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Medical marijuana — How beneficial is it?

February 19, 2014

The latest Minnesota Poll conducted by the Star Tribune indicated that a bare majority — 51 percent — of Minnesotans favor the legalization of marijuana for medical use....

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Mar-08-14 1:42 PM

oops..... I agree that, not tat....

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Mar-08-14 1:39 PM

svensota - I agree tat we are very near to making cannabis legal nationally. And, yes, it is all a moot point.

We are engulfed in cannabis, drugs (legal & illegal), alcohol, guns, etc., etc., etc. Except for cannabis, all are regulated. We would be in worse shape without regulation, but all of it is so out of control that I have lost hope of ever getting a handle on things.

Your reference to the h e r o i n epidemic in upstate Vermont is a prime example. I have read about it & ask the same.....Vermont? Perhaps if I eat a few day-glow green brownies, I won't worry about things so much.

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Mar-07-14 8:02 PM

Apparently, h e r o i n is such a no-no that we will pretend it doesn't exist.

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Mar-07-14 8:01 PM

GrandmaD: I'm not sure where I am on the issue either. I have such trouble concentrating, like I've never seen the colors on the computer screen beautiful... and rich and saturated...


It seems to me that it's all a moot point. Just about anyone can get almost any amount of drugs they want anywhere. Marijuana is everywhere already. And, like casino gambling a few years ago, when enough states make it legal, more states will clamor for the "tax dollars for education".

I think we're nearer to a national done deal to make cannabis legal than most of us realize.

If you want to read something that will make your hands tremble, read about what's going on now in upstate Vermont. There is a ****** epidemic in Bennington and outlying communities. Vermont? What! I remember spending a few Christmas Eves in Stowe. Snow in Stowe has a whole different meaning now.

What next?

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Mar-07-14 7:04 PM

Sven - I'm not sure exactly how you feel on this issue, but I do enjoy the humor. :) :) Oh yea......Mary Jane, all is good, except I'd like one more brownie, please. :) :)

As for my original post, I did read about the story on the internet & can no longer find the source, so you have me there, nushadow. I did say there may have been more to the story & still believe there was, but nothing more was said.

Again, I am not disputing the dangers of all the other vices out there, nor am I disputing the good that "medical" marijuana may do.

I made a comment about not wanting old people and young people being served & eating marijuana edibles (brownies per say), & I still stand strong by that statement. Why is that not okay? Peace bro/sis......

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Mar-07-14 6:32 PM

Think of the medical miracle that could be available to our suffering fellow Minnesota citizens...

Before: Owww-owww-o**** Oh, woe is me, I have a hangnail under my pinky finger fingernail. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I'm in such pain. Ooooooooooooo. ARGGGGGGGGG!

After: Hey, dude, like ya' got any Maui Wowie. Like I think I have a hand, ya' know, with, dude. Ya' got any brownies I can light?

Clearly, we need the more enlightened, sympathetic, modern approach to healing.

So, join the push for legalization of Mary Jane.

Far out. Right on. Like, did I say that already?

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Mar-07-14 6:07 PM

GrandmaD in your original post "Are they the same kind served to a 60-yr-old in Ontario who consumed them, resulting in his death? The brownies were baked by his son. There may have been more to that story, but the bottom line is - marijuana brownies are not exactly edible" The son should be held accountable. I would like to review your source not just "I read this on the interwebs". Anything is edible but the difference is how it reacts to the person either edibles, inhalants, pill for the list can go on and on. What other medications were present what was the toxicity report too many unknowns to blame it on ONE thing. I just want to know more before I discredit you. when this passes medically your still have your right to deny any prescription or health assistance. Don't let the stories of horror out shine something that works for so many others.

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Mar-07-14 1:10 PM

Once, again, I know & understand the evils of alcohol & prescription drugs. I have witnessed the abuse, including death, in my family & among friends. I NEVER disputed that. And I KNOW marijuana is out there, everywhere, just as alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, cigarettes, etc., etc., etc., are.

You can be as sarcastic as you want - mandating that marijuana edibles be colored coded day-glow green. You can regulate it all you want, just like everything else. It will still get in the wrong hands, just like you said. And I still don't want my grandchildren or any children, nor any senior citizen to consume marijuana edibles. I don't want to, either.

If one of my ninty-some-yr.-old aunts consumes an "edible" marijuana product, becomes disorientated, falls down the steps or falls & hits her head, I hope someone will be held accountable. The same goes for my grandchildren or any other innocent child.

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Feb-24-14 1:30 PM

OK GrandmaD. Clearly part of the risk of legalizing marijuana in either a medical or recreational capacity is that the marijuana will get into the wrong hands, just as you've pointed out.

A few thoughts on this:

1) Nobody's going to die when they eat/smoke too much marijuana. There are inherent risks here, yes, but nothing even remotely close to what we as a society are already willing to put up with in both alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

2) Marijuana is already very readily available, it is out there in your community, and within reach of the hands of both youngsters and the elderly. Legalizing marijuana might make broaden the base of this existing risk, but it will also allow for regulation that simply isn't feasible right now.

What sort of regulation you ask? If this is that big of a problem, why not mandate that all marijuana edibles be colored bright day-glow green, brownies included. Then you simply teach people how not to eat day-glow green food.


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Feb-20-14 8:50 PM

Once again, Leander, I know all that. Please stop insulting me as if I don't. I agree with all that because, once again, I have witnessed it time & again.

