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Border problems

July 1, 2014

A flood of thousands of Central American children who managed, sometimes alone, to sneak across the allegedly secure border between the U.S....

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Jul-03-14 6:41 PM

I feel sorry for the children. Sven...I have a solution to this problem. I think you, your family, your friends and the democrats should all go on a bus and bring back these people to live in your house...with no government assistance. This would prove to the American people that you can put your money where your mouth is. I wonder if the Kennedy family in Hyannis would be willing to put up a few families.

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Jul-03-14 5:02 PM

Beware! Beware!

The children are coming!

The children are coming!

Roll out the razor wire. Get out the machine guns.

Oh, woe is us!

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Jul-03-14 4:33 PM

*all too often.

I hate predictive text.

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Jul-03-14 4:31 PM

A number of years ago, I worked with a project manager that recently completed a Ruby Tuesday's. He was around during the hiring prices. They were able to verify social security numbers on site. The people, presumably illegal, would say that they'll bring a different card tomorrow.

I think that ask to often it is a "don't ask, don't tell" policy with these companies looking for cheap labor. It's time to put some teeth into our employment laws.

Also, if you are here on a green card, your job should be able to support you without public assistance. I often wonder if packing and canning plants end up costing the taxpayers more than they pay in taxes.

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Jul-03-14 12:57 PM

I agree completely with you, MCW. We either have laws and a constitution that we are expected to follow, or we don't. Picking and choosing to fit a political agenda, on either side, is what has us in the current mess we are in.

Anything short of 100% compliance is, by definition, anarchy.

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Jul-03-14 10:37 AM


I'm only vaguely familiar with the case. Do you happen to know if the managers knew they were illegal and chose to hire them anyway ? Many illegals use fraudulent social security numbers to get hired. It is not as cut and dried as you might think. Most employers follow the laws when it comes to hiring the problem lies with the systems that are in place.

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Jul-03-14 9:39 AM

2 disagrees? So someone is saying that some managers did go to prison? Can you provide references to this?

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Jul-02-14 11:18 AM

How many managers went to prison several years ago when Swift was caught with illegal immigrants? None.

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Jul-02-14 10:11 AM

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is a solution to the borders. The problem is, the government ties their hands. Bush did some, but Obama is just being ridiculous. We have agencies ready to do their job to secure the borders and to sweep the country to remove the aliens. The Border Patrol has their hands tied by the government. They are not allowed to secure the borders. They have to dodge bullets from the other side, and get prosecuted if they fire back! Simply insane! ICE is dedicated to removing those inside the borders, but they too have their hands tied. The government will not allow them to remove the aliens unless they say its ok. It should be pretty cut and dry.. Tiene Papeles? No?.. Adios!!

Instead, their are supposed to turn the other way and let the aliens come to the land of the free... I don't know about you, but I'm feeling less and less "Free" all the time...

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Jul-02-14 9:54 AM

Who says that illegals come here to work ? The first stop they make when they get here is County Family Services. No need to work when they can take advantage of our generous welfare programs. That is one of our easy solutions. Proof of verified citizenship in order to receive welfare. Same for getting a job. We as a nation also need to look at providing economic support for nations in our region. If opportunity is created in their home countries many more people will choose to stay home rather than risk trying to cross into the U.S.

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Jul-02-14 9:31 AM

When we are no longer the greatest nation on earth, it won't mean that there is not a greatest nation, it means that someone else will hold that distinction. The two front runners are China and Russia. Which of those countries would you rather live in?

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Jul-02-14 9:27 AM

The kids I feel sorry for are legal, United States born citizens who will never get to experience true freedom without the heavy hand of a tyrannical government constantly "guiding" their every move from birth to death.

Our porous border has existed since forever. It is not the cause of this problem. The subversion of our constitution and the rule of law by our executive branch of government, combined with a weak and impotent congress is the problem.

And, svensota, you will be ok with everything the elitist ruling class does until an ebola infected "new citizen" moves into your living room.

Still, nobody has answered my question.

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Jul-02-14 1:07 AM

The people that I feel sorry for are the kids that were brought over here as infants and are now teenagers. They did not choose to break the law. This is the only home they know. Is it right to deport them?

The whole thing is just a big mess. The borders need to be 100% secured. How we sort out the mess that is already over here can't be figured out until the influx of illegal immigrants is stopped. It is the equivalent of trying to replace the carpet in your basement while the water is still pouring in.

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Jul-02-14 1:02 AM

And no, by the way, I do not support relaxing our borders. Something needs to happen. I just think that it is ridiculous to think that if someone else was in office that things would be any different. There is too much money being made on cheap labor for things to change. BOTH parties are doing us a disservice. But, if blaming the president for all our problems makes you feel all warm and snugly, have at it.

