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Medtronic’s message

June 18, 2014

Gov. Mark Dayton may be the biggest Pollyanna in politics. On Saturday, the governor heard from the Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Omar Ishrak, that the company was planning to spend $42....

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Jun-26-14 4:18 PM

Do you mean Boulder Colorado ??? Well, you did mention stoned...

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Jun-26-14 4:18 PM

Avoice: I don't think it's appropriate for you to refer to Puke as having little rocks. And, never mind what Puke inhales.

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Jun-26-14 1:43 PM

Some posters on here are like little rocks who get stoned wanting to become boulder.

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Jun-26-14 7:54 AM


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Jun-26-14 7:53 AM

Svensota is involved. The reasonable debate and serious conversation has now come to a clos on this thread.

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Jun-25-14 10:52 PM

Speaking of a Republican run Congress...

The percentage of respondents saying they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in each institution, according to Gallup (June 5-8, 2014):

The military....74%

The police...53%

The Supreme Court...30%

The presidency...29%

The public schools...26%

The criminal justice system...23%


And, (tah-dah), CONGRESS...7%

Imagine, the presidency four times greater than Congress.

(I was just kidding about my 14%. I'm sure it's much, much higher. At least 16 or 17%.)


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Jun-25-14 5:46 PM


Do you think our government makes this "wealth inequality" better or worse for the average American ?

Despite all of the official measures we've taken to level the playing field we've never achieved any measurable success in this endeavor to give everyone the same net worth. In fact the gap has only gotten worse during Obama's time as president. Don't worry I know the answer - it's all the fault of that terrible Republican run congress.

The reality is wealth is created by opportunity. President Obama has done nothing for people to improve their situations unless you consider those becoming dependents of the state as an improvement. His reckless spending has drastically eroded the average American's purchasing power, however.

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Jun-25-14 5:32 PM

Ah, the 50's....Eisenhower, investment in the interstate system, a 1956 GOP platform calling for federally assisted construction, equal pay for women, protection of the right of workers to organize unions, extending protection of minimum wage laws to as many workers as possible, protect by law the assets of employee benefit plans...actual moderate republicans.

Sign me up.

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Jun-25-14 4:18 PM

....and DeerHunt makes an excellent point. If you have any kind of retirement account you most likely hold shares in these corporations that you hate. Would any of you take less distribution from your account to stand on principle? I don't think so. You should meet with your broker and have him/her put you into something you feel comfortable about Solyndra...oh wait..

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Jun-25-14 3:59 PM

Aunty can begin redistributing her/his assets to the poor children coming over the border. Isn't that in line with your ideals? I have no envy for anyone who is more wealthy than me. Sounds like socialism is more of I want what he has. Hands off!

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Jun-25-14 8:54 AM

Exactly my point. You and your ilk are still fighting battles that were won a long time ago. No matter how much we spend or how good it gets, it is never enough.

Here is an old battle you can fight, Auntydem. The battle against diseases that we have conquered that are being brought into this country by unscreened illegal immigrants. I guess in that sense, your party wants to put us back in the 50's.

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Jun-25-14 8:32 AM

1905…no minimum wage, no Department of Labor, child labor, company stores, pollution unchecked, Ayn Rand was born…, thanks. Sound more like your year.

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Jun-25-14 7:20 AM

Ohhhh, I get it now. Kinda like the global warming thing is not about temperature. Thank you Auntydem for the business lesson.

So, a more socialist, redistributionist United States government will make sure the whole world has their wealth spread around so everyone is happy?

I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony... C'mon, you know the words. Sing it with me.

Here's an idea. Let Hillary Clinton start with her $200,000,000 net worth. When it is equally distributed, I will jump onboard the euphoria bandwagon.

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Jun-24-14 10:14 PM

Inequality is not about wages, it's about wealth. Global wealth is spread very unevenly, with the richest 10% owning 86% of the wealth. The top 1% alone own 46% percent of all global assets. Those wage earners are not in there. (Credit Suisse Research Institute)

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Jun-23-14 10:36 PM

The Bureau of labor Statistics ranking of 840 job types in 2013 showed that 12 of the top 13 mean wages by job type were in the medical profession. #9, behind 8 medical professional jobs was "Company Chief Executive". So, tell me again how those who run companies in this country are to blame for all of our ills and our income inequality.

