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Obama doesn’t know how power works

March 21, 2014

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and many other world leaders know how to use power. They understand diplomacy, military might and economics. Some use their personalities to exert pressure....

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Mar-21-14 8:08 AM

What do you want War??

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Mar-21-14 9:29 AM

So let me see if I understand your editorial policy-whatever obama does is bad, and you have no solutions whatsoever to the problem. Got it.

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Mar-21-14 11:01 AM

One does not want to go to war but I will disagree President Obama has the right policies or even the right enforcement or lack thereof. Diplomacy has not been working since the Arab Spring which while some praise the annihilation of several leaders only created greater unrest and tension in the region. Starting with Syria and the failed policies there only increased the growing aggressiveness of Putin and Russia. IMHO, when the Ukraine and Crimea were threatened several battleships and a carrier would have supported the "red" line which had been drawn but has subsequently slowly being erased and is turning into a movable/erasable "pink" line. Diplomacy will not work with this kind of world "leader". We have no world law regarding bullying - you have to up your stance to combat such action by possibly you yourself having to become a bully. Sanctions have a possibility of working as the Russian economy and particularly that of Crimea are much worse than o

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Mar-21-14 11:02 AM

Zorro , the problem is the Republicans are not in charge ,Bush has long since retired. It's what are the Democrats going to do? You keep deferring to what are the Republicans ideas , obviously the Democrats must be out of ideas. Your the party in charge ,act like it ,show leadership, you might win back the independent vote. If Obama isn't serious about doing something about Russia , he would be better served to stay quiet. Putin is a very formidable opponent for anyone, showing weakness is something he will exploit.

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Mar-21-14 11:06 AM

ff than that of the US but could have a negative effect on the fragile world economy. We are in a conundrum which I feel the US maybe following the leader rather than the US being the leader and being heard. And such a position is not in the best interests of this country.

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Mar-21-14 12:27 PM

deer-Obamas actions have so far caused the russian stock market to tank and ours to go up-So far-so good-you seem to advocate for smaller government and yet when obama tries to make gov smaller by not jumping into wars where we don't belong he gets critisized. You make me think of an old LBJ quote "If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: 'President Can't Swim.' I trully believe if Obama had sent warships you would accuse him of sticking his nose where it didn't belong

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Mar-21-14 2:09 PM

Zorro , once again , what is your solution, or is it let Russia do what it wants and deal with them at a later point once they have assembled a massive army we can't stop . Please give some valid ideas for your fearless leader , what he is doing is not working.

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Mar-21-14 2:13 PM

He is doing what needs to be done-sanctions-diplomacy and economic pressure-why is ot our job to be the worlds police? If you want smaller government why do advocate for war?

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Mar-21-14 2:34 PM

Zorro , once again , I did not say go to war. What Obama is doing is not working. Why should we be the worlds police, evil only succeeds when good men do nothing. A strong leader could bring the U.N. together and create a strong world enforcement body , it would not be the U.S. alone and that is the way it should be . The good people should stand up for the weaker ones that are unable to defend themselves from characters such as Putin. Putting our head in the sand will cost us later. Obama's sanctions are weak at best , diplomacy has been a joke, they are actually laughing at us. European nations are reluctant cause they get there energy from Russia, which we could supply them if Obama would allow CNG ports to be built. We are so worried about an owl or frog, when we could make players like Putin obsolete. We could totally crumble his economy by exporting the energy to these nations, plus the windfall to our economy. More sanctions and diplomacy won't make Putin stop.

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Mar-21-14 2:43 PM

What does smaller government have to do with war? The smaller government I would like has to do with letting me make my own decisions on healthcare, retirement, less tax and regulation and other items such as those.

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Mar-21-14 2:44 PM

deer-the russian market is down and banks are in trouble due to his sanctions-so you are saing we should have intervened in 1920 when the red army took over crimea? And should we lead the charge in somalia? Syria? Rwanda? Zimbabwe? What about North Korea? And you are arguing for a greater role in the UN?

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Mar-21-14 2:46 PM

so deerhunt-you want smaller governemnt when it is for you but want the rest of us to pay for your dreams of aggression? And since the military is the biggest part of our budget it has everything to do with smaller government.

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Mar-21-14 7:03 PM

Let me see if I've got this straight...

Other world leaders "understand power" but President Obama does not understand power.

Just what is "understand power". (Is that like "double secret probation"? You know what it is, but we just can't tell you?)

Other world leaders know how to use military might and diplomacy but President Obama does not.


Ask Osama Bin Laden how his headache is.

Check out how many divisions of U.S armor are bogged down in Egypt or Libya or Syria.

Or, how many trillions have been spent lately on inept wars of Neocon adventurism?

Here's my favorite: Other world leaders understand economics.


This editorial is pure gibberish. The bigger question is, who writes this stuff? Hopefully, it's mailed in from West Virginia, and it's not home grown.

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Mar-21-14 7:22 PM

What is wrong with West Virginia?

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Mar-21-14 9:27 PM

Tooold: Google West Virginia chemical spill and you will find a few of the things wrong with that state. The gov there is also asking for more bottled water.

