of $50/

month, beginning February 2010, carried.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two

week period.

Chairman Seeboth appointed Commissioners

Berg and Lochner to participate in an ad hoc

committee with Planning & Zoning staff and

the county administrator on the topic of county

funding match options for the state feedlot


At 11:56 AM, Chairman Seeboth recessed the

Regular Meeting for lunch.

At 1:00 PM, Chairman Seeboth convened a

Closed Session for Labor Negotiation Strategy

Planning, pursuant to M.S.13D.03, for the LELS,

Inc. Locals #94 and #98 Sheriff's Dept. Collective

Bargaining Units; and for the two (2) AFSCME

Collective Bargaining Units (Courthouse and

Highway). This session was attended by

Commissioners Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner,

and Potter along with County Administrator Enter,

County Attorney Hinnenthal, Sheriff Hoffmann,

Engineer Stevens, Personnel Director Crabtree,

and Attorney Frank Madden via telephone at 1:02

PM. The Closed Session adjourned at 1:31 PM.

There being no further business, Chairman

Seeboth adjourned the Meeting at 1:31 PM.

The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting

of February 16, 2010 are on file in the County

Administrator's Office and may be viewed

during normal business hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM.

Correspondence and requests for additional

information may be directed to the County

Administrator's E-Mail Address: cntyadmn@ Home Page Address:



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