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Lack of respect for governor

March 2, 2014

To the editor: No, it’s not about losing respect for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, you can’t lose something you’ve never had. You’ll hear about Mark Dayton in another letter....

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Mar-03-14 9:29 AM

Without the illegal immigrants there would be no one to cut the lawns or serve big macs to all the retired, angry white guys that populate Arizona. It's a big state, I'm sure there is room for one more, you could run for gov. and straighten out the libtards.

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Mar-03-14 10:06 AM

So you do not believe that following the constituion is the right thing to do?

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Mar-03-14 11:05 AM

While I believe all privately owned businesses should "reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" I think Gov Brewer did the right thing. We should not sanction discrimination. Having said that, I also firmly believe that having your feelings hurt because someone doesn't agree with you or holds a different viewpoint is NOT a reason to sue someone. If somone one doesn't want to bake you a wedding cake because they don't agree with same sex marriage, find a different baker (why would you want to give a bigot your business anyway??) and then tell anyone and everyone you know about their anti-gay policies and let the damage to their bottom line when they lose additional business do the talking.

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Mar-03-14 1:01 PM

Why don't you just keep your opinions between u and your racist, closed minded Nazi buddies at the Ulmer! The things i hear in there make wonder how you people call yourself Christians? Such hate!

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Mar-03-14 2:29 PM

Did not even have to get to the end of tour article to know you are an old white guy

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Mar-03-14 7:58 PM

I am old white guy that live in AZ and I dont agree with any thing this guy wrote . After all this come from some creep in Mn.

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Mar-04-14 8:42 AM

So let's imagine for a second the governor gained the respect and admiration of Mr. Fruhwirth and let this bill go into law.

A New Ulm couple hops in their car to leave this miserable winter and takes off for the sunny skies of Arizona. They almost reach their destination when this New Ulm guy has a severe allergic reaction. Frantic the woman pulls into the local small town pharmacy. The local proprietor refuses to sell a live saving pill to our New Ulm gentleman based on his religious views. You see the pharmacist's church refuses to support "angry old white guys" and he is only following the wishes of his church so he watches as this angry old white guy dies.

I respect the governor's decision in this case. I think the world needs angry old white guys.

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Mar-04-14 10:19 AM

Governor Jan Brewer absolutely made the correct decision regarding this law. This law should never even have been on the table.

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Mar-04-14 3:19 PM

It is one thing to refuse to sell something to a homosexual. It is another thing to say that for religious reasons, I do not want to be involved in your wedding. Please find someone else to help you.

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Mar-04-14 4:54 PM

I do not understand why some posters have to call people names. That person is no better than the owner refusing to sell something to a homosexual--although they think they are. Enough with the name calling.

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Mar-04-14 7:36 PM


That is a wonderful parable you wrote. However, I think you forgot to mention that the New Ulm "couple" were two old white gay guys recently married and off on their honeymoon in sunny Arizona.

As grandpa svensota used to say, "The cheese becomes more binding."

Still...a touching story.

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Mar-05-14 9:59 AM


Nothing gets past you. Your pretty sharp for an angry old white guy.

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Mar-05-14 10:08 PM

Never angry, JR, just thoughtful and infallible.

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Mar-13-14 8:04 AM

you should be able to decline bidding any job (like a "no-bid") for any reason which typically requires no reason to be disclosed. if your business suffers from the "no-bids", so be-it. this law is not about serving gays in a service business, it is about no-bidding contract work. Why would some one want to hire someone like a photographer who was not interested in the job? So the law is going to force them to accept jobs were they are not interested? Come-on, have we all lost our common sense?

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Mar-13-14 7:56 PM

garyschmid You catch on pretty fast since my first word in my post were stating that I was a old white guy .

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