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Why do we report the bad news?

July 6, 2014

There comes a time for every community newspaper when bad news happens....

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Jul-14-14 5:17 PM

If that is the case there are a few more posters on this site that could use a "BOOT"!

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Jul-13-14 1:43 AM

I didn't read anything wrong with what LCW said,(something about words can hurt), and MT is or should I say was as civil if not more civil than most posters on this site. totally had it coming, but censorship is every writers worst enemy. Everyone should have a voice good or bad, if you don't like, don't read it or change the channel.

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Jul-13-14 12:12 AM

It's pretty obvious that the Journal is giving the "Boot" to anyone who has a different opinion then they do. It defeats the purpose of having a comment site when you censor the comments.

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Jul-12-14 2:53 PM

Did "lowerclassworker" get the boot, too? Wow, first RegularGal, then MichaelT, and now the new kid in town? Somebody is cleaning house.

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Jul-11-14 6:59 PM

Na Na Na Na...Hey Hey Hey, GOOD-BYE!

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Jul-11-14 12:41 PM

As a editor Mr. Sweeney had every right to write a article, as a person alittle more tact would've helped. There have been a number of accidents and suicides that went unreported or a minor blurb in the paper. Mr. Sweeney knew this would be a hot topic that's why he published it. Good or bad it sells papers. Having said that, it's to bad Mr. Kelly couldn't see another way out. He would have been a GREAT speaker to young adults on how a bad decision can totally change your life in a split second. In my opinion he probably wasn't the only one involved that made a poor choice. We ALL have made poor decisions\choices that could have ended up bad results.

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Jul-10-14 9:56 PM

regular, if you are grieving please get some much need help. if your only goal is to continue to spread more hate feel free to close your business and leave town. Your accusations have lost any semblance of credibility with your regrettable and insensitive comments. This town that you so despise will be much better without you.

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Jul-10-14 7:04 PM

Regulargal - You are SICK

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Jul-10-14 10:01 AM


You use the tragic death of a 22 yr old to demonstrate your disdain for New Ulm and Kevin Sweeney. You should really try a different approach to bolster your fragile sense of self-worth.

Your attempt to "get" Kevin Sweeney was an epic failure. You have this over-inflated sense of empowerment thinking that just because you whined on here you caused him to buckle under and write this opinion piece. I believe his intent was mainly for the grieving family and friends. You didn't weigh into any part of his decision. Sorry to burst your overblown egotistical bubble. Go back to the lake. Time for you to commune with the turtles. They may care what you have to say but I highly doubt it. They have least have the good sense to tuck into their shells or crawl under a rock when they are outmatched which is more than one can say about you.

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Jul-09-14 7:08 PM

Many of us have been commenting here for years. We don't always agree, right JR? But I think for the most part we respect each other. I like to get my jabs in once in a while, and I get them back, but I respect these people in their opinions, even if I don't agree with them.

Every so often, you get a troll on here that eventually gets removed by the Journal management. I think that now is the time for them to cull the herd again.

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Jul-09-14 6:50 PM

There's help for people like you, RegularGal. They have some good medications out now, also.

You are a real piece of work. It is pathetic that you take the death of a young man as an opportunity to play some sort of a game. You are one sick individual.

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Jul-09-14 3:18 PM

I don't believe a word you said in your last couple of posts, regulargal. I think you are nuts, I thought that all along, but didn't want to say it, just in case you were grieving. I think you meant every word you said but now are back peddling after you finally realized how idiotic your posts have been.

Thank you for the entertainment.

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Jul-09-14 1:24 PM


Wow, you got us !!! We all walked unknowingly into your little troll trap. You must feel so accomplished in your life having pulled off such a major feat against us simpletons !!!

You rock !!! I stand in awe of your tremendous internet posting abilities. Where did you go to school for that ???

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Jul-09-14 1:19 PM

How sad for you regular gal. We will pray for you.

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Jul-09-14 9:25 AM


I hope nobody's children ever end up on the front page of the Journal for the reasons Liam Kelly did. I guess that's where you and I are completely different. I would never wish that sort of pain on anyone.

I also hope that I've raised my three kids right so they never have reason to make front page news of that sort. That is one thing I can do to make a difference. One thing that makes no difference is posting on this website after the fact trying to blame others for the actions of your kids.

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Jul-09-14 1:43 AM

I think Kevin Sweeney wrote what he wrote because a few misguided people like "regulargal" gave him an ear full. I think he explained himself well and I support him 100%. I have had disagreements with him in the past, but he is spot on here.

