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New Year’s baby born at home

January 3, 2009
By FRITZ BUSCH — Journal Staff Writer

LAFAYETTE TOWNSHIP - At a New Year's Eve party Wednesday night on a neighboring farm, Dawn Weisensel said she felt her baby would be born the next morning.

Her prediction was pretty close.

With the help of a mid-wife but without medication, Aiden Weisensel met the rest of his family at 12:50 p.m. Thursday at the Weisensel farm.

Article Photos

Staff photo by Steve Muscatello

The first baby of 2009 was Aiden Weisensel born at 12:50 p.m. Thursday to Dawn and Loren Weisensel of rural New Ulm. Aiden weighed in at 9 pounds 14 ounces. PIctured from left is the Weisensel family: Sophia, 10;, Mara 6; Dawn; Aiden; Loren; Claudia, 2; Derek, 8; and Rylee, 12.

"(The baby was born) right after lunch and it wasn't too bad," Dawn told The Journal Friday. "Most of the family watched the Rose Parade in the morning. It was a good distraction for them."

Aiden is the Weisensel's sixth child in a dozen years, their third all-natural (without medication) childbirth and the fourth baby born at home.

The first two Weisensel children were born at New Ulm Medical Center.

Dawn said she had good child birth experiences there but decided to find a midwife to help her with natural childbirth for her last four children.

"I'm more comfortable at home," she said. "It's easier for me to relax and the kind of birth I think was best. It's neat for the family - including my parents - to be close by."

Dawn and Loren Weisensel have four girls, ages 12, 10, 6 and 2.

Their 8-year-old boy Derek was glad to get a brother.

"The house was full of girls, so Derek is very happy," added Dawn.

The couple has a 600-acre dairy farm that gives them plenty to do.

"The kids help a lot on the farm. They all have chores. We've got lots of calves," said Dawn.

Any more kids?

"We'll have to see. Right now, I feel like my family is complete," added Weisensel.

According to the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board, natural childbirth advantages include:

Allowing mothers to remain in control of their body as much as possible. Being more of an active participant throughout labor if an unmedicated approach is chosen.

Non-invasive natural techniques have little chance of harm or side effects.

A greater sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

No loss of sensation or alertness.

More freedom of movement without an IV or monitor.

Lesser chance of birth intervention such as drugs to induce labor, bladder catheterization, vacuum extraction or forceps delivery.

Partners feel more involved in the process as they work together to manage pain.

Natural childbirth disadvantages:

May not offer enough pain management, particularly with prolonged or complicated labor.

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