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Drivers made way for ambulance

March 20, 2014

To the editor: It should come as no surprise to hear that New Ulm drivers have their own rules....

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Mar-20-14 10:14 PM

Now only if the New Ulm drivers could follow the laws on the side streets that would be even better :)

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Mar-21-14 10:05 AM

You mean the "law" that north/south traffic has the right of way? Because everyone should just know that? (heavy on sarcasm) :)

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Mar-21-14 10:13 PM

All the old people must have been at home still enjoying their coffee rather than on the road.

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Mar-22-14 11:37 AM

Have you never driven in Mankato Missy or in the cities. Much much worst drivers all over. Why pick on a city you just moved to or don't even live in. Go troll some other newspapers comment section.

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Mar-22-14 3:54 PM

Ohhh Hippie. Being here for 9 years in New Ulm, moving down here from Mlps does give me a tinch of credit to make comments on the drivers.

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Mar-22-14 8:38 PM

Really the drivers from minnesota and the New Ulm area are some of the worst in the country . .

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Mar-23-14 1:39 AM

I pulled over because I thought it was a beer truck. Next time, I'll know better.

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Mar-23-14 10:46 AM

From my experiences, everyone pulls over for emergency vehicles. Some do not see them right away but pull over as soon as they do. That has happened to me. Living in rural Minn., I don't like driving in any big city. As far as the worst drivers in the country, I vote for the East coast drivers, and the West coast drivers come in second. That, of course, is just from my experiences.

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Mar-23-14 10:24 PM

Here are my nominees for the worst drivers, based on my infallible experience...

1. Blondes, ages 18 to 24, smoking cigarettes in small red cars.

2. All Jeep "off road" style vehicles, with canvas tops, driven by men 18 to 78.

3. All Buick Park Avenue drivers in models prior to 2002 (by definition, 60+++ years old and always driving 10 mph under the speed limit).

4. Chevy Suburban drivers texting their brains out anywhere in the Minneapolis suburbs.

5. All teens (16-18), everywhere.

6. Any driver with a gigantic logo decal on the back window of his car.

7. Women who try to drive Corvettes, any year, any color (the car, that is).

So, look out, and be careful. I warned you.

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Mar-24-14 4:48 PM

Sven: my persoanl favorite...the farmers going 30 miles down the highway in their pickups gawking at the crops

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Mar-24-14 10:38 PM

Randi: Easy fella, I rarely go much faster than a nice, safe, 25 mph. And, we slowpokes aren't looking at crops, we're just trying to mop up the boiling coffee we seem to always spill between our legs.

A little patience, please. What's your dang hurry?

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Mar-26-14 1:34 PM

praising the public for following driving 101?? If you can't see or hear an emergency vehicle, then put down your phone, sandwich, turn down the radio, and pay attn.!! Brain dead not to see and pull over for an ambulance!

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