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Fed up with all the "change"

February 14, 2014

To the editor: “If you like your insurance policy you can keep your insurance policy.” Oh how I wish it were tru....

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Feb-14-14 10:36 AM

I think our tv media has to make some changes on their coverage of our government. They are so blinded by Obama they cannot report the political news unbiased. The problems in health care are just the beginning. We are on a path to make everyone "equal" in everything no matter how many bad choices some people have made in their life. I have already experienced a change in Medicare. It has to do how your overnight stay in a hospital is classified. I am so glad I CAN complain about our president as I DID NOT vote for him. What a nightmare he has made in healthcare.

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Feb-14-14 10:45 AM

When will the people come to the realization that "inaccurate" and "glitches" are really defined as "lies" and "doesn't work".

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Feb-14-14 8:35 PM

Better headline:

Fed up with all the whiners and complainers and nigglers and blamers and righteous malcontents.

Next time GOPpers, try winning an election without looking and acting like amateur doofuses.

And, in the meantime, feel free to squawk like magpies.

I love the sound.

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Feb-15-14 9:20 AM

You didn't vote for President Obama, Tooold? What other choice did we have?

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Feb-15-14 9:20 AM

You didn't vote for President Obama, Tooold? What other choice did we have?

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Feb-15-14 9:33 AM

Svensota - GOP'ers can't get their deceased to vote like the Dems can to win elections.;<)

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Feb-15-14 3:01 PM

Avoice: That's because most GOPpers are white, old, semi-prosperous, cranky, live in rustic areas, yearn for the '50's, and watch Foxy Babes Network.

You guys need to develop a new political dynamic, or at least learn how to steal an election or two.

Oh, wait, that's right, you already did that with the Supreme Court in 2000.

;<) (tee, hee)

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Feb-22-14 12:21 AM

Svensota, if I remember right, you guys tried to steal the election by announcing erroneous results prior to the closing of the polls but got caught doing so.

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Feb-23-14 4:35 PM

"The emphatic but premature declarations of a Bush presidency (started by FOX) are more likely than the earlier Gore flub to have had a real impact. For one, they prompted Al Gore to concede, cementing for many the early images of Bush as the president-elect, and of Gore, once he’d retracted his concession, as the sore loser. Such impressions may have significantly altered the dynamics of the post-election wrangling." *******fair****/extra-online-articles/election-night-meltdown/

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Feb-23-14 4:36 PM

fair dot org

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Feb-23-14 6:12 PM

AuntyDem, you might look at the timeline. "7:48 PM: The Associated Press, then CNN, and finally all of the other major TV networks declared Vice President Al Gore the victor in Florida, based on Voter News Service projections from exit polls. These polls were considered extremely reliable because they polled actual voters who had just left the polls, rather than those who said they would vote in the days before the election. At the time they announced the projected winner of Florida, the polls were still open in the panhandle region, but only for a few more minutes."

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Feb-24-14 10:27 AM

This is a first hand account of the destructive force known as Obamacare. All the lefties have in their playbook at this point is to go back to 2000 and Florida. Just goes to show you two things. First, just how bad he really is as a president because there is nothing to anyone can use to defend our president. Second, just how extreme their collective case of cognitive dissonance really is. Pathetic when you think of it.

What ever happened to the "average family saving $2,500.00 a year in their health costs ? Doesn't sound like it happened in this case. You guys have any defense for this ? Are you going to have to go back to the Nixon Administration to deflect this lie ?

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Feb-24-14 8:00 PM

Avoice: If you can equate the Supreme Court handing over the 2000 election to "W" with some debatable network hanky-panky, then you are ready for a sterling career as a political analyst for Foxy Babe Network.

Stuff head with straw, roll cameras, look indignant, smirk. Repeat often.

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Feb-25-14 9:37 AM

Svensota, your last sentence is a prime self description of yourself. As far as watching Foxy News Babes(they do have men also)who have a high degree of intelligence, is far better than listening to the wood brained Pinocchios you apparently get your talking points from. Aunty Dem and I were discussing the timeline of poll closing and premature declarations, not the resulting Gore rant of "I declared myself a loser before I was declared a loser" as a result of the recount and further legal proceedings.

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Feb-25-14 4:27 PM

Avoice: Apparently, you have short term memory issues or, perhaps, reading comprehension problems. It was you, my friend, who posted a direct question to me at 12:22 a.m. on February 22. (What were you doing up so late?)

I'm just responding to your fuzzy-headed inquiry like any responsible, caring citizen would.

Besides, Avoice, I think you'd look swell on TV reading Rupert Murdock's kooky missives. For example:

"And now, the American People will learn the truth about the evils of Benghazi...again."

"Wait! Ann Coulter has some breathtaking insights into the demonic practices of democrats."

"Back to you, Bill. Let's hear more about your latest book, 'Killing Lincoln Kennedy Roosevelt Lefty Pinkos'"'d be really good.

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Feb-26-14 12:32 PM

JR-were you in favor of the ACA when it was developed by the heritage foundation-a conservative think tank who touted it as a means to solve the nations health care problem with private industry and personal responsibility? or is it just because Obama pushed it you don't like it

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