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Pope, bishop are easy targets

May 15, 2014

To the editor: What’s the link here: columnist Cal Thomas calls for Pope Francis to sell the Vatican’s artworks and give the money away, and local editorialists are offended that the Diocese of New......

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May-21-14 12:16 PM

Thats unreal JReader, I wonder how much our property tax is going to go up?? Oh wait,,,,,to be continued

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May-21-14 9:36 AM

$250,000.00 per office sounds more like a Pentagon project.

I guess they could argue that the diocese spiritual security is at risk and therefore the cost is justified. That sort of argument always works for the military.

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May-20-14 10:12 PM

It aint 7.5 million, just sayin

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May-20-14 5:49 PM

caresabout- Mankato Free Press article - 25 -30 offices,7 1/2 million dollars divided by 30 offices equals $250,000 a piece . Even if you figure common areas and lavatories , kitchen area that seems very expensive. I've talked to a lot of parishioners that say they won't donate again , they feel it was to extravagant, these are the people you will have to convince next time you want money, not me. For something that is not usually open to the general public such as the church ,it does seem rather fancy . This is just my opinion , please convince me otherwise how that much money is needed for office space that is not used on a daily basis. Or are there 25-30 employees up there on a daily basis , doesn't seem like that many cars?

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May-20-14 1:14 PM

hey deerhunt where did you get that figure? how many offices is that? is that all thats in the building? offices? No other rooms at all? No restrooms? wow guess they should have put that stuff in too

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May-20-14 10:57 AM

$250,000 per office , not extravagant?

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May-19-14 9:54 PM

Or, my favorite Gandhi quote:

"I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet."

Or, maybe snivel thought he said, "I will not let anyone walk through my world with their dirty minds."

Close enough.

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May-19-14 2:01 PM

I completely agree with careaboutsnivel Gandhi almost correct quote "be the change you want to see in the world." I believe this goes hand in hand with Pope Francis wanting a church that is poor for the poor.

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May-19-14 10:17 AM

people in this community are just always looking for something to gripe about. All you ever hear is New Ulm is dying, New Ulm is and old community, New Ulm doesn't have any good paying jobs. Then when someone builds something, the rats come scurrying out from under there hiding spots and blather about how much money is being spent. All in the name of self righteous chest pounding, "Surely Not I ?" take a good look at yourselves in the mirror and answer are you really acting the way you know you should? Its always easier to fall in lock step with the crowd and start throwing stones when it looks like thats the popular thing to do. Hopefully when this is all done, those people will move on and stop the criticism of things in this community and start to work to make things better. After all it was Ghandhi who said, "Be the change you want to see in the world"

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May-18-14 1:31 PM

Maybe if they channeled their financial resources into lowering the cost of tuition at their PreK-12 schools, the money would be better spent.

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May-18-14 12:01 PM

Good letter. I'm amused that people who don't know half the story have so much criticism to dish out against the Catholic Church. Amused? No, a better word is saddened. Things just ain't always the way they appear to be (Mansion on the hill? That's almost funny.)

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May-16-14 3:54 PM

Will the Diocese of New Ulm pay property taxes on their new building ? If it is like any other church building then they won't. So when you say it doesn't cost the tax payers anything that is not totally true. Any other non-church building on that site would pay property taxes. So the rest of us pay a little extra so they don't have to.

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May-16-14 9:18 AM

Not at all Fischer, keep swatting off those 1000 dollar checks for Guatemala, very nice to see people like you supporting the mission in San Lucas!

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May-16-14 8:29 AM

All organizations, religious or secular, profit or non-profit, struggle with where to allocate resources. 12 years ago I had my first view of the New Ulm Diocese. My reaction? What a dump. That building must cost a ton in utilities (and in NU everything costs a ton in utility bills!). The leadership knew they would be criticized. Yet, without being involved in anyway with the Catholic church, I am sure their leaders did numerous ROI studies and determined they are money-ahead if they built. BTW, I don't think taxpayers will pay for it like I have to with Twins and Vikings stadiums.

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May-16-14 6:33 AM

So by your reasoning if I were to give $1,000 to a church fundraiser for the poor in Guatamala that would be less than a dollar per person in that country so why do it.

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May-15-14 11:40 PM

1 billion hindus in India and 1.2 billion Chinese could care what the Catholics build in New Ulm.

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May-15-14 9:17 PM

I didn't realize that it houses the diocese's legal department.

Are you sure you built it big enough?

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May-15-14 8:56 PM

If we sold all the best artwork in New Ulm it would be worth $11.25

No, really.

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May-15-14 6:07 PM

Great letter

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