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The problems with surrogacy

April 11, 2014

To the editor: Surrogacy brokers, such as Steven Snyder, and their network of carefully groomed surrogates would have you believe that surrogacy is a beautiful process where everyone wins....

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Apr-14-14 10:01 PM

I have to ask the question, Has Mr Adkins read the legislation that is being proposed? If he has, he would know that the proposed legislation is not protecting the business of surrogacy, it is protecting the individuals involved in surrogacy: Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates. There is current legislation that protects Sperm Donors. Can women not be protected in the same way as men? Are we going backwards in history where women have less rights?

Mr Adkins also suggests that you "Follow the money." Again, Mr Adkins needs to do better research. The proposed legislation will SAVE Intended Parents additional legal expense post delivery. If the Intended Parents are saving money, that suggests the attorneys are making less money with the legislation they are proposing and supporting.

I am proud to have helped complete 2 families as their surrogate. I was babysitting pre-birth. I DID NOT give my child away. I gave the child I carried back to her parents to raise.

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Apr-14-14 4:59 PM

I find articles and blogs like this to be offensive on many levels and the information gathered very limited. How many surrogates have you spoken to or do you know? How many traditional surrogates? How many gestational surrogates? How many that you've "interviewed" (for I truly doubt that happened, especially in a broad respect) had a contract in place and very intensive and specific screening done? I am a gestational surrogate and very proud of it. I've been blessed to help create families and bring into the world very much loved and wanted children, whose parents desperately wanted them, but were unable to on their own. I wasn't treated like a "vessel" in any manner, but very much like a member of their families. I've experienced my own personal infertility and know the pain and heartache that comes with it. That I'm now in a position to be able to help someone else that has experienced the same is important to me. This isn't "buying a baby", but a stro

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Apr-14-14 4:02 PM

Baby selling? One wonders whether Mr. Adkins' opinion of adoption is similar to his opinion of surrogacy. Both are legitimate avenues for hopeful parents to create a family. Surrogacy agreements, much like adoption agreements, protect the surrogate and intended parents alike. If you have ever seen a couple united with their child for the first time or met a woman willing to selflessly carry their baby, you would understand what a gift that surrogacy really is. That there is cost involved in the process does not tarnish the beauty of the birth of a child so greatly wanted any more than the cost of adoption could taint the joy of bringing that child home.

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Apr-11-14 1:34 PM

I haven't read or heard of many cases in Minnesota where surrogacy was a problem.....where the surrogate wanted to keep the baby for herself. This is a wonderful option for childless couples to explore. If you ever had problems conceiving or wanted a child you would understand the need for this option. I admire the women who go through 9 months of pregnancy to help another couple out. If they get paid for what? Why is it always men who have a problem with things like this? And why is it always seem to be Catholics? The bible says be fruitful and multiply. It doesn't give retrictions that I'm aware of.

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