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Hauser responds to cancer treatment

June 15, 2009
By Serra Muscatello, Staff Writer

SLEEPY EYE - Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old son of Anthony and Colleen Hauser of rural Sleepy Eye, is responding well to treatment for his Hodgkin's lymphoma, according to a family spokesman.

A recent x-ray revealed that his tumor has shrunk, said Daniel Zwakman, a family friend and spokesman from Cottage Grove.

There has been a "significant reduction" in the tumor, according to Zwakman.

Hauser had been reluctant to begin the chemotherapy treatments again after the first treatment in February for his Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Zwakman reported that Hauser has been "very angry" about receiving the chemo treatments. He had one dose on May 28 and another on June 4.

"His feelings haven't changed on the chemo," said Zwakman, "He's doing it just to be compliant. He's still adamantly against it."

Zwakman said he has just recently returned from spending three days with the Hauser Family.

"This is obviously a trying time (for the family)," said Zwakman, "Danny was real active on the farm ... he did a lot of work out there. They've taken one person on the team out."

Brown County District Court Judge John Rodenberg had ruled that Danile was in need of child protection because Hauser's cancer treatment plan had not been followed. Daniel and his mother testified their religious beliefs favor natural, alternative treatments. In resistance to the chemotherapy treatments, Colleen and Daniel Hauser fled to California to seek alternative treatment, but they returned a week later and agreed they would follow a treatment plan that included chemotherapy.

Daniel is being treated on an out-patient basis at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, said Zwakman.

Judge Rodenberg has allowed Hauser to stay at home with his family on the family's dairy farm during his treatment process.

"There's no better place he could be - it's where he wanted to be. He's in a healing environment at home," said Zwakman.

In addition to Hauser's chemotherapy treatments he has also been receiving natural healing therapies from his mother, said Zwakman.

"This is pretty heavy proof that the natural therapies that she (Colleen) has been administering (to her son) has had a terrific impact in the reduction of the tumor's size," said Zwakman, "She's still trying to build up his immune system. She's using vitamins and minerals and natural things ... God-given things for sustenance and health."

Hauser has been spending quite a bit his time at home on a couch in a room with a continuous air purifier, said Zwakman.

He has also been feeling the side effects of the chemotherapy such as a very sore throat, no energy and a lack of an appetite.

"If there's any good that can come out of this ... it's all the love and good wishes ... the e-mails and mail coming in from all over the country ... it's been encouraging just to see all the outpouring ... people who have been healed using natural therapies," said Zwakman.

The Hauser Family has been invited to appear on the "Larry King Live" television talk show as soon as they are ready to do so, according to Zwakman.

"The public has reacted very positively and strongly ... with a great deal of support from from all over the country," said Zwakman.

There may also be the possibility of a small documentary on the family being done at some point, said Zwakman.

An update hearing is set for June 23.



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