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How do we define true believers?

July 2, 2014

The U.S....

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Jul-06-14 7:55 AM

Mt....pontificous idioficous. Lol I just can't help laughing out loud..what an full of narrow minded thought...shows how dangerous one gets when they believe "god is on their side.". Does he ever leave his computer?

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Jul-05-14 3:21 PM

Typical Republican response Michael. Repeal it with no alternative. Just pretend that we don't have a problem, right?

This wasn't a problem when jobs came with family health insurance.

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Jul-04-14 7:14 PM

There is a bigger picture. Monday’s decision was about a few methods of contraception. Tuesday’s order for lower courts to reconsider cases in which employers claimed religious objections to all contraceptives broadened the ruling. It got even broader Thursday. Religious non-profits can complete a form certifying their objection to providing coverage for contraception, and the insurer will provide the coverage directly. The non-profit does not provide the coverage or pay. The court used this fact to justify their decision Monday. Thursday the court ruled that the nonprofit accommodation of simply signing a form is also a violation of religious liberty.

Companies now have filed suits to be allowed to discriminate because of their religious beliefs. Imagine the directions that could go. Unmarried mothers? People of color? Adulters? Wrong religion? No religion? Whose religious belief trumps whose?

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Jul-04-14 9:31 AM

My understanding is that Hobby Lobby does pay for 16 different types of contraceptive means for its employees & did so for many years, long before the ACA mandate.

Their protest is in regards to the 4 types that they believe are abortion inducing, including the morning after pill, the week after pill, the IUD with progestin, & some type of copper uterine device. They don't want to pay for those for their employees because of their pro-life stance & their belief these 4 types terminate a life.

Whether they are right or wrong, they are very passionate in their beliefs & feel they cannot go against them. Those on the other side of the issue are passionate in their beliefs, also.

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Jul-04-14 9:12 AM

I want my employer to cover Band-aids and Advil.

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Jul-03-14 11:22 PM

28 states mandated contraceptive coverage before the ACA. But I’m sure it was Obama’s fault. Did HL sue any states?

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Jul-03-14 4:36 PM

We haven't had a "great" president since Roosevelt.

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Jul-03-14 2:20 PM

Finally! ... reported yesterday that other media outlets are broadcasting what many of us have been saying for years...worst excuse of a president in modern times. A true leader would reach across party lines and MAKE both sides come together. You never see in the news accounts where he has called party leaders to the WH to dicuss anything at the same time. Lock them in a room together and no supper until things get legislated...please grow a ____.

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Jul-03-14 12:28 PM

" track to enslaving us by this tyrannical administration!"

"Not slavery? What else would you call it when you are no longer free to decide for yourself how best to provide for yourself and your family?"

I'd like to add to those comments. Are any of you aware of what's happening with the new regulations on school lunches? And with the new "Smart Snacks for Schools" program? (It is my understanding we can thank Mama Obama for spearheading these programs.)

How about the possibility of mandatory collection of babies' DNA, which will be then sent to the government and, in turn, will allow the government the potential to control every American's health under Obamacare?

Tyranny is making its way into our lives without many of us realizing it.

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Jul-03-14 10:22 AM


You know that last station you filled up your car had it's gasoline refined by Koch Industries ? I won't go so far as to call you a hypocrite because to do so would be absurd.

The following question is meant with the utmost sincerity: Why is providing free birth control to all women in our country such a paramount right ? Why are all people in this country now going to suffer because of this recent supreme court decision ?

I view this as getting your cake and demanding that someone else pay for it ? It is a common liberal theme - food is one thing but birth control is in a completely different category in my opinion.

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Jul-03-14 10:10 AM

Aunty , his religion is of no concern, the fact that he claims to have been a constitutional lawyer and lost 2 cases this past few weeks on a 9-0 ruling by the supreme court, that makes one call his competence to do the job into question. Then he doubled down on immigration reform this week saying he will act by executive order and bypass Congress , remember he is setting precedence for when a different party takes over . Will you so gleefully go along with the executive orders of a Republican or Tea Party President? Great leaders bring the Congress together and accomplish things, you can blame the republicans all you want - who is in charge? How many bills has Harry Reid allowed of the Republicans to come to the floor in the Senate? All they want is to vote on them , he does not even allow that. Partisanship can be controlled by the man in charge ,or it can me made worse , seems to be the latter.