My original post was about seniors & young kids consuming brownies laced with marijuana. They got sick & had to go to the hospital. I NEVER said anything about prescription drug addiction being okay, & I NEVER denied the damage they can cause. I brought up the brownie stories because I am NOT okay with kids or seniors or anyone consuming them & getting sick. I hope that you are not okay with it, either. And, once again, I do not have to take back my right to critically thinking because I NEVER lost it.

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Feb-20-14 7:24 PM

I will go there... Everytime. People need to know that Marijuana is nothing like anything your doctor can prescribe to you. It does not give you a leaky gut, it doesn't cause massive dependency issues, it doesn't slowly build up a danger tolerance, it doesn't deprive you of normal bowl function. The medical community only wishes it could claim responsibility for one of nature's greatest gifts. I'll rant all day about losing loved ones to opiate addiction if it makes even one person realize that Marijuana is a real alternative to poisoning your body with synthesized chemicals.

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Feb-20-14 7:02 PM grandkids (forgot the d).... AND.. I should have said might get sick, not.... are going to get sick...

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Feb-20-14 6:56 PM

thatguy - My bad that I failed to mention the senior citizens & elementary students were rushed to ER because of dizziness & nausea. So, now I'll add disorientation & vomiting. That does concern me, & I find it disturbing that it doesn't concern you. How the heck is that okay? Any trip to the ER indicates a concern. I love brownies, & I'm not happy that I have to be concerned that my friends, my grankids, & myself are going to get sick from consuming them.

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Feb-20-14 6:45 PM

Leander - I never lost my right to critically think. I have thoroughly researched prescription pain medication & alcohol & their devastating & horrible effects. I have lost family & friends to both from suicide, accidents, & overdoses. I've watched family & friends lose their homes, their spouses & children & their quality of life. So, don't go there with me, please.

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Feb-20-14 4:37 PM

Pack it and pass it, I say!

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Feb-20-14 3:46 PM

The CDC estimates that last year alone 15,000 people died from the use, and abuse of prescription pain killers. What do you think the families, and loved ones of those dearly departed would have to say if you told them that an alternative drug, impossible to overdose on, was available? We've all been fooled into believing that if the doctor gives it to you, it shall do no harm. Take back your right to critically think. GrandmaD... spend a little more time researching yourself. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO OVER DOSE ON MARIJUANA. PERIOD.

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Feb-20-14 3:10 PM

GrandmaD i like how u fail why they were sent to er. Dizziness and neausea, which is understandable when you don't know what you're eating. Put all the facts out there. Yes edibles have a high concentration cause THC is extracted from the marijuana. Just like drinking, be responsible. Don't go drink a liter of everclear and expect not to end up in er for alcohol poisoning. U find me an example of THC poisoning.

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Feb-20-14 1:10 PM

The irony is, marijuana has been researched more than many pharmaceutical drugs which have been approved by the FDA. There is NO evidence to maintain marijuana as a schedule one drug. You have a president coming forward to admit that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, but the reality is you can consume enough alcohol to kill you. Marijuana cannot be consumed in a fashion that will result in a drug overdose. Its just not scientifically possible. Try that with your off the shelf doctor prescribed opiates, or your favorite spirit. Why is it so surprising that marijuana has less side effects than other prescription medications? Its not made in a lab... its made in nature.

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Feb-20-14 10:08 AM

Once again the Journal misses the real question that needs to be asked. Just why is there such a serious lack of data available on the medical benefits of marijuana ?

The answer is quite simple actually. That's because the government has classified it as a class 1 controlled substance. In doing so it makes it nearly impossible to be studied in medical institutions. So, if we really want to "get to the truth" about marijuana our government could start by re-classifying it as a class 2 drug where it would reside along with cocaine. Then it could be properly studied and learned once and for all if it should or shouldn't be prescribed by doctors.

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Feb-20-14 9:58 AM

Just wondering if the brownies mentioned are the same kind served at a funeral in California which hospitalized three senior citizens. Are they the same kind served to seven elementary students (California) who got sick & were rushed to a hospital? Are they the same kind served to a 60-yr-old in Ontario who consumed them, resulting in his death? The brownies were baked by his son. There may have been more to that story, but the bottom line is - marijuana brownies are not exactly edible.

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Feb-20-14 12:10 AM

Meh. To*****with medical; straight to legal recreational use.

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Feb-20-14 12:08 AM

I can just see disclaimer now...

"Oh, wow. Hey, man, like, if you smoke marijuana and have an*********that lasts for more than four hours, call your doctor immediately, but not until, like, the beginning of the fourth hour, dude."

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Feb-19-14 2:38 PM

*lies and misnomers*

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Feb-19-14 2:29 PM

... And those same dr.'s are the same that are so quick to right scripts for the other manufactured chemicals the pharmaceutical companies rush through clinical studies. Which were not studied long enough that end up harming more than it helped. Marijuana been around alot longer than those companies have. Its impossible to overdose on THC. The only side effect I'm aware of is munchies and excessive napping. Don't play the smoking causes them cancer card either. There called edibles.. Brownies, cupcakes, cookies; ect. Wake up its not a narcotic, not physically addictive. Sounds MUCH safer to me already.. And don't go and say it will get into the black market... Um its already out there anyway.. Its not going to change that market. The state might as well jump on the band wagon and profit from it. Think of all the permits they have to sell. No different than liquor and tobacco licenses. Time to throw out all the lies and monomers. Marijuana is not the gateway drug... Alcohol is.

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