I do love the fact that this thread has exposed how ignorant people are about how corporations operate. Maybe you can buy a ticket to one of Hillary's $250k a pop speeches on the matter.

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Jun-23-14 2:37 PM

There is only one way to get wages up, supply and demand. With the recession lingering on it has been, it is an employer market. Pre-recession it was an employee market , people were switching jobs for more pay all the time. With the economy as it has been ,business slow ,business's are reluctant to pay more than they have to. When business is busy they have to compete for workers through benefits , wages and perks. Having an influx of illegal immigrants also puts pressure on the labor market , these people are willing to work for less than the average American worker. There is a lot more to employee pay than setting a minimum wage. You also talk about greedy shareholders , hope you don't hold any stocks in your retirement plan.

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Jun-23-14 1:46 PM

Auntydem is pretty much right on the money. Pun intended. Check out the poor and middle class in Ireland. Not so pretty. See how long they have been in a recession, not so pretty, and the gov't could not help as they did not have the money to increase spending. Let us be real here, anytime you have an entity, that's only responsibility is to its shareholders, you definitely need regulations to control the greed.

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Jun-20-14 9:54 AM

Aunteydem, your point of view comes from ignorance of reality. Companies cannot compete if all they hire are low skilled, low wage employees who do not have enough self esteem to demand what they are worth. Medtronic does not employ 1,000 brilliant, highly paid people and 45,000 useful idiots to do their bidding. They have quality and value expectations of every employee, from the CEO to the maintenance staff, and everyone is paid accordingly.

I don't know why they call your politics "Progressive", you all seem to want to live in 1905.

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Jun-20-14 9:02 AM

"What humanity they have comes from the people who control them."

By "people who control them" you do include our government ? Wages & benefits, worker safety, pollution, energy consumption, natural resources, taxes, product safety, transportation, storage, importing & exporting, labeling....

All of these and I'm sure many more are controlled by our government on a federal, state, and local level. So the notion you are trying to put forward that corporations operate unfettered is quite disingenuous. There are numerous checks and balances in place to ensure these evil corporations don't run roughshod over our land and people.

When the overreaching actions of our government reach a critical mass some corporations will pack up and leave when they've determined enough is enough.

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Jun-19-14 7:57 PM

Of course corporations are not people. They exist for profit. That is not a bad thing. Mostly that’s a good thing. But that lack of humanity is why they must be regulated. Their bottom line demands low wages & benefits for workers, spending less on safety, polluting at will, using up resources – doing whatever it takes. What humanity they have comes from the people who control them. Corporations benefit from things that taxpayers and government provide. Only tropical tax havens and the most oil rich nations have 0% corporate taxes. Workers provide labor, get wages, but also pay taxes. Corporations provide wages, make profit, and pay taxes.

In the all or nothing conservative view, just lowering the corporate rate will never be enough, but lower wages are another story. Anyone who thinks corporations should pay anything hates corporations and wants to take all their money. That all or nothing view must be the reason sarcasm gets taken seriously.

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Jun-19-14 7:47 PM

Yes. Because that's how it works GopherGenius.

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Jun-19-14 6:17 PM

The shareholders will end up paying a lot of money in taxes when this deal goes through. How nice of the company to do that to it's investors.

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Jun-19-14 5:43 PM

Aren't corporations people?

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Jun-19-14 10:27 AM

What I find most perplexing about the liberal mindset is the way they take ownership of other people's money. As long as anyone is making a dime more than they deem appropriate they feel it is their place to devise a scheme to take it.

Aunty - let me clarify for you. Corporations aren't a he or a she they are an "it". I'm sure you can more easily rationalize your position if you attempt to portray human characteristics to corporations. Despite what Mitt Romney might say they don't have any. They exist to maximize value to their owners. Taxes to them are merely an expense just like buying office supplies. If Staples will give them a better price for paper clips they will drop Office Max in a heart beat. So a move to Ireland is just like changing paperclip suppliers.

Despite what you might think they don't exist merely to fund our government.

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Jun-19-14 9:32 AM

Medtronic better make this deal go through this year. I'm betting congress is going to close the loophole that allows these inversion buyouts which allow companies like Medtronic to have its "headquarters" in Europe.

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