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Pitbulls are not bad dogs

March 8, 2014

To the editor: We are taught from the very beginning to not judge a book by its cover and to give everyone a fair chance, no matter what we are told or think....

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Mar-08-14 5:43 PM

So, what has happened to encourage you to submit this letter telling us how great pitbulls are? Did someone say something negative? I cannot imagine why. I have seen a "great nanny" pit bull, with no prior issues, and a seemingly great family dog latch on to my neighbors cocker spaniel and shake her so hard she partially ripped the spaniels ear off! When the owner tried to separate the dogs the pit just dug in deeper. Our neighbor is upset because they were court ordered to pay the spaniels expenses and she is now listed as a dangerous dog. I would hate to have seen what would have happened is a child had been on the receiving end of those jaws. You can keep the pits...but keep them in your yard!

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Mar-08-14 5:45 PM

Correction...the neighbor is not paying for expenses. Should have read that pits owner is upset to pay for the expenses etc

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Mar-09-14 3:47 AM

I wouldn't mind them being banned from New Ulm. You can call them a good dog all you want, but you don't hear of cases of black labs ripping a kid to sheds. Their bad reputation has been earned. I honestly am surprised that insurance companies dint drop coverage for people with pit bulls.

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Mar-09-14 9:40 AM

A total breed ban is not the answer. What about the Shepard mix that messes up that 4 year old in courtland? Dog don't "just bite", something has to provoke them. I believe it's every owners responsibility to train their animals correctly. If that dog has some sort of issue, to know the triggers before it becomes an issue. It really begins with puppy socialization and continuous exposure. For any breed. This spainial incident. Were both the dogs leashed? Did the spanial bark, growl or otherwise provoke said pit, maybe by entering its yard? Or did it act like a prey item and run away? Why didn't the spaniel owner just pick up their dog? I'm just saying there's usually a bit more when a dog attacks.

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Mar-09-14 9:45 AM

@gopher. For the record, I personally have been bit by a lab.. Yet never a pit. Go figure huh? Usually the media doesn't prey too much on the "family friendly" breeds going bad. But, do a quick Google search. It does show up.

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Mar-09-14 9:52 AM

My goodness, Pit owners are about as annoying as Christians.

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Mar-09-14 10:33 AM

All dogs bite. Pit Bulls bite to kill. They rip you to pieces. They are nothing like labs, collies, retrievers, etc.

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Mar-10-14 12:17 AM

My old neighbor up near my cabin was happily retired doing odd jobs for beer money and conversation. One day he was fixing another neighbors screen door and the neighbors pit bull got out and nearly chewed my neighbors right arm off. Poor guy never worked again and never recovered. He took to scotch..heavily. And, 18 months later he died of liver failure. Or, loneliness.

Wonderful pets, pitbulls.

The pitbull's owner never paid a dime of medical expenses.

And, now, no one speaks to the s.o.b. But, he still has the pitbull.

I miss the old guy. We played a lot of horseshoes.

I never once heard him swear.

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Mar-10-14 8:09 AM

That's sad to say the least. Its owners like that person who make it so easy for other people to judge the breed...

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Mar-10-14 11:10 AM

It's not the breed of dog that is the problem it's their owners. Any dog not properly trained can lead to problems.

The problem the average person has is you don't know when you're walking down the street what kind of training and handling the pit bull you come upon has had. It is one answer you never want to find out the hard way.

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Mar-10-14 3:36 PM

I personally have been bitten by a dog. I startled the dog and the dog reacted. I was at the door to a house, about to knock on the door and a little kid opened the door from the inside at the same time. The dog next to the kid lundged through the screen door and latched onto my leg. The kid screamed, I screamed, and the dog let go. That dog... black lab. When are people going to realize, its not the dogs, its how the dogs are treated, raised, and how accidents happen. Pit Bulls have an unfair target on them. Not all Pits are bad, and some attacks by dogs, of any breed, are simply nothing more than the dog reacting to protecting it's home,or it's family. If we label all blacks, or all whites, or all mexicans it is not different than labeling all Pits. Grow Up People!

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Mar-10-14 3:59 PM

Have any of you people saying that pitbulls are bad dogs, ever owned one? I highly dout it because if you have you would know how loyal and friendly they are. My pitbull is 3 years old and my nephews and neice can pull her ears and tail and pretty much do whatever they want with her and she just sits there and lets them. As well as many other kids that come around her. I have seen many breeds of dogs attack people or other animals, what about these other breeds that do the same thing, they are fine to do this. What am i trying to say is you can judge a breed of dog because of other dogs doing bad, just hate to see people talk bad about an animal you have never had experience with, I have had many breeds of dogs and I am happy to say that the pitbulls I have owned are the best breed I have ever had.