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Mar-21-14 10:17 PM

Obama as a world leader is as pitiful as he is a the President and leader in the US. His own party distinct them selves from him. He and Dayton make a perfect pair, kind of the current day Abbott and Costello.

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Mar-21-14 11:20 PM

Petercakes: Promise me that you'll be the spokesman for the Republicans this fall.

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Mar-21-14 11:50 PM

Imagine if Obama, not deerhunt, said the words “create a strong world enforcement body”. He’s adding the UN to his private army! He’s weak! Agenda 21! Obama's working with Putin to let the UN take over the world! Republicans wouldn’t approve a UN treaty to ban discrimination against people with disabilities. Also against the UN’s Conventions on Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Small Arms Trade, etc. Everyone from Glenn Beck to Ted Cruz (OK, it’s a short trip) warns Agenda 21 is a scheme to seize American property and abolish golf courses, pastures, and paved roads. The UN is evil! Saying so is a great money-maker for campaigns and selling books. A unified response from UN countries is needed, but like everything else it has become part of the GOP’s game that is played both ways – good if Obama doesn’t make it happen, bad if he does. Imagine what good a little unified support behind the president would do in showing strength as a nation. If only we didn’t have to imagine.

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Mar-22-14 11:44 AM

Amen to that, Auntydem.

Oh, wait, "amen", that's too religious. The Founding Fathers, bless 'em (oops), would object, so that must be wrong. Then again, let's all say a prayer in our public schools. No, wait. That's not right. Well, yes it is right, but not left. Oh, shoot. No, don't shoot, but it's okay to have a concealed weapon because it makes ya' feel more manly. Darn tootin'. Is "darn" a swear word? I hope not.

It's all President Obama's fault. He just doesn't understand how swear words work.

I think I'll turn on Fox-TV and see what the bottle-blondes have to say. I'm sure they have it all figured out.

Or, I could just read The Journal. They understand diplomacy, military might, and economics.


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Mar-24-14 8:48 AM

Sven and Aunty , when Bush was president were you two standing behind him and holding your flags high , or is it you have nothing left to defend the current administration so you want the rest of us to quit throwing it in your face ? Sven ,every time you bring up the looks of the women on Fox News ,you are derogatory towards women, I might even think you have waged a war on women. Their looks should have nothing to do with it, they report the news just the same as the women on your favorite channel MSNBC. You maybe dislike their politics ,but the two that are on primetime are both accredited lawyers, so their intellect is hardly in question.

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Mar-24-14 8:58 AM

I actually believe if the U.N were properly organized and used would be a great entity. Using it merely for making statements on gun control and global warming,arguments that are controversial is something that could be in a separate entity. Having a military force that steps into conflicts such as Syria , Iran and Crimea would make more sense. It would show unity between countries and lift the burden off of the U.S.and bring more power and authority to the U.N. There are situations such as Syria where thousands of people are being killed and the world sits back and does nothing, this reflects poorly on all of us regardless of politics. The U.S. can't handle all of these situations ourselves, we need someone to stand up and organize the U.N. into something more than it currently is. It would be a lot easier and save lives by handling these situations head on instead of letting them fester.

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Mar-24-14 10:03 AM

According to Zorro as long as the stock market keeps going up "all is well" and we need not worry what is going on with the rest of the world.

Nobody wants war, but I'd settle for some leadership. Putin knows that Obama is a wimp and won't do anything. The magical disappearing red line in Syria is all Putin needs to remember. That, and our jobless recovery also let's Putin know he's not dealing Mr. Wizard when it comes to economics either.

Putin is dealing with a total amateur. Putin will continue to grab as much real estate as he can until the United States puts someone capable back in the White House.

Putin would like nothing better than to rebuild the Soviet Union and Obama is just the guy to let him do it.

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Mar-24-14 2:14 PM

deerhunt: Gosh! The Foxy airheads are "accredited lawyers". That changes everything, as law degrees are a dime a dozen, now.

But, I'll say one thing for you, deerhunt, you're starting to sound like a PC liberal, and that warms my pinko heart.

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Mar-24-14 3:34 PM

JR: And, what would "someone capable" in the White House do right now? I would love to see your 10-point plan to bring peace, justice and harmony to the Crimea, JR. Or, just a one-point plan will do, if you're caught for some substantive words.

And, by the way, "Mr. Wizard's" country is economically far better off than most of Europe, Russia, Africa, Borneo, and the North Pole. In other words, just about everywhere in this fascinating world. How about that!

Lastly, you might check in with your vast grasp of world affairs, and see how the American people feel right now about manning-up in the Crimea after the...(honk-honk)...Bush Wars. International "wimpery" is rampant in the US of A as a result of "W"s masterstrokes of interventionism. But, if you're all gung-ho, JR, we'll take up a collection here, and send you over to Kiev with your guns and ammo to do the Rambo thing and save the Crimea for the Ukrainians.

Good luck!

Next year in

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Mar-24-14 3:35 PM

Next year in...Uzbekistan!

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