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Press White House on Benghazi

May 7, 2014

Defenders of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deride every new attempt to get to the bottom of the September 2012 attack on the U.S....

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May-12-14 6:53 PM

Agitprop: I looked everywhere on the NYT site for the article about the lady that walked, talked and crawled on her belly--but couldn't find it.

Maybe you were thinking about the largest newspaper in Minnesota. They print that kind of stuff every once in a while.

**** (Whatever that means).

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May-12-14 12:50 AM

Agitprop: I always do whatever you tell me to do, so I went to the NYT site and read the Opinion piece about "Center Ring At The Republican Circus".

Holy-moly. Shocking. Absolutely a stunner.

I learned so much, I had to see what Paul Krugman wrote in the same section, on the same day. Turns out, he was lambasting the GOPpers about "Crazy Climate Economics". Imagine that!

Two pretty dang good articles--the kind you NEVER see in The Journal.

I wonder why.

Thanks for being ever-alert, agitprop.

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May-11-14 11:02 PM

That would be a good thing if the Keystone project went away, asking with the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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May-11-14 8:57 PM

Democrats just do not care that the truth or justice come to light or prevail on this topic. They would like this to disappear just like the keystone pipeline.

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May-10-14 4:35 AM

I just can't understand why this debate over the Benghazi attack continues. Everyone knows by now that it was caused by a video--and George Bush made it!

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May-09-14 2:10 PM

Three disagrees (so far)!!!

How could anyone possibly disagree with such absolute truths.

The mind boggles.

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May-08-14 11:12 PM

Randi: The NYT is never wrong, nor am I.

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May-08-14 8:37 PM

hey sven: get with the times. it's now call climate change because no one cared about "warming". 10,000 years ago minnesota was covered in ice. wondered what the cavemen were doing back then to cause the ice to melt.. seriously, i do realize that new industrialized countries (india, china etc) are putting a lot of crap in the air. My daughter, the science teacher, says the earth has natural changes in climate since it was formed. humans, lately, have sped up the process. not sure what i believe.

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May-08-14 2:13 PM

JR: On the national things-to-worry-about list, Benghazi is somewhere around #178. But, by all means, go ahead and spend a lot of time and money on it, GOPpers.

Hey, did anyone see the latest scientific report on global warming? It made the front page of the NYT in multiple colors.

Nah, probably not. I'm sure you righties still think it's all made up by liberal pinheads.

Drip, drip. Krrr-splash. Glub-glub.

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May-08-14 12:24 PM

There were some 40+ attacks on our embassies over the last 52 some years. After reading these comments, I do believe, I can tell who watches and never fact checks Faux news. As far as I know Faux has not really covered any of these other attacks,with such vigor. Wonder why?

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May-08-14 11:07 AM


It is true that congress did give the Administration less money than asked for in FY 2011 and the house was then controlled by Republicans. But it was still more than 2010 when the house was run by the Democrats.

So, this slashing the budget claim is unfounded.

Also, please explain how this lack of supposed money to the State Department would have impacted Benghazi which was a facility run by the CIA ?

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May-08-14 10:51 AM

They cut funding for diplomatic missions.

And five disagrees? Typical conservatives. Thankfully you're a dying breed around Southern Minnesota.

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May-08-14 10:03 AM

Ah yes the Republicans voted to slash the budget lie...

For starters, Benghazi was a CIA facility you know run by and funded by the CIA. So any money approved or not approved by congress Republican or otherwise for Embassies didn't really matter. Two things stick with me. One, why could Washington get drones on sight in a little over an hour after the attack started but no other military assets that could have thwarted the attack ? The attack lasted over seven hours and two of the four killed came during the rescue attempt the next day. Second, why did the CIA chief in Tripoli have to charter (bribe) a private flight to Benghazi to rescue the remaining 30+ Americans ?

I know you can sleep over this Sven because you take Hillary at her word when she says "What difference does it make ? I expect a little more than that from our government.

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May-08-14 8:12 AM

The government spent tons of money and time on investigating the Major League Baseball's use of steroids!! I don't think a little time and money spent on committee's for the death of 4 people the govt was responsible for is, and an incident that seems to have layers like an onion is too out of line.

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May-08-14 7:06 AM

Sven ,I'm sure the families that lost their loved ones there don't share your sentiment. They would like to know why we never sent help , or why the Whitehouse continued the phony story for 3 weeks. If Hillary wants to run for president , they need to clear this up, she was in charge.

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May-07-14 11:00 PM




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May-07-14 6:07 PM

Bush is retired and the Republicans are not in charge ,Obama is president and Hillary was Sec. of State at the time. That argument is tired and needs to be put to bed. I would like to know why 3 weeks later they were still selling the video story when it was known immediately that it was a terrorist attack. Also would like to know why we never sent any help when they were under attack , even though the attack lasted 7 hours. Should we not have sent in a team to secure the area knowing that we might have sensitive documents and to bring the bodies home? Seems like politics came before doing the right thing. We should have sent forces in to secure the embassy even if the attack was over.

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May-07-14 3:31 PM

What's weird is that this editorial failed to mention that Republicans voted to slash security for diplomatic embassies. Or the embassy attacks that happened under Bush.

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May-07-14 3:20 PM

I can only hope the GOPpers keep at it on Benghazi and get to the bottom...way to the bottom...then find themselves trying to win in November with...nothin'. Nothin' that nobody cares about nohow anyways.


How about that spiffy Affordable Care Act!?

I love a Cinderella story. Just love it!

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