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Commissioners' minutes

August 26, 2008
The Journal



Aug. 26, 2008

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Guggisberg,

Lochner and Potter, along with Lay Board Members

Mohr and Kuster. Also in attendance were County

Administrator Enter, Assistant County Attorney Peter-son

and Family Services Director Henderson.

M/Berg, S/Seeboth, to accept the Minutes of 8-19-

08 and authorize publication of the Synopsis of same,


M/Seeboth, S/Guggisberg, to approve the 2009

operating budget for the Brown County Heartland

Express at $639,978; the 2009 capital expense budg-et

for one replacement bus at $62,000; and $35,000

capital expense for dispatch software, carried. It was

noted that the State/Federal share will cover 85 per-cent

of approved operating expenses and 80 percent

of approved capital costs.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve Res. No. 2008-20 to

enter a contract with the State of Minnesota, Dept. of

Transportation for 2009 to provide Heartland Express

public transportation service, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to approve the Bus Wash-ing

Services Contract between MRCI-New Ulm and

Brown County Heartland Express for bus washing

services by MRCI at a rate of $19.70 per bus plus MN

state sales tax for the period of 9-1-08 thru 8-31-09,

M/Seeboth, S/Berg, to accept and file the Annual

Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund

Program Review 7-1-07/6-30-08, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to accept and file the

Social Service Case Actions Listing dated 8-26-08,

M/Potter, S/Seeboth, to apply to the State of MN,

Dept. of Commerce, for FFY 2009 contract to admin-ister

the Lower Income Home Energy Assistance Pro-gram,

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to authorize the payment

of Family Services administrative claims in the

amount of $768.80, carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Berg, to accept and file Family Ser-vices

Correspondence Items #142 and Consent

Agenda Items #146, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Berg, to approve the appoint-ment

of Tricia Niebuhr as an Assistant Brown County

Attorney, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve the four year appoint-ment

(1-1-09 thru 12-31-12) of Judith Friesen as

Brown County Assessor, carried.

M/Potter, S/Guggisberg, to approve the appoint-ment

of Mary Decock as a FT Intensive DWI Super-vision

Probation Agent, contingent on passage of

pre-placement physical and background check, at the

annual starting salary of $37,673 with a start date of

9-8-08, carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Guggisberg, to award the contract

for the Brown County Jail Food Service to A'viands of

St. Paul, MN, carried. Additional bids were received

from: A. H. Hermel Company, North Mankato, MN;

New Horizon Foods, St. Michael, MN; and CBM Food-service,

Sioux Falls, S.D.

Correspondence C-1 through C-4 were accepted

and filed.

Potter reported on the SWCD meeting on 8-25-08.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two week


M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to authorize the

deposit of an additional $100,000 of undesignated

reserve funds to the county septic account for disper-sal,

carried. It should be noted that $300,000 had pre-viously

been designated by the County Board for the

county septic loan program.

M/Seeboth, S/Potter, to approve the State of MN

Dept. of Agriculture Cooperative Agreement for

Waste Pesticide Collection and authorize the Board

Chair to sign same on behalf of Brown County, car-ried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to authorize one (1)

Drainage Ditch Repair request, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Potter, to accept and file the

update on Drug Court activities as presented by 5th

Judicial District Court Manager Brenda Pautsch and

Brown Nicollet Watonwan Drug Court Coordinator

Laurie Mayo, carried.

M/Guggisberg, S/Berg, to table consideration of

the request to approve the addition of .2 FTE to the

current .8 FTE Public Health Nurse position for

Michelle Buerkle, effective 10-27-08, to provide Per-sonal

Care Assistant assessments and to decrease

the Maternal and Child Health position vacated by

Mary Bohlmann from .8 to .6 FTE, effective with hir-ing

of a new person, until the 9-2-08 County Board

meeting, motion to table carried.

M/Seeboth, S/Potter, to approve to adjust reim-bursement

of travel time for Home Health Aides and

Homemakers from one hour per 40 miles driven to

one hour per 50 miles driven, effective 9-1-08, car-ried,

with Lochner dissenting.

M/Guggisberg, S/Seeboth, to approve the request

of Public Health, using existing staff, to initiate a Den-tal

Fluoride Varnish program for children ages 1-18,

which will target children who do not have regular

access to preventive dental care, do not have dental

insurance or are low income, and especially those

who also live in rural areas with private well water

lacking in fluoride, with the understanding that the

approval is on a six month trial basis, carried.

There being no further business, Chairman Lochn-er

declared the Meeting adjourned at 11:52 AM.

The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting of

Aug. 26, 2008, are on file in the County Administra-tor's

Office and may be viewed during normal busi-ness

hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM. Correspondence and

requests for additional information may be directed to

the County Administrator's E-Mail Address:; Home Page Address:



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