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Catholic presence need not be showy

May 13, 2014

To the editor: In reply to Mr Dulka’s letter, May 2, 2014 I think you were doing a fine job of explaining the need for a new Chancery, that is until your attack on Ms. Guggisberg....

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May-16-14 9:14 AM

mnsota, the catholic church is not putting up the pastoral center, the Diocese Of New Ulm is putting up the building, the building is owned by the people, who donated the money to pay for it

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May-16-14 1:42 AM

Snivel, the college is not putting up the apartment building. They worked with a developer, who is putting up the apartment building. The building will not be owned by the college.

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May-15-14 5:41 PM

Very nicely said JReader.

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May-15-14 4:39 PM

The leaders are the stewards of the money donated to the church. Is this the absolute best use of this donated money ? A new building may have been needed; but at this cost ? I ask myself would Jesus rejoice at the sight of this new building or would he weep because another elderly couple was found living in their car this past week in our area ?

Some people think that constructing fancy new buildings measure the committed faith of a church. The real measure is what we do with the gifts that God bestows upon us. For many seeing a large new building sitting on the hill makes them feel devout. I guess knowing an elderly couple has a roof over their heads is a better measure of devotion.

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May-15-14 12:14 PM

Like to thank Agitprop for the heads up on Dorothy Day and the CWM. Found it very interesting reading. Having completed 12 years of Catholic education, I learned this much, the Catholic church likes men and hates women. It survival is based off of pageantry, which us human beings tend to gravitate towards, thus the ability to scam us humans with totally crazy stuff like virgin births, men only as leaders etc. The big building on the hill fits right in with this notion. Understanding more and more this statement attributed to Gandhi, " I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

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May-15-14 10:39 AM

Im starting to think agitprop is just another prop name for the other acid tripper that comments here

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May-15-14 9:11 AM

Why is AgitProp trying so hard to get us to look up Catholic Worker Movement? CWM from its beginning was in bed with the Communist Party up in the Iron Range, specifically the Duluth/Superior area. The heart of the Communist Party in the US was Minnesota. Remember Gus Hall, their perennial presidential candidate? Minnesota born and raised. CWM is the tool the communists used to infiltrate the Catholic faith and to begin to change the church. Maybe CWM would not change official church doctrine and practice, although Vatican II was pretty successful for the liberals, rather, CWM wanted to change the hearts of the parishioners. If the church came along for the ride, all the better. Do not drink the AgitProp kool-aid; it is spiritual suicide. Do as Mary did, treasure and ponder on your Savior Jesus Christ in your heart, your soul, and your mind.

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May-14-14 9:51 PM

The college buildings are tastefully done.

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May-14-14 6:38 PM

Again I ask you " why do you care" do you think your contribution is being used foolishly? Not a word was said when the college put up their chapal, not a word is said when the college puts up their new apartment complex, where did that money come from? answer? from the people that donated to it. Where did the money for the pastoral center come from? From the people who donated it, which as I've stated earier what you see is only 50 % of what was donated, the other 50 percent went back to the individual parishes for their own projects, or wherever they wanted to use it. My screen name, my God, my checkbook, my love of my organized religion, has nothing to with anything relavant to this schoolyard bickering that has been going on here. Again, if it doesnt affect you, if you didnt pay for it, "Why do you care"?

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May-14-14 1:32 PM

just kind of curious how big of pledge did you commentors give to the new building? Including the folks who wrote editorials in the paper? whats that? oh you would never contribute? Then why in Blanks name do you care how big it is? You all need to take some medication and move on.

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May-14-14 12:58 AM

Just putting something out there but isn't Herman Monument on a hillside sort of like the new Chancery building.Maybe with the great view of New Ulm the Catholic church can rebuild their image.

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May-13-14 7:59 AM


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May-13-14 12:29 AM

Religion is a waste of money and a scam any way you look at it!(Do the research),If you need to believe in somebody then believe in yourself.

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