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Empty threats in Ukraine situation

March 4, 2014

U.S. officials’ blustery but empty reaction to Russian intervention in Ukraine sums up failures in foreign policy by President Barack Obama and his administratio....

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Mar-04-14 5:23 PM

Tsk, tsk, those empty gunners Obama and Kerry.

Clearly, the US should implement The Bush Doctrine, and commit 200,000 troops and a trillion dollars to save the Ukraine from Ukrainians and bring a whole bunch more democracy to Russia.

Where is Dick Cheney when we need him?

Should only take a few months, right?

Man up, Obama. Grrrrrr.

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Mar-05-14 7:24 AM

There are only a few limited options available here. Economic and Diplomatic sanctions and pressure or military action. Having served myself for 24 years and now working as a defense contractor I can tell you there is very little appetite among the majority of the populace or the military for the last option so I would ask what are your ideas for a solution short of full scale war with Russia other that what is already being done. It is so easy to *****, whine, moan, and complain as you, the editor, always do yet you always seems to be short on solutions. I have a suggestion for you how about some constructive criticism including options from now on or else put down your editorial pen and shut your pie hole!

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Mar-05-14 9:11 AM

Call Hillary , she needs to hit the reset button again! Japan , hate too inform you ,the editorial staff has a right to put out there opinion whether you like it or not. Your starting to sound like Putin.

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Mar-05-14 9:20 AM

While it is true that nobody has the appetite for war, we are being seen as a paper tiger by others in the world. We are backing out of Afghanistan and Iraq without leaving a base .All the money and lives we gave and we turn and run with absolutely nothing to show for it. Egypt and Libya we pretty much stood by and let the situations play out . Benghazi , to this day there hasn't been anyone held accountable for the murders of four men except a film maker. Syria we let Putin take lead , and now it seems the chemicals are not being removed as quickly as they thought. Ukraine's people were looking for help before Putin moved in , we did nothing. We have downsized our military personnel by 100,000 troops. Russia and China have million man armies, we will have 450,000. Not calling for war , but we are losing our rank and credibility in the world.

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Mar-05-14 9:36 AM

japanviking, good luck getting the journal to change their ways , the sole purpose of their weekly anti- Obama, democrat, liberal rant is not to provide solutions but to provide talking points for the various groups of angry white people who make up the morning coffee crowds. Yes, The Journal is entitled to their opinion, but as a public newspaper it should reflect all the members of the community and offer some solutions. Catering to one small group of readers will be the end of the local newspaper.

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Mar-05-14 10:13 AM

Don't worry Obama/Kerry thought of the perfect solution to ease tensions. Mr. Kerry brought roses - problem solved. At least he didn't have to go out and draw a red line this time.

Once again Putin controls the narrative and will negotiate with NATO from a position of having the upper hand. That's what we get when we elect a community organizer as our president.

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Mar-05-14 12:46 PM

Deerhunt yes they have a right to put out their opinion I am just pointing the old saying that opinions are like.....And most of the one's I see coming out of the Journal Editorial Staff are either regurgitations of garbage they found somewhere else or their own foul smelling BS.

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Mar-05-14 12:49 PM

Deerhunt on your post about leaving a Base in Afghanistan and Iraq everyone is clamoring for cutting so pending and you are advocating spending billions of dollars to keep a permanent presence in countries we are not wanted in and if we stay our service members will continuously come under attack. It is obvious you never spent anytime in uniform or stationed overseas. I did and permanent bases there are ludicrous.

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Mar-05-14 12:51 PM

JReader propose some other options or do you advocate for war with Russia?

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Mar-05-14 2:14 PM


We talked during the Olympics how Putin's demeanor was going to change as soon as the torch went out due to what was happening in Kiev. This isn't rocket science here. Obama should have been much more proactive and seen this coming. Instead, he waits until after the tanks roll and the planes land to issue his economic "threats". A real leader would have been engaged in the situation while Putin was stuck in Sochi playing Mr. Nice Guy for the world to see and put diplomatic boots on the ground to put a better West leaning solution in play before Putin could bring in his military. Obama should have kicked some EU (NATO) butts into action there. Another opportunity lost.

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Mar-05-14 6:07 PM

And...if the U.S. felt like invading Cuba would we ask for Putin's permission? Would we quake in our combat boots if he threatened sanctions? Is he 6,000 miles away and we just 90? Nah, we're the nice guys and would never think about invading Cuba. (Or, Grenada, or Haiti, or...Mexico.) I'm sure there are no war plans for such actions. Really.

Major powers have spheres of influence and trying to fiddle around with them, and act like big tough grown-ups, is nonsense.

Kuwait made sense (yeah, George the First). Saber-rattling over the Ukraine is nonsense. It has no strategic value to us.

Let the Russians be Russian...and let us move on.

