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December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009
The Journal


December 15, 2009

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner, and Potter along with County Administrator Enter and County Attorney Hinnenthal.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept the Minutes of 12-1-09 and authorize publication of the Synopsis of same, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to schedule a Closed Session for labor negotiation strategy planning to be held in the Commissioners Room 204 of the Brown County Courthouse, New Ulm, MN at approximately 11:15 AM this date 11-17-09 for LELS Locals #94 and #98 and for the two (2) AFSCME Collective Bargaining Units (Courthouse and Highway) pursuant to MS 13D.03, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to approve the Proposal for Services Indirect Cost Allocation Plan for Brown County with Government Management Group, Inc. to prepare on behalf of Brown County a central services cost allocation plan annually which identifies various costs incurred by the County to support and administer federal programs in the contract amount of $3,950 each plan year for 2009, 2010, and 2011, and to authorize Chairman Seeboth to sign a contract accordingly with insuance and termination clauses subject to the review and concurrence of County Attorney Hinnenthal, carried. An additional quote was received from MAXIMUS.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept the quote received for the aerial spraying of Brown County drainage ditches from Scott's Helicopter Services in the amount of $27.19/acre for 2010 and for 2011, and to authorize the County Attorney to draw up a contract for the aerial spraying of county drainage ditches, understanding that all of the ditches will be

sprayed in 2010 and in 2011, carried. An additional quote was received from Teryjon Aviation, Inc.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to accept and file the Cash Management/Investment Report through 11-30-09 reflecting an invested balance of $22,253,369.70 with an average rate of 2.09% on the CD investments, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve Res. No. 2009-26 approving final acceptance of the SAP 08-603-020 repair of Bridge 08517 which is on CSAH 3 over the Cottonwood River one mile south of Springfield, carried.

M/Potter, S/Berg, to approve Res. No. 2009-27 approving final acceptance of the SAP 08-599-53 Bridge Replacement and approach work on 150th Street over an unnamed stream in Stately Township, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to give preliminary approval establishing a Highway Dept. fee for a driveway or field entrance permit in the amount of $100 and to require the applicant to purchase the culvert from the county inventory, and refer this matter to the miscellaneous fees public hearing that is to be scheduled, carried, with Berg dissenting.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to accept and file the following Highway Dept. Monthly Update: 2009 Construction Projects Update; Maintenance Projects Update, carried.

M/Dove, S/Lochner, to accept and file the Jan.-Nov. 2009 Budget Report (Cash Basis and Unaudited) which reflects activity at 91.7% of the budget year as follows: expenditures of $23,639,887.54 or 86.0%, and revenues of $24,930,069.58 or 91.4%; and the Nov. 2009 Supplemental Budgets Report noting expenditures of $1,364,719.02 or 85.0%, and revenues of $1,489,155.08 or 87.2% of annual budgeted activity, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to adopt the certified levy for 2010 in the amount of $10,883,019.00 resulting in a 0.55% increase from the 2009 certified levy; and to adopt the 2010 Brown County Budget for revenues and expenditures in the amount of $28,429,507.00 which resulted in a 3.4% increase from 2010; and instructed the County Administrator to both certify the adopted levy to the County Auditor/Treasurer and submit the summary of the adopted 2010 Brown County Budget for publication, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve the following 2010 Supplemental Budgets: Law LibraryRev. and Exp.: $17,000; Sheriff ContingentRev. and Exp.: $9,000; Snowmobile SafetyRev. and Exp.: $2,900; Jail CommissionRev. and Exp.: $9,000; 911 Emergency Tele.Rev. and Exp.: $115,200; Septic Loan Prog.-Rev. and Exp.: $308,215; Building FundRev. $9,235 and Exp. $4,718; Ditch FundRev. and Exp.: $317,058; Landfill Fund- Rev. $990,600 and Exp. $989,498; SCORERev. $89,534 and Exp. $82,345, carried.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to designate $2,000,000 to the following funds for cash flow purposes in the year 2010- Revenue Fund: $750,000; Family Services: $750,000; and Road and Bridge: $500,000; and to designate the following reserves for specific purposes - Revenue Fund: $120,000 for Vested Comp Accruals, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to approve the 2010 Departmental Conference Schedule as revised, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to table consideration of the 2010 Association/Membership Dues Listing subject to additional information, motion to table carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to approve Res. No. 2009-28 that will zero out Debt Service Fund 32 at year-end by transferring the fund balance to Revenue Fund 01 to repay the advance for pre-paying the LEC Debt Service on 5-1-09, carried.

The County Board completed a second review of the 2010 Committee Memberships and by consensus, agreed to further review the draft listing at a future County Board meeting.

M/Potter, S/Seeboth, to appoint Commissioner Lochner to serve as representative to Sioux Trails to follow Commissioner James Berg's term ending 12-31-09, carried.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to authorize Chairman Seeboth to sign the South Central Workforce Service Area Joint Powers Agreement, pursuant to the Workforce Investment Act, on behalf of Brown County, with said Agreement remaining in force until 6-30-12, with approval subject to revision of Section 5.2.9 to include the statutory liability limits of MS 466.04, carried.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to table consideration of a proposed land acquisition by the State of Minnesota from Pheasants Forever for inclusion into the state's Wildlife Management Area (WMA) system in Mulligan Township until after 1-31-10 as needed to provide additional time for landowner Dean Domeier to contact Pheasants Forever about possibly acquiring land adjacent to the property of his residence, motion to table carried.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to accept the resignation of Sharon Larson, FT WIC Public Health Nurse, effective 12-31-09 and authorize filling the position by posting internal/external simultaneously, and retain Sharon Larson in an Intermittent Part Time status for a period of up to three months, carried.

