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Harvest is done, time for football

November 7, 2008

I was finally able to ride along in the combine Saturday, which happened to be the last day of our harvest.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't ride along until the very last day.

Riding in the combine gives a person a real bad itch to get behind the wheel to start picking corn off the stalks. It really is a fun job.

"It's probably a good thing that I haven't ridden with you until today," I told Steve. "I think if I had ridden with you previously I would have felt bad every single day I was at work. I would have wanted to be at home helping with harvest."

Don't get me wrong, there remains a bit of work to do after harvest, but Russell has been keeping up on that task and it should be finished by the end of this week.

As soon as the corn is harvested, someone pulls the stalk chopper back and forth across the field, with a tractor of course. This shreds remaining corn stalks and chaff so there isn't as much residue when it comes time to plant the field.

Russell's job has been to run the ripper across the fields behind the stalk chopper.

We only ran into one snafu this year. On the last 20 acres of corn, the stalk chopper copped an attitude and completely blew apart. It's sitting in the field with parts lying in places where they should be. The roller that holds the cutting knives fell out and one of the blades is stuck into a tire.

That's what happens when very important bearing gives out. The part that is supposed to spin and cut the stalks drops out, gets dragged through the field and creates a mess.

Russell had to drive the ripper around the tractor and stalk chopper. So now the field with have one little area that isn't dug up. I am not sure when Steve will get out there to repair the stalk chopper. It has to be fixed before we can even think about moving it.

It will be an interesting spring research project. We will be able to see just how important. Or unimportant stalk chopping is to plant growth the following spring, summer and next year's fall.

Now that harvest is complete it will free my husband up to do a few more things - like going to the football game tonight in Marshall.

The game between Cathedral and Springfield will be a tough one for me.

Our sons go to the Catholic school, and my nephew plays for Springfield.

I really want Cathedral to win, but I also want my nephew to have the chance to play in the Metrodome.

No matter what, someone is going to lose this game, and either way it's going to be a downer for me - I want both teams to advance.

From what I understand, Springfield has been playing extremely well this part of the season. Sure that information comes from the proud grandmother to my nephew, but they have been winning. I went to their game against, hmmm, can't remember who they played, but they played very well during that game too. It was the first game of the playoffs. I will never forget how hard that one Springfield player ran the 40 yards for a touchdown. He was giving it his all!

Cathedral has beaten Springfield during the regular season, but they did struggle to win their last game in the last seconds of the game. It seems to me that as of late, the Greyhounds have struggled at the start of the game and end up working to finish the game as the victors. It sure makes for fun games though.

(I may not get to all the games, but I do listen to them on the radio.)

I will be at this game, even though the weather sounds dreadful. More than likely I will be sitting on the Springfield Tigers side to support my nephew, but I will still cheer for awesome Greyhound plays as well.

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