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Mar-06-14 1:05 AM

Until this country discovers a way to pay for any intervention, I don't think we should do a whole lot. Whether we should be involved or not, the fact of the matter is that we haven't exactly been funding our world involvement very well over the past few decades.

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Mar-06-14 9:41 AM

Hillary Clinton has it right. Putin is pulling a play out of the old Hitler book and will soon have Crimea added to the fold. Sven and his ilk would have us march in step with Joseph Kennedy while ignoring the famous words of George Santayana.

I think it was said that Poland had no strategic value to the United States as well, of course that was last century - no need to bring such trivial matters like that up today.

Cold War II - it doesn't have a nice ring to it.

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Mar-06-14 9:52 AM

JR , Putin might be pulling one out of Obama's playbook . Even though we all know these are Russian forces in Crimea ,Putin claims he knows nothing about it. Has a familiar ring to it, IRS targeting , Benghazi, dropping of health insurance coverage's, the roll out of Obamacare. Maybe someone just forgot to inform Putin that the military was putting troops in Crimea, simple oversight , nothing to worry about.

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Mar-06-14 9:46 PM

Wow, JR, "Putin will have the Crimea in his fold". GASP! That's like the U.S. taking over Baja California. It would be terrific for Republican donors who are land developers, but the world would yawn.

The Ukraine "crisis" is not the beginning of WW3. Your analogy to Poland is naive.

Putin and Co. fiddled around with Georgia and Moldova and it's costing them more aggravation and money than it's worth. The same is true of the Eastern Ukraine. It's a backwater that will only be another financial/military grindstone for the Russians. (Much like our wonderful excursion into Baghdad, thanks to your pal, "W".) Let Putin stick his head into that tar-baby and watch what happens.

The thing to do is freeze the Russian oligarchs bank accounts in NY/London/Zurich and see how fast Putin's billionaire pals turn on him...and without the petro $$$$ he is toast.

There. Next problem.

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Mar-07-14 11:55 AM

So far we have Kerry delivering roses and Obama on a one hour phone call whispering sweet nothings into Putin's ear. We don't have a president and world leader we have a 14 year old trying to work up the courage to go on his first date. He doesn't even lead from behind he leads from under the table. The left's long standing strategy of appeasement has reached a new milestone with Obama's under the stable doctrine.

And Sven here is so enamored by our Community Organizer In Chief he can do nothing but to totally discount a country's sovereignty as being meaningless to the rest of the world. So, was your lunch money stolen on a regular basis Sven ?

Did Bush ever annex Iraq or is your perception of the world that distorted ?

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Mar-07-14 1:27 PM


Here are a few historical facts for you to consider:

1. It was Khrushchev who turned over the Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, largely for administrative purposes.

2. The Ukraine was a part of the USSR.

3. Most of the Eastern "Ukrainians" are Russian.

Ipso facto, what you have here is a quasi civil war that has no strategic bearing on primary U.S. interests.

All you want to do is whine about Kerry/Obama who, according to one of your capitalist saints, Larry Kudlow, "have done a commendable job with the Ukraine situation". (Go, Larry!)

As to the "community organizer", etc., you seem to forget that President Obama was a United States Senator. However, I'll play your game. Let's forget that your favorite president was Governor of Texas prior to becoming POTUS. What you have left, my friend, is a former baseball "executive", frat boy, and drunk. No wonder you long for his administration.

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Mar-08-14 10:35 AM


I don't long for the past like you must. I really don't care what Bush was or is. Not going to play your little game.

I will apply some of your logic though. According to you we should let chubby cheeked Kim Jong-un take over South Korea. Nothing but a quasi-civil war there on the peninsula. We should pack up our 28,500 troops and bring them home.

Putin is a thug. Crimea is only his way of making a statement to the Ukrainian people who want to align themselves with the EU. They see this as a much better move for their future and Putin thinks otherwise. I understand you have a big issue with people who wish to self rule. Being you swing so far to the left you cannot grasp anyone but big brother making all of your decisions for you. That's why you are such a disciple of cable TV talking heads. You allow them to think for you and formulate all of your opinions.

We need a world leader to stand up to Putin and we aren't getting it with Obama.

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Mar-08-14 2:51 PM


1. I watch about a half hour of television a day, mostly to check in on the financial markets. You'll be happy to know that I spend at least an hour a day reading the New York Times. Over the years, I have found that this is the right balance of TV airhead time and reading brain time.

2. I'm about as far left as your grandfather Chester when he voted for the New Deal.

3. You and I agree on more progressive social issues than we disagree on: gay rights, parental punishment, etc. I also don't get the sense that you are a mindless, hard hawk of the Neocon ilk. But...

4. I have never longed for the past. I don't get misty-eyed over Reagan like a lot of you right wingers do.

5. Korea and the Crimea are not analogous (although they sound alike). To begin with, we do not have 28,000 troops camped out near Sevastopol. Their histories and political differences are vast. Try something else.

Other than that, you've hit your head right on the nail.

Nice goin

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