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Jul-02-14 1:00 AM

The fact of the matter is that this country has always thrived on cheap labor. When we abolished slavery, we took it out on the blue collar workers. When we established unions, we sent jobs overseas. When the cost of shipping became too high, we bought politicians and Supreme Court justices to work for big corporations. The work that wasn't feasible to ship overseas, we brought illegal immigrants here to work the jobs. At the very least, they keep wages down for the rest of us. Romney is very much part of that equation, and it IS relevant because THAT is precisely the candidate that some of YOU put on the ballot.

So, enjoy driving around in your Kia on your way to Walmart to buy produce picked by illegal immigrants and cheap goods made in communist China. Let's all celebrate Independence Day!

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Jul-02-14 12:11 AM

Aw, Puke, settle down, will ya'.

If your neo-conservative pals hadn't been such do-gooders and tried to bring democracy to the heathen hordes in the Middle East, then we'd have an extra $4,000,000,000,000 to spend on some nice modern reception centers down along our southern border for our less fortunate neighbors and their kiddies.

Now, take a few puffs of your medicinal weed and stop worrying about the ruling elites under your bed.

We've got everything under control. Just send us your money.

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Jul-01-14 11:33 PM

Reason2Puke - If you don't help them, you, also, degrade the dignity and sanctity of life of those people crossing in desperation. We cannot ignore them when they are right there, in dire need of food & a safe haven.

For the last time, I KNOW we have a crisis. I KNOW we can't continue to accommodate. I KNOW our systems are overwhelmed. I KNOW about the border crossing stations that have been closed. I KNOW. I KNOW. I KNOW.

Your solution is to stop issuing executive orders that subvert our immigration laws. So, how do you propose to stop that from happening right now, at this time? If you have a solution to your solution, I'm listening.

And just so you know, I have been paying attention all of my life.

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Jul-01-14 10:11 PM


This is not just happening, it is by design, and you GrandmaD are playing along with the scam. Overwhelm our systems, overwhelm our ability to care, and you have accomplished 2 things. 1.) You have dedicated democrat voters mostly coming into Texas, not coincidental. 2.) You degrade the dignity an sanctity of life for those who were lied to and told that the United States is a free for all.

Our ruling elites have been cheapening human life for 40+ years, this planned invasion is just another assault on our American benevolence and charitable culture. We can't possible assimilate all of these kids this quickly, but the federal government will come to the rescue led by our Knight in shining armor, President Obama.

If you believe that this was not well orchestrated, you have not been paying attention for the last 14 years.

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Jul-01-14 9:35 PM

Everyone is arguing, but no one has a solution. I don't either. Obama is our President, & Romney is not, so why even focus on that. Again, we have to help these desolate people crossing our borders, especially the children. It would be inhumane not to do so. We are kidding ourselves, however, if we think we can keep up the pace at which it is happening. I am totally at a loss as to what to do.

My understanding is that President Obama is now saying he will start enforcing the laws even more so. He will, also, start sending illegal children back to their countries. Is that the right thing to do?

As for who hires illegals, our relatives in Arizona say many of their landscaping & construction companies do, along with places like McDonalds, Burger King, Chipolte, Ruby Tuesday, Lowe's, etc. They say people are condemned if they do and condemned if they don't hire them, regardless of laws. Just repeating their perspective.

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Jul-01-14 9:03 PM

Stick to the point mnsota and the guy who DID get elected. Unfortunately we now know exactly what he would do.

Nobody has answered my question yet. Maybe you can take a shot at it mnsota:

"Maybe some of you lefties can explain to me how it will "help our economy", as the president stated yesterday, to inject our overburdened welfare, school and medical systems with upwards of 250,000 illiterate, non-inoculated indigent children from poverty ridden countries?"

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Jul-01-14 8:11 PM

Who is employing all these illegal immigrants? What party do you suppose all these business owners vote for? Hypocrites much?

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Jul-01-14 8:10 PM

Right, Avoice. Romney would have had people that are citizens of CHINA working the jobs that were once American jobs. That's how he made his millions, by issuing pink slips to American workers and sending their jobs overseas.

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Jul-01-14 6:29 PM

Svensota, I don't understand you since you posted somertime ago you were going to NY to attend a play , have some find wine and exotic foreign cheese and food. Perhaps you are one of those closet well heeled closet liberals. Why do you denigrate the life style of fine food and drink when you yourself rub elbows with the wealthy liberal elite who quietly enjoy the lifestyle. ;<)

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Jul-01-14 6:24 PM

JReader - President Obama is an intelligent individual, but who has no wisdom, and has surrounded himself with people who have agreed with him to "transform America" into a third world country.

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Jul-01-14 2:31 PM

Yes, anyone but Mitt. It's like trying to punch a ghost. We will never know what Mitt would have done, well unless you're Sven, in his world Mitt is in charge for some strange reason. Those of us who live in the real world are left with dealing a president who would rather live in Sven's world than the real world.

Who would have ever thought that the Dream Act would turn into some sort of juvenile marathon race across the Mexican desert where when you cross the finish line you get a free college education paid for by the American tax payer. For some reason there are still people who think Obama is a smart guy. Go figure.

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