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George’s Fine Steaks and Spirits: an ideal restaurant for anyone and any occasion

Wendy Monro visits George’s Fine Steaks and Spirits in New Ulm

February 9, 2010
By Wendy Monro

When I first began writing this column, I considered writing about George's Fine Steaks and Spirits, located at 301 North Minnesota St. in New Ulm.

But, I thought, writing about George's was too obvious.

Everyone I know loves George's.

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The outside of George’s Fine Steaks and Spirits is pictured here. The restaurant is located at 301 N. Minnesota St.

Everyone has at least heard of it.

So, writing about George's was predictable.

Lately, however, I wondered how sad it would be if someone in New Ulm, or nearby, didn't know about George's?

Fact Box

George's Creamy, Delicious Honey Butter

George did share his recipe for the creamy delicious honey butter:

1 lb butter

1 lb honey

1 C. heavy cream

Blend together and serve on warm fresh bread.


Maybe I could reach out to that one person who may have just moved here or lives in a cave or hides under a rock and open their eyes and mouth to some truly amazing food.

Claud and I stumbled across George's a few years ago.

It was early evening, before the dinner crowd came in.

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We were impressed by the open kitchen and long wooden bar.

Everything was so clean.

We sat at the bar and George Cottom served us.

Instantly, we felt like one of his good old friends.

George has a way of making every customer feel like he or she is the most important person in the room, and it's genuine.

I don't see how he could fake his warmth and hospitality every single time I have been in the restaurant.

He seems to enjoy the company of everybody who walks through the glass doors.

In fact, I have never been to George's and not been greeted by George.

Maybe George loves the restaurant and his clientele so much because he gets to work alongside his wife, Karen and his two daughters, Erin and Sarah.

I know George values family, as well as food, because he told me his and Karen's concept for this restaurant is, "good fresh food with family in mind."

I believe this is true because I have seen small children nestled in the booths with their parents enjoying "Pssghetti" or ribs from the children's menu.

At the same time, a couple on a romantic date will sip wine and eat lobster tail and filet mignon.

I have witnessed anniversaries celebrated with large groups of people of all ages upstairs in a room that is designed for private parties.

We sat upstairs one night when the restaurant was crowded and it was really just as pleasant as sitting downstairs.

One night, just before Christmas, Claud and I were at the end of the bar, near the entrance, and we couldn't believe how many people were coming in to buy gift certificates.

This place is so special that you will want to give the experience as a gift to someone you love.

Now, let's get to the food. The cover of George's menu reads, "'There is no love sincerer than the love of food' George Bernard Shaw."

It's wonderful to have a charming family greet you and make you feel comfortable, but the food is really what you are coming to enjoy, right?

You will not be disappointed. Karen and George buy the highest quality meats and locally grown produce.

Their recipes come from Karen, George or George's mom and they are unbelievable.

I think I have tried almost everything on the menu and, because everything is so good, I don't know where to begin.

First, you start a meal with bread and honey butter.

You will have to control yourself so you don't make this your entire meal; it's that good.

The appetizers are to die for.

My mouth waters on the drive to George's when I think about "Erin's 'Shrooms" which are beer battered fresh mushrooms served with hot sauce and ranch.

Sometimes, when the kids are at Rock on Ice on a Friday night, Claud and I will go into George's for a date.

We belly up to the bar and order a glass of wine for me and a Schell's Firebrick for Claud and we each have an appetizer. We always have so much fun meeting new amazing people.

Whenever we have family out from California, we take them to George's for dinner.

In fact, when my mom is here, she insists we have at least one meal there.

The entrees at Georges are so tasty and start at $13.95.

However, I would be remiss not to say that the soup which precedes the meal is good enough to stand on its own.

The lamb chops are seasoned to perfection, the baby back ribs are tender and messy, and Claud says the steaks are the best he has ever tasted.

There is an Italian section of the menu featuring shrimp scampi and pasta with meatballs.

If you are steering clear of large meals, George's also offers a lighter option to his dishes.

He tells me that customers are encouraged to ask their server to suggest light options to the entrees. For example, you may substitute a Newman's Own light dressing on your salad or have them replace the butter with olive oil. Also, the menu offers George's salad with steamed fresh veggies or Bob's Salad with a fresh cut wedge of iceburg lettuce.

You may even want to try the chicken breast sandwich which is boneless and skinless.

If you aren't counting calories, you will want to end the meal with one of "Karen's Dessert O'da day". Go to to view the entire menu.

I didn't want to pry any of George's traditional family secret recipes out of him; but, he did say that if anyone was trying to adapt something they were making at home, he or she could call him for advice or information on how to cook it. He is happy to assist.

George's is open Monday through Saturday at 4 p.m. and for private parties anytime. Also, they are open for Valentine's Day which is on a Sunday this year.



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