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Nov. 25, 2008

November 25, 2008
The Journal


November 25, 2008

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Guggisberg,

Lochner and Potter, along with Lay Board

Members Mohr and Kuster. Also in attendance

were County Administrator Enter, County Attorney

Olson, District 3 Commissioner-Elect Dove and

Family Services Director enderson.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to accept the Minutes of

- 8-08 and authorize publication of the

Synopsis of same, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to schedule a Closed

Session for labor negotiation strategy planning to

be held in the Commissioners Room 204 of the

Brown County Courthouse, New Ulm, MN at

approximately :30 AM this date -25-08, for

the Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc. (LELS)

Locals #94 and #98 and for the two (2) AFSCME

Collective Bargaining Units (Courthouse and

ighway) pursuant to MS 3D.03, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to accept the report by

A/T elget noting that the JD #7 B&C Ditch

Authority held a teleconference earlier this date

and approved the request for repairing numerous

washouts on this system east of Comfrey in the

approximate amount of $ 3,000, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve three (3) Drainage

Ditch Repair requests, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to approve the

MFIP Employment Services Employment &

Training and Supported Work Contract 2009 with

MRCI in the amount not to exceed $67,7 3 and

with MVAC in the amount not to exceed $ 8,526

to provide employment and training and support

work to Brown County MFIP/DWP clients in 2009,


M/Berg, S/Potter, to declare pursuant to

Minnesota Statute 373.0 a Brown County

eartland Express 998 Ford ElDorado Bus as

excess property allowing for disposition and

authorize the Board to accept sealed bids and set

a bid-opening date for 9:30 AM on 2- 8-08, at the

Office of the County Administrator (Room 2 ),

Brown County Courthouse, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to approve the ost

County Purchase of Service Agreement with the

Brown County Evaluation Center, Inc. for CY 2009

including the rate of $255 per 24-hour period plus

a rate of $.635 cents per mile plus the IRS rate for

mileage to return patients unable to provide their

own transportation, carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Berg, to approve the Brown

County Family Services Supervised Visitation

Policies which includes the updated Child

Visitation Fee Schedule for 2009, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to approve the

Purchase of Service Agreement with Family

Centered Supervised Visitation Services, LLC for

2009, carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Berg, to accept and file the

Social Service Case Actions Listing dated -25-08,


M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to approve

Cornerhouse Child Sexual Abuse Advanced

Forensics Interview Training for the agency child

abuse investigator that is scheduled to be held

6/ 6- 9/09 with the $850 registration funded by a

state grant and with an estimated $500 county

cost for lodging and travel expense, carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Potter, to accept the bid received

from Chuck Spaeth Ford, Inc. in the amount of

$ 7,455 for a 2009 Ford Fusion SE plus applicable

taxes and fees to replace the automobile for the

agency mental health needs with payment by

using South Central Community Based Initiative

funds, carried, with Berg and Lochner dissenting.

Additional bids were received from the following:

Jensen Motors, Inc. for a 2009 Pontiac G6; Bob

Schuck Chevrolet for a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu LT;

Thane awkins Polar Chevrolet of White Bear

Lake, MN for a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu LS; Kohls

Weelborg for a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu LT; and

Maday Motors for a 2009 Dodge Avenger SE.

M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to authorize the

payment of Family Services administrative claims

in the amount of $6,479.59, carried.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to accept and file Family

Service Correspondence Item # and Consent

Agenda Items # thru #4, carried.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to authorize the sale of the

current 2006 Ford Taurus (sage) to eartland

Express for $4,425 per the blue book value with

the understanding that a six-month usage report

will be made to the County Board, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to resolve to accept

the gift donation of $400 from the Brown County

Rural Electrical Association to be used towards

the purchase of digital recording equipment in the

Intox and Interview rooms, carried.

M/Berg, S/Guggisberg, to authorize the

purchase of one ( ) Digital Ally DVM-500 digital

video mirror kit from Tactical Solutions in the

amount of $4,060 plus applicable sales tax and

installation, carried, with Seeboth dissenting.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to approve the

amendment to SRF 0 72 to increase the Middle

Minnesota Loan Agreement by $ 65,000 for a

total of $275,000 awarded to Brown County for

additional low interest loan funds for the septic

programs for Counties located in the Middle

Minnesota Watershed; and to approve Res. No.

2008-27 as required by the Brown Nicollet County

Water Quality Board regarding the use of new loan

funds, carried.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to approve vacation and/or

sick donation by Public ealth employees to

Ronda Christian to be placed in Ronda Christian's

sick bank due to on going medical issues as

follows: Vacation - Maximum donation equal to

four pay period vacation accruals per employee;

Sick - ) Employee must keep a minimum of 60

hours in own balance; 2) Employee can donate

4.8 hours or 29.6 hours of sick time; 3) Recipient

will receive 25% of hours donated, carried.

The County Board completed a second review

of the 2009 Committee Memberships and by

consensus, agreed to further review the draft

listing at a future County Board meeting.

M/Seeboth, S/Berg, to approve the

Memorandum of Agreement Between the

University of Minnesota and Brown County for

providing Extension programs locally and

Employing County Extension Staff for the period of

- -09 through 2-3 -09, carried, with Lochner


Correspondence C- through C-9 were

accepted and filed.

Guggisberg reported on the Ag Society and on

the Drug Court meeting on -20-08;

Potter reported on Ag Society matters and on

the Regional Competitiveness Economic

Development meeting in Granite Falls; and

Seeboth reported on IMMTRACK.

At :33 AM, Chairman Lochner convened a

Closed Session for Labor Negotiation Strategy

Planning, pursuant to M.S. 3D.03, for the LELS

Locals #94 and #98 Sheriff 's Department

Collective Bargaining Units; and for the two (2)

AFSCME Collective Bargaining Units (Courthouse

and ighway). This session was attended by

Commissioners Seeboth, Berg, Guggisberg,

Lochner and Potter, along with County

Administrator Enter, County Attorney Olson,

Sheriff offmann, District 3 Commissioner-Elect

Dove, and Personnel Director Crabtree. The

Closed Session adjourned at 2: 0 PM.

At 2: 0 PM, Chairman Lochner recessed the

Regular Meeting for lunch.

M/Berg, S/Guggisberg, to accept and file the

report on the Brown/Lyon/Redwood Counties

Drug Task Force regarding dwindling grant funding

and future consideration of significantly more local

funding beginning in 20 0, carried.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two

week period.

There being no further business. Chairman

Lochner declared the Meeting adjourned at 2:26


The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting of

November 25, 2008, are on file in the County

Administrator's Office and may be viewed during

normal business hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM.

Correspondence and requests for additional

information may be directed to the County

Administrator's E-Mail Address:; ome Page




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