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Bye Bye Birdie

November 16, 2008
By SERRA MUSCATELLO — Journal Staff Writer

NEW ULM -For folks who love a good musical comedy "Bye Bye Birdie" is a ticket for some fun and entertainment.

The play will be presented by New Ulm High School at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21, 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22 and 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 23 at the New Ulm Middle School auditorium.

"Bye Bye Birdie" tells the tale of a rock and roll singer- Conrad Birdie - who is going to be inducted into the army.

Article Photos

The entire cast of Bye Bye Birdie.

Alex Hoffman, a senior, has taken on the role of playing Conrad Birdie.

"The role's kind of an Elvis character ... the girls are crazy about him," said Hoffman, "You feel famous for a few hours a day when you come to practice - it's kind of fun."

Birdie's agent, Albert Peterson, is a mild-mannered man who is kept in line by his secretary, Rose Alvarez.

Fact Box

Bye Bye Birdie's Cast/Crew:

Rose Alvarez - Katie Hansel

Albert F. Peterson - Sam Sveine

Kim MacAfee - Sarah Maudal

Mrs. Peterson- Caity Anderson

Hugo Peabody - Josh Gronholz

Conrad Birdie - Alex Hoffman

Harry MacAfee - Colin Campbell

Doris MacAfee - Trisha Johnson

Randolph MacAfee - Anthony Wieneke

Maude - Jordan Burkhart

Mayor - Taylor Johnson

Mayor's Wife - Liz Melville

Harvey Johnson - Trevor Hildebrandt

Mr. Johnson - Zach More

Ursula - Kelsey Koch

Gloria - Alexa Forstner

Mrs. Merkel - Leah Nelsen

Deborah Sue - Kya Fischer

Margie - Maddie Babel

Susie - Hannah Hagen

Phyllis - Becca Waibel

Penelope - Julie bode

Helen - Laura Schumacher

Freddie - Ethan Hauer

Karl - Peter Stevens

Lee - Dustin Reinhart

Ed Sullivan - Trevor Hildebrandt

Quartet -Ethan Hauer, Johannes, Makepeace, Peter Stevens, Kevin Kauffman

Reporters-Lora Hlavsa, Erik Curry, Anna Waibel

Stage Manager - Olivia Blake

Camera Man - Zacl Holmquist

Audio Man - Tom Maidl


Producer-Gary Maki

Drama Director - Wendy Tuttle

Accompanist & vocal coach - Shannon Stuckey

Pit Orchestra - 25 piece pit orchestra

Choreorapher- Jill Curry

Costumes - Carolyn Drexler

Technical Director/Set Design - Sheldon Rieke

Audio Director - Jason Olson

Props - Karla Hansel and Patti Hoffmann

Photography/Publicity - Carrie Forstner

Publicity Assistance - Alicia Swift

Program & Power Point - Sue Date

Ad Design - Robyn Sand Anderson

Orchestra Assistance - Paula Anderson, Ann Ayer

Tickets - Sue Date, Eileen Campbell

Concessions - Linda Neigebauer

Cast Party - Terry Sveine

Program printing - donated by River Bend Business Products

Posters-Donated by Norwood Promotional Products

KNUJ -Community Affairs

Martktplatz Mall sign - Mike Nichols

Albert Peterson is played by Sam Sveine, who is also a senior this year.

"It's been a lot of fun ... especially now after everything is coming together," said Sveine.

Sveine noted that being in this play has taught him how to act and sing at the same time.

The secretary Rose has been waiting for Albert to propose to her for eight years now.

The character of Rose is played by senior Katie Hansel.

"She's fed up because Albert won't leave his mom," said Hansel, "She (Rose the character) runs the show behind the scenes and keeps everything organized."

Rose comes up with one final national publicity stunt before Birdie's induction.

Birdie will bid a teenage girl goodbye with an "all-American" kiss.

Kim MacAfee, played by senior Sarah Maudal, of Sweet Apple, Ohio is the one who gets the honor.

"It's a lot of fun. It's a great cast of kids. It's been busy, but definitely worth it," said Maudal, "I've learned to multi-task and go at this ... or anything ... with a fun outlook."

When Birdie arrives in Sweet Apple the town goes into a spin with excitement.

Kim has a boyfriend, Hugo, who is played by Josh Gronholz, also a senior.

"You don't have to have a huge role to still have fun," said Gronholz.

A decision was made that Birdie will give his goodbye kiss on the Ed Sullivan show. But during the show, Kim's father who seems to be lamenting the entire uproar, attempts to break into the act and behaves like a ham on the television show.

Birdie realizes that he is disgusted with his life and goes out on the town with the teenagers.

He has grown tired of being supervised by his agent Albert.

The show is filled with musical numbers like: "Kids," "Spanish Rose," "A lot of livin' to Do," and "Put on a Happy Face."

Trisha Johnson, 16, said that being in the play has helped with her acting.

"I've learned to act better," said Johnson.

The show's Producer Gary Maki said that tryouts were held the second week of September for the play.

There are 99 students actively on stage, about half a dozen behind the stage helping, and a few students in the pit orchestra, Maki said.

"There's been lots of people who have stepped up (to help)," said Maki, "It's exciting and also challenging. You're excited to see the finished product."

Anthony Wieneke plays the character of Randolph MacAfee.

"I'm excited for this," said Wieneke, "Everyone brings their own unique talents to make the show exciting and fun. Come watch us."

Advance tickets for the show are available at Hy-Vee and Cash Wise Foods. Tickets cost $6 for students/senior citizens and $8 for adults. All tickets are $1 more at the door.



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