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Mar-10-14 5:28 PM

According to the CDC 62 percent of fatal dog bites between 2005 and 2013 were caused by pit bulls. Rottweilers were a distant second with 11 percent.

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Mar-10-14 5:36 PM

It is hard to disagree with facts like that, Milford.

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Mar-10-14 9:02 PM

Pit bulls never let go, it's said.

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Mar-11-14 8:54 AM

@pitlover.... Seriously? Way to help the stereotype with the last comment. Hopefully I'm not judged by the next person as the "unstable pit owner" seriously are you 12 or just have that mentality? If a little online comment will make you fly off the handle, I'd hate to see what the real world does to you.

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Mar-11-14 10:09 AM

You do realize when you go off on people like that you are only making yourself look bad PitbullLover. Hopefully you feel better now after getting that off your chest but you've only made your cause go backwards.

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Mar-11-14 6:53 PM

The difference between pit bulls and other dogs is they will bite and lock their jaws waiting for their prey to give up and than go for the kill. Pit bull lover I hope your kids never*****off your dog on his bad day because than it wont be so pretty.He might be nice now when your kids pull his ears but one day he wont like that and will bite and lock on.All dogs are unpredictable but Pit bulls are the worst to get bite by.

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Mar-11-14 7:07 PM


Take a break for a few minutes from "bad dogs".

Hit Google and go to: David Brooks, "The Leaderless Doctrine", in today's NYT.

I know, I know, conservatives think Brooks is a liberal, and liberals think Brooks is a conservative, and Brooks thinks he's a moderate.

Regardless, I think you will find this column insightful per some of the issues we fire back and forth at each other. Brooks has a whole different take on what is going on right now, and he may well have it right...or left...or someplace else.

Now...back to pitbulls.

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Mar-12-14 3:08 PM

It was a good read Sven. Thanks for the referral. I kept thinking Arab Spring as I was reading it.

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Mar-12-14 5:09 PM

JR: You're welcome.

Take Brooks' point of view, mix in the low approval of President Obama and all politicians, toss in what some think will be a long-term sluggish economy (10 years or more), and add the dramatic polarization of the rich from "the rest", and you have the makings of something we have never seen before and have no idea of what the outcome will be.

On that note...debating pitbulls is a welcome relief.

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Mar-13-14 10:31 AM

I think you could also attribute the rise (and fall) of the NSA to what is happening in our world right now. Those who think they hold the power are going to do whatever they can to keep it. (Much like a Pitt Bull owner - my sorry attempt to stay on topic) my apologies to all of the faithful and loving Pitt Bull owners out there in Journal-land.

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Mar-14-14 10:03 AM

Before deciding that an entire breed of dog (or any dog that resembles the breed)is evil and should be destroyed, let's look at some facts. One person looked to the CDC for their pitbull bite/bite fatality information. What they failed to read was that the report was written on September 15, 2000 but the bites are ONLY from 1979-1996! It also states that these bites are from 25 different dog breeds and that rottweilers made up 50% of those bites. This goes to show that the pitbull bite information is NOT correct and neither is the rottweiler information. This data was taken from the HSUS...ONE source! *********** If pit bulls are responsible for countless numbers of attacks, maimings and killings, then why are there no information for the number of pit bull bites for 2013 in Minnesota?

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Mar-14-14 10:07 AM

Going back to 2012 the only available Minnesota specific pit bull bite information is from law offices, independent bloggers, or stories of a specific bite or attack only (many stating the dog was off leash or basically being messed with). Dogs have teeth, period! Any dog, any breed, any age, etc can bite. Many dogs from all breeds have irresponsible owners. This does not make the dog bad. Pit bulls also do NOT have lock jaw. They tend to employ the grip and shake method which is why so many people use them for fighting. How many of you knew that the beloved Boston Terrier was originally bred for pit fighting? How many of you grew up with Little Rascals? That dog was a pit bull.

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Mar-14-14 10:13 AM

How many of you are familiar with Sargent Stubby, the first dog to be given rank in the US Armed Forces? He was a pit bull and heavily decorated as a war hero. ******* I have been bit by a black lab. I still love them. I have been bit by a basset hound and I still love them. I have been bit by numbers of small dogs, most often chihuahuas and I still love them as well. Unlike when people attack, dogs always have a reason, regardless of breed.

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