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Obama’s decision will have broad effect

February 9, 2014

Assuming President Barack Obama means what he says — more than an idle concern, in view of his record for veracity — Americans are about to get a lot less for the tax dollars they send to Washingto....

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Feb-12-14 10:16 PM

3% of US workers earn minimum wage, yet raising it will eliminate 300,000 jobs? Let's assume that every minimum wage job gets eliminated because the 1% throws a hissy fit. How do you explain all the other jobs that you say will be lost. Your numbers don't jive.

What about all the jobs that get created because more people will have money to spend?

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Feb-12-14 1:41 PM

I, like the majority of Democrats, am thrilled with the job President Obama has done. Too bad the right wing isn't thrilled. (Gosh! What a surprise.) But hearing them whimper and complain tells me we've been on the right track for almost six years, and--just think!--we've got two more years to go until HillaryWorld begins.

And, just what is it you think President Obama should do that is "effective and meaningful", JR?


Let's hear it for more tax cuts for the 1%!


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Feb-12-14 10:06 AM

I, like the majority of Americans are simply waiting for this administration to do something effective and meaningful. It hasn't happened yet. And if you consider things like Obamacare we've actually gone backwards.

Aunty, you might consider the tactics employed by the Republicans as being nothing more than obstructionist but in reality they are only doing what they are suppose to be doing. Every president has always been challenged by the opposing party. Through this process compromise can be reached. Obama is the clear exception to this long standing practice. "I will not negotiate" accurately describes his whole tenure in the white house.

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Feb-12-14 9:35 AM

JR: Consider the jobs lost, infrastructure neglected, money lost by gov shutdowns, recovery slowed, courts stalled, agencies unable to function - because Republicans need something perceived as conservative and anti-government enough to avoid the RHINO label from the Tea Party wing - which simply means doing the opposite of what Obama favors, even if it is what they actually want. Who is being helped? Answer: Short-term, the farthest right, conspiracy loving Republicans. Long-term, Democrats.

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Feb-11-14 6:43 PM

JR: Thanks for explaining everything. Maybe Congress could toss in immigration reform too, then we could all feel really great.

Oh, wait, never mind, we don't need Congress anymore.

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Feb-11-14 10:02 AM

Yes, raising the minimum wage - the feel good movement of the left. Why don't we all just watch a Benji movie instead ?

I'm sure all of those teenagers out there will love making $10.00 an hour. You know that that already live in households 150% or greater above the poverty line ?

Less than 3% of American workers work for minimum wage. Only 4% of single parent households work at a fulltime job earning minimum wage.

300,000 jobs will be lost if the minimum wage is raised.

So, just who is really being helped ? Answer: Democrats running for re-election. The need something perceived as "positive" to run on while distancing themselves from Obamacare.

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Feb-10-14 10:11 PM

Hurrah for raising the minimum wage.

Hurrah for doing it via executive order.


The amount of the increase makes no sense. I understand the enthusiasm for it. But the reality of a 40% increase in one fell swoop is...( heard it here first)...ridiculous.

Do it. But do it in graduated steps. 10% per year over four years could be manageable.

Did I hear "inflation"?

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Feb-10-14 1:43 PM

Once again The Journal comes to the rescue of the American taxpayer, pointing out obvious flaws in the President's plan to raise the minimum wage. I assume The Journal will be incorporating the same sense of fiscal responsibility in it's day to day operations. In order to give it's newspaper subscribers the best value, The Journal should fire everyone making more than minimum wage and replace them with the cheapest workers they can find. Schooling or experience really does not matter, quality is not important, the cheapest product possible is the desired outcome. The Journal would be referred to as the wal-mart of newspapers.

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