M/Potter, S/Seeboth, to authorize to post a vacancy for a Temporary Family Facilitator in order to fill the hours left vacated due to the upcoming 10-12 week Family Leave, under FMLA, of a Family Facilitator, on or around 3-1-10, carried.

M/Berg, S/Dove, to accept the resignation of Brady Murphy as an Intermittent Part Time Drug Tester for the Probation Dept. effective 12-15-09, carried.

M/Potter, S/Berg, to approve the appointment of Amber Roesch as the Regular PT (average 20 hrs/wk) Juvenile Crew Leader at the hourly rate of $16.2130 (Grade XI, Entry) with an effective date of 1-1-10, carried.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to accept the retirement of Carol Jones, FT Office Services Supervisor on 1-26-10 and authorize posting the position vacancy according to policy, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Seeboth, to approve the United Way of the Brown County Area, Inc. Letter of Assurances (covering the period of 4-1-10 thru 3-31-12) and Application Form required by the United Way of the Brown County Area when applying for funding of the Children's Special Needs Camping Project, carried. It should be noted the requested funding for this two year period of time will be $9,000 for 2010 and $9,500 for 2011.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to authorize the payment of Family Services claims in the amount of $180,787.81, carried.

At 10:57 AM, Chairman Seeboth convened a Closed Session to consider Social Services Payments, whereupon M/Lochner, S/Dove, to authorize the payment of Social Services payments in the amount of $259,408.54, carried. The Closed Session ended at 11:05 AM.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve training and meals, mileage, and lodging for the Brown County Water Planner Patterson to attend required septic training from the University of Minnesota Extension Service consisting of five (5) classes and related tests, carried.

M/Dove, S/Potter, to accept and file the Nov. 2009 Monthly Reports of Activity for the Brown County Sheriff's Dept., carried.

M/Dove, S/Berg, to authorize the purchase of two (2) 2010 Ford Police Interceptor squads with options specific to Brown County from Chuck Spaeth Ford of New Ulm, MN in the state contract amount of $22,037.32 plus $125.00 for PDI and clean-up for a total of $22,162.32/squad, carried, with Lochner dissenting. An additional quote was received from Elk River Ford, Elk River, MN.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to authorize the purchase of two (2) Digital Ally DVM-750 digital video mirror kits from Tactical Solutions in the total amount of $10,050, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to authorize the purchase of one (1) new Stalker DSR radar unit in the state contract amount of $1,856, plus shipping and handling, less trade in of one (1) older radar unit in the amount of $100, for a net amount of $1,771, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to authorize the Brown County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management Office to send out bid letters to a list of participation plan contractors, as compiled by the Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety, to write the ARMER local participation plan necessary for a county to migrate to the ARMER system, carried.

At 11:28 AM, Chairman Seeboth convened a Closed Session for Labor Negotiation Strategy Planning, pursuant to M.S.13D.03, for the LELS, Inc. Locals #94 and #98 Sheriff's Dept. Collective Bargaining Units; and for the AFSCME Courthouse and Highway Collective Bargaining Units. This session was attended by Commissioners Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner, and Potter, along with County Administrator Enter, County Attorney Hinnenthal, Sheriff Hoffmann, Highway Engineer Stevens, and Personnel Director Crabtree. The Closed Session adjourned at 11:38 AM.

At 11:39 AM, Chairman Seeboth recessed the meeting, and thereafter, the Brown County Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Board of Commissioners held a Special Meeting which adjourned at 11:52 AM.

At 11:52 AM, the Brown County Board of Commissioners recessed for lunch.

At 1:00 PM, Chairman Seeboth reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at which time TRANE Institutional Market Leader Pete Berger, Account Manager Russ Prososki, Account Manager Jake Quinn, and Project Developer Paul Babinchak met with the County Board. Mr. Berger reviewed the detailed study for the proposed Facility Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency Improvement Project that would include energy conservation measures involving lighting system upgrades in county buildings and an upgrade of the courthouse

cooling system. M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept and file the TRANE Report on the proposed Facility Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency Improvement Project, understanding that a guaranteed energy-savings contract for said project will be considered at the 12-22-09 County Board meeting, carried.

Correspondence C-1 thru C-12 were accepted and filed.

Seeboth reported on the Brown County Historical Society; Potter reported on RCRCA matters; C-11. Berg reported on the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC) meeting on 12-11-09; and Lochner reported on AREA II.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two week period.

There being no further business, Chairman Seeboth adjourned the Meeting at 3:27 PM.

The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 15, 2009 are on file in the County Administrator's Office and may be viewed during normal business hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM. Correspondence and requests for additional information may be directed to the County Administrator's E-Mail Address: Home Page Address:



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