Quit trying to blame Liam's poor choices on someone else. He was a big boy. He made his own decisions. I highly doubt that the Journal article caused him to take his life. I'm guessing it was the guilt he was feeling for his responsibility in what happened in the accident. I think we would all feel that guilt if we were in his shoes. Maybe he should have been watched closer by those who loved him, regulargal.

Once again, I'm sorry for your loss, but blaming this on The Journal is ridiculous, as pointed out to you be everyone else here.

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Jul-08-14 6:12 PM

regulargal-Stop reading these posts if they are getting under your skin that much, holy cow! Every news source reports stories like this, big or small. As you can see by the agree/disagree votes, you are in the minority.

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Jul-08-14 11:02 AM

The Journal is not or should not be blamed for this young man's demise. However it is apparent that this young man suffered a great deal with depression and airing his suicide in the newspaper and the assorted details just didn't seemed called for. From everything I have heard about this young man he was an outstanding person. He made a choice in his life that ended in tragedy when he got behind the wheel of that car last winter. How many young kids act foolish and don't realize the effect it may have? Are people hurting...yes! Is it news...Yes. Is his suicide details front page news...No! It shouldn't have been. He is however someone's son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend. He did not do this because he purposely wanted to end another young man's life. This tragedy now is being felt by so many more hearts because now we have lost 2 men in this community - neither who should have died.

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Jul-08-14 9:53 AM

Mr. Kelly's actions caused the death of one person and injured another. He broke the law. That is news. You act as if it should all have been swept under the rug and ignored. Then he takes his own life after the news of his charges were reported. You try to lay blame of his death on Kevin Sweeney and the Journal for reporting the charges. People get charged with crimes all the time. Criminal charges are public record information. Anyone can go and read what Mr. Kelly was charged with including a newspaper reporter. On what basis do you believe his charges should have been sealed ? He wasn't a minor.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions Mr. Kelly chose another path. It is tragic he chose to do this but he and he alone made that choice.

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Jul-08-14 1:13 AM

Ifelt the same way when i read this sad and tragic story in the paper...why? Why did such details need to be brought up on front page news. This young man suffered so bad and i believe he made that phone call hoping someone would stop him or be able to help him after the fact. Do we write about all of us who suffer from depression, anxiety,phobias, etc. No! A journal employee commited suicide in the cemetery a few weeks ago...was that publicly front page news? Just wondering. Is it your social status that decides your fate in the newspaper? RIP Liam Kelly - you will be missed.

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Jul-08-14 1:10 AM

Ifelt the same way when i read this sad and tragic story in the paper...why? Why did such details need to be brought up on front page news. This young man suffered so bad and i believe he made that phone call hoping someone would stop him or be able to help him after the fact. Do we write about all of us who suffer from depression, anxiety,phobias, etc. No! A journal

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Jul-08-14 12:17 AM

Excuse me, but if what I read on Facebook is true, another young person took their own life in NU in the last couple months. I don't recall seeing it in the paper. Why? Because it wasn't a news story. This was a worthy news story because of the report of charges the week before. No one gleefully reported the news, but it was a new event that any journalist would report. I am sorry that you feel the need to slam the editor who rightfully did his job.

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Jul-07-14 9:16 PM

I don't think that Sweeney's salary went up or down because he reported on this story.

You'll never get over this regulargal so long as you continue to point blame at the wrong person. There was one person responsible for Liam Kelly's situation, and that was Liam Kelly. I don't mean to sound harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Turn on the news. It is filed with stories just like this. It makes the news because it is news.

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Jul-07-14 6:49 PM

Regulargal, we are lucky to stool have a daily newspaper in a city of this size. Despite the occasional misspelled words and occasional correction, the fact that they can put together a new edition every day, for just about every day of the year on a small budget is commendable. Honestly, I get most of my news elsewhere because I don't have to wait for it, but when it comes to local stories, there aren't as many people covering it.

Liam Kelly made his choices and with poor choices come consequences. That doesn't mean that there isn't forgiveness and that doesn't mean that he couldn't have been a model citizen after time. The Journal did nothing wrong in reporting the news. Maybe if Mr. Kelly was in such fragile mental condition, he should have been monitored and not left alone. Should have, would have, could have won't bring this young man back. Hopefully, his tragedy will be someone else's lesson and prevent this from happening to some other family.

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Jul-07-14 6:43 PM

Why do we as a society always try and point fingers? Where is the Journal, specifically the Editor at fault here? The crash, the criminal charges, and the taking of his life shortly after the charges are the actions of Mr. Kelly. The Journal is reporting on the actions and choices of someone else....and its news, tragic or not.

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