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Welcome doesn’t have to mean citizenship

July 23, 2014

To the editor: The Roman Catholic bishop of New Ulm normally addresses his words of spiritual guidance and instruction to the members of his own church....

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Jul-30-14 11:01 AM

C'mon guys/gals - all party disagreements aside - the joke was funny. :>) :>) Before anyone gets crazy, I mean no disrespect towards Native Americans, & neither does the joke.

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Jul-29-14 8:29 PM

So, it's summer. The mind wanders.

Here's a little joke for both of you.

I'm sure you know that the Washington Redskins are under a lot of pressure to change their name.

After a great deal of study they have agreed that their name is truly embarrassing.

They will drop "Washington".

A real knee-slapper, no?

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Jul-29-14 2:13 PM

Ouch Sven, grumpy ??? Me ??? After I agreed you were brilliant. That's going to leave a deep scar...

Well, annexing Central America would solve our immigration problems. That's until all of those polar bears start heading our way from the great white north.

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Jul-29-14 10:40 AM


Pretty hilarious post.

Perhaps you can share your sense of humor with JR, The Grumpy One.

Or, send him a happy face, ;>)

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Jul-29-14 10:22 AM

Sven, come on and admit it. Remember when President Obama, your mentor, mentioned having to go to 57 states in his campaign. 1. Honduras, 2. Guatemala, 3. Belize, 4. El Salvador, 5. Nicaragua, 6. Costa Rica, and by Executive order, he would annex and takeover Mexico, #7. ;<)

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Jul-29-14 10:13 AM

Thanks for telling us when you're brilliant, Sven. It really gets difficult determining your shining moments of brilliance and your usual dull drivel. After all, we are dealing with a pretty narrow band between the two extremes.

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Jul-28-14 2:44 PM

The solution is so easy, JR.

Just make Honduras and Guatemala the 51st and 52nd states.

That should make Republicans happy: Conquest. Manifest destiny. More stars in the flag.

I must say, I'm brilliant...again.

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Jul-28-14 10:11 AM

Piggish Republicans or clueless Democrats. No wonder our country is going down so fast. The Democrats can't seem to spend other people's money fast enough so they want kids to hop on freight trains and take potentially deadly trips through Mexico so we can add to our already over burdened welfare rolls.

Just when did we win that war on poverty anyway ? Are we really ready to take on more troubled kids when we as a country have one in three teen girls getting pregnant ?

As long as we are now in the business of helping out the world's children what about those poor kids from war torn Syria, or Gaza, or from numerous African nations ?

C'mon Democrats, can't we at least establish a system that allows for equal treatment for people wanting to enter our country ? Shouldn't all refuges be given the same chance to become citizens ? Should we really just look the other way when people who want to become citizens start by breaking our laws by entering our country illegally ?

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Jul-26-14 11:23 PM

Let's all get worked up about 30,000 dirty-faced immigrant children entering the US.

Or, let's not.


"A total of 30,340 children have been released to sponsors--primarily parents and other relatives--from the start of the year through July 7, according to the Office of Refuge Resettlement." Source: NYT.

Proving once again, a country of 300,000,000 can do a lot for others and absorb a lot and grow and prosper from the experience.

As for the beady-eyed, piggish Republicans who yearn to build a wall and exclude "those people"--all I can say is, good luck in the next election. You prove yourselves to be the joke of mankind every day, and you will reap what you sow so ineptly.

Let's hear it for Hillary!

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Jul-26-14 11:51 AM

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Jul-23-14 2:31 PM

Great Article. Oh.....wait......

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