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Resents denigration of Obama

April 17, 2014

To the editor: I resent the contant denigration of our president on your editorial pages....

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Apr-17-14 8:48 AM

I agree completely Mr. Brand.

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Apr-17-14 9:26 AM

I also agree with Mr. Brand!

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Apr-17-14 9:30 AM

Where does the Journal come up with these columnists?

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Apr-17-14 10:43 AM

One seems to take the view of a very narrow definition of denigration in writing such a letter. I believe the paper has been questioning the policies, actions, and or lack of action in governing this country for the sake of all people of this country. When 61% of the country feel he is "somewhat untruthful to completely untruthful" such a habit has to be exposed and allow the people to make up their own mind.

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Apr-17-14 11:04 AM

"You can keep your health insurance!" LIAR. If the author and those agreeing with him are implying they never "denigrated" Bush, whom I detest, or Reagan then you are like the president when he talks about my health insurance.

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Apr-18-14 8:29 AM

I kept my health insurance.

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Apr-18-14 2:33 PM

nothing more than a sample of what America is like today, "I want mine" "its not my fault" " why should I have to work for nice things?" " I want what you have but not at a price" Sooner or later people will wake up and see what the USA has become, and the pendulum will swing the other way. We can only hope

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Apr-19-14 5:31 AM

Funny, 3 disagrees that I kept my health insurance. This isn't a popularity contest.

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Apr-19-14 9:20 PM

If you go back and read any of the newspapers from before 1900 you will find a vitriolic, biased and slanderous press. The concept of presenting both sides of an issue were unknown then, let alone anything that sought to be fair or balanced.

The Journal is just upholding a more traditional view of journalism. That they have a worldview a century out of sync shouldn't surprise anyone.

What's even more surprising is that we even have a newspaper printed on...paper.

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Apr-20-14 9:08 PM

Newspaper editorial pages tend to lean toward whoever owns/publishes the paper. The New York Times, LA times etc all lean left. in fact, most of the media leans left with the exception of a few. i'm talking major markets in the country...not markets like the Journal. As an independent, I like listening to both sides but i would really like to find a publication that is factual because you don't get the truth no matter which way you lean...everyone has an thing I do find irritating are the TV hosts on msnbc...they always have this little smirk when they report. what's that all about? Just give me the facts.

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Apr-21-14 5:06 PM

RandiOne: What, you prefer the smirks on Foxy Babes Network instead? At least the MSNBC commentators aren't tarted-up to look like Vegas hookers.

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Apr-21-14 8:01 PM

i really don't care what the news reporters look like...all I want is factual information. All news organizations are either slanted right or left...that's what bothers me.

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Apr-21-14 11:46 PM

Svensota, seeing your comments about foxy babes makes one wonder if your interests lie with the prunes of The View. As far as MSNBC, one has a distinction problem there.

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Apr-22-14 12:05 AM

Randi: Well, there's PBS and the BBC. Try them. They play it fairly straight.

Most news organizations are owned by companies (people) with a point-of-view. A swell example is Rupert Murdock. I wouldn't wrap fish in the papers he publishes, and his television network reeks of far right trash.

I wonder, have we made Rupert a citizen yet, as a token of our gratitude? He's given us so much eye candy, it's the least we should do for him.

Then again, CBS, NBC and ABC aren't far behind in the stinko category. Is there anyone who can stand to listen to Diane "I'm SO Sincere" Sawyer?

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Apr-22-14 12:16 AM

Prunes? Now, now, Avoice. Be gentle.

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Apr-22-14 3:42 PM

Agitprop: Great post. But, you left out a few "assaults". Here, let me help:

Women (Are they still around, complaining?)

Gays (Oh, "them".)

Immigrants (Better known as illegal humans.)

The poor (It's all their own gosh-darn fault.)

The unemployed (Them, too.)

Wisconsinites (Well, they get some right, sometimes.)

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Apr-22-14 4:03 PM

Obama hasn't lived up to the potential he promised when he was first elected. He was going to re-invent Washington. He was going to change the way things were done. "Post-partisanship" was a term he coined.

Those who still defend him will quickly blame it on "the other side". yawn...

Face it, Obama is as big a failure as Bush. I for one am sick and tired of being treated like a piece of tug-of-war rope by our two corrupt political parties.

I'm sure you extremist types will disagree but it's obvious to anyone with half a lick of sense this is no way to run a country.

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Apr-22-14 6:04 PM

JR: As near as I can tell, President Obama neither started two disastrous wars nor gave a gigantic kick-start to The Great Recession.

You are trying to equate "horrendous failure"(W) with "mildly successful" (O).

T'aint so.

And, there are a whole bunch of respected, knowledgable, contemporary historians who will back me up on that one.

By the way, do you exclude yourself from being an "extremest type"?

Just curious.

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Apr-22-14 6:51 PM

New Ulm's resident, and always available Com Symp calling our president "mildly successful" is telling, very telling.

Sven, it must be a huge moral dilemma for you watching Putin and Obama tussle. Kinda like watching your brothers go at it. You love 'em both, and you know they both want the same thing, they just can't seem to get along.

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Apr-22-14 8:27 PM

Puke: It's the truth as I see it, it's not "telling". President Obama is no Winston Churchill, but he also is no "W". I rate him higher than Clinton, lower than George Herbert Walker Bush (imagine that!), higher than Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Ford, and every bit the equal of Reagan (that should get ya' goin').

As for "Corn Symp" says more about you than me, fella.

Best wishes.

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Apr-22-14 10:28 PM

agitprop - the only item missing from your post was " come on, lets have a group hug". Democracy, the old fashioned way, was to listen to all ideas, select the combination of many ideas,convince the people of the right idea and to respect those who disagreed. Your democracy is taken from your mentor, who has little respect for his opposition while declaring so publicly but then says we must come together to get whatever done. Your brand of democracy is power, not respect. By the way, you continue to lose the argument every time you label people with a derogatory name. You can't seem to distinguish between criticism of the President's policies and those of his character - you seem to label all as an attack on President Obama personally. While he is a good person, his policies leave a trail of broken promises and utter failures of his own making amid his lack of responsibility and accountability.

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Apr-22-14 10:34 PM

Svensota- better make an eye appointment or put the wine away. R2P posted Com Symp , not "Corn Symp". Is that some new government agency created by the EPA or the BLM? ;<)

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Apr-22-14 11:13 PM

Avoice: Excellent advice. I'm calling the optometrist first thing in the rnorning.

Huh? A "communist sympathizer" who thinks George Herbert Walker Bush was a pretty dang good president. Go figure.

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Apr-23-14 9:32 AM

I'll put my 2 cents in: Prez O. is a great politician, but a terrible leader. He only leads when it's popular or advantageous to his agenda. Take a hard look at his 2 terms and the timing of his stands and decisions. His newest "lead" is to push immigration in time for the November election to try to buy back the votes his party's going to lose due to ACA. Again, great strategist for political gain, but a terrible leader for the country as a whole.

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Apr-23-14 2:44 PM

Oh, woe is us.

Things have never been so terrible. Right?

Here are some numbers that might explain the vast difference in attitudes on this site.

I give you the recent Gallup Poll numbers.

Approval ratings:

Republicans: 7%, down from 12% a few months ago.

Democrats: 78%, up from 72% a few months ago.

Independents: Holding at around 35%

Average for all presidents since polling started: 55%

Average for 21st century presidents: 49%

Average for President Obama, all years: 48%

If you're a grumpy GOPper, the country is doomed. If you're an enlightened Democrat, all is peaches and cream.

Yummy! More, please.

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