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Jul-03-14 9:53 AM

housafire- what choices do you refer to? I am now required to pay for things that I cannot possibly use nor do I wish to have coverage for. When we have to work the first 4-5 months of the year to pay for the basic services , we have become enslaved . It is not a choice if you want to pay the taxes ,somethings I agree we must contribute to as a collective ,but 4-5 months of our yearly salary? The only choices you have are to work and pay taxes or be a freeloader on the system drawing as much from every program available while doing little or nothing. This is driving the disparity between the haves and have not's. The middle income family gets pressed harder as this disparity and inflation grows. Our government has become a monstrosity that fails to deliver the services we want at an efficient price.

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Jul-03-14 9:45 AM

The Greens are no longer free to decide how best to provide for their family?

If we're going to bring in the slippery slope to totalitarian government over this, we should also look at the totalitarian government at the bottom of the other side of the slope, which is Dominionism. On that side the truth and sincerity of religious belief is being questioned, not just being wondered about as a question. It has even gone beyond questioning to the ease of demonizing opponents. The President’s Christian faith is declared inadequate, insincere, phony ,a lie. He is declared a secret Muslim, anti-Christian, or even the anti-Christ

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Jul-03-14 9:41 AM

Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured...but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. Now add this, many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens. "Obamacare" is a huge part of the fast track to enslaving us by this tyrannical administration! Wake up people. When God and our religious beliefs are forcibly removed from our lives what could possibly go wrong!? Wake up people.

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Jul-03-14 9:37 AM

Houseafire, vasectomies or tubal ligations do not abort babies. Try again.

To my surprise, there is growing evidence that the morning after pill dies not cause abortions, either. One article that I read even said that Catholic Bishops are acknowledging this. Supposedly, the manufacturer is trying to get that warning removed. Has anybody else seen this?

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Jul-03-14 9:21 AM


If you are referring to insurance, then I disagree because you have lots of choices on how to insure your family.

If you are referring to Hobby Lobby, then I offer that there are many female employees who disagree with its decision on birth control coverage. Is that agreeable to everyone?

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Jul-03-14 7:11 AM


Trying to expand health coverage for those who previously didn't have it is slavery? It's not a perfect law but it's certainly not that.

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Jul-02-14 8:08 PM

If I was an atheist and the government dictated that I must sell religious items in my store, and I complained because it violated my freedom of/from religion to offer those items for sale to others, but I invested in companies making those religious items, I would be a hypocrite.

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Jul-02-14 6:08 PM

If you were an atheist and the government dictated that you must sell religious items in your store , would you gladly go along with it or complain because it violates your rights? Hobby Lobby only complained about the after contraception birth control , they were already offering birth control in their existing health plan.

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Jul-02-14 6:03 PM

You should be free to shop there or not and they should be free to choose what health insurance they offer. If you feel you need the morning after pill , obviously you don't think too far ahead. Maybe you need some education classes on the subject to understand how the birds and bees work.

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Jul-02-14 5:48 PM

The country's one-child policy was slightly relaxed in 2013, but the family planning bureaucracy still exists. Since the government instituted the policy 40 years ago, there have been more than 330 million abortions in China, according to health ministry data cited by the Financial Times.

Hobby Lobby Loves China

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Jul-02-14 5:06 PM

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Jul-02-14 3:45 PM

Hint - if you need the government to pay for your contraception , you shouldn't run the risk of creating children to satisfy your urges. Most contraception is not 100% effective. Time for people to grow up and assume responsibility for their actions, if you don't want kids , keep your pants zipped up. It's not the government's responsibility to make sure you properly use it, why should they pay for it? If you want to do adult things than act like an adult, don't complain about teens having relations either , that is already covered with free contraception programs. This is strictly a matter of people wanting something for free.

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Jul-02-14 12:59 PM


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Jul-02-14 12:38 PM

Many consider the morning after pill to be an abortion. That is their belief. Should the government be able to impose it's belief on a business when the ownership opposes such a belief on a fundamental level ? Where is the public interest served when the government imposes its mandate on providing free medical care it deems merely preventative where the elective care being provided is morally objectionable ?

This in no way prevents a woman from exercising her right to choose. It merely makes her financially responsible for exercising that right.

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