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From the Farm

Supper equals semi tractor and trailer

July 24, 2009
By Kerry Hoffman

Wednesday evening I arrived home to a large-square kitchen table spread with food. Wednesday Steve worked his magic with the Kenmore grill and fired up a dozen brats. He also fried not-quite-enough potatoes on the kitchen stove.

No, it's not that out of the ordinary to arrive home from work with supper on the table. But it is kind of rare for this type of thing to happen two days in a row.

Yes, Monday evening I also arrived home to grilled pork chops and some of the most-scrumptious, most-delicious sweet corn I have had in a long time. The sweet corn was Russell's idea, and we had to have it from the vendor my AMPI on Broadway. They always seem to have the best sweet corn.

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Kerry Hoffman

I was glad Russell came up with such a grand idea. Nothing beats sweet corn smothered in real butter - none of this margarine or "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" stuff - and peppered with an over-size dash of salt.

Anyway, it never dawned on me until I had finished cleaning of my over-filled plate that something must be going on, and supper may be a way to smooth that over. Steve must have some sort of earth-shattering news to tell me.

I was correct.

We all shared in idle chit-chat concerning what we each did that day. Joey, Russell and Steve worked on the combine to prepare it for harvesting our wheat. They also shared very few comments on the fight they had earlier in the day. I explained how a guy pretty much told me I was an idiot and "you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about" - although it was the guy who's witless. (To appease him, I gave him to a pseudo-supervisor - my co-worker. She worked wonders as the pretend boss.)

Then that dreaded moment of silence comes into play. Usually it's because we all have our mouths full of food, but this time it was different, not one of us were still chomping our food.

That's when Steve, the Wonder Farmer, spoke up.

"Did you see our new trailer?" he asked with a grin as big as the red letter "u" painted on the Welcome-to-New Ulm storage silos at the Farmers Co-op of Hanska in New Ulm.

"Why, no I didn't see the new trailer," I responded.

That's when it hit me. Within the last year and a half, Steve has been busy purchasing semi tractors and trailers for his bedding business.

He always has a good excuse as to why he needs another one to tool around the countryside.

This last trailer made his ownership top out at three. Plus, he has purchased two semi tractors - one for our use to pull those three trailers to area farmers and another for the place we purchase the bedding from, so they can move the trailers around their yard.

I ask, "How come, if I come home with a $20 shirt, you give me such a hard time and ask if it's necessary? Was that third trailer really a necessity?"

Well, of course he thinks it's another required piece of equipment.

I could logically argue that the $20 shirt is also a necessary piece of equipment, but I am sure he would argue that "shirts are completely optional for the people of this world."

So I held my tongue.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with him purchasing another trailer, and we weren't really arguing. It was more of a good ribbing we gave each other.

I just better not hear him inquire as to whether my Beta fish, Chuck, is necessary, or whether or not I really needed another pair of shoes to try to fit into my shoe-storage wheel that holds 40 pairs.

He doesn't get that a woman of style, such as me, would never be caught dead wearing a black pair of pants, a red "optional" shirt and a white pair of shoes. At the very least, the shoes and the shirt have to match.

So yes, in my opinion, the shoes are a necessity.

Then again, if he wants to purchase another trailer and have supper on the table when I get home from work, I'll give him the money.

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