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Abortion is cruel and unusual

January 28, 2014

To the editor: This is in reference to the Jan....

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Jan-28-14 9:45 AM


My opinions on abortion mirror those of capital punishment.

What I find ironic is a jury decides the fate of a convicted criminal and will decide if he or she will live or die. While for a mother it is nothing more than a "personal choice" for her to decide if her unborn child will live or die. Her decision can come with no legal justification whatsoever. No other place in our society is the individual given so much power to legally decide the fate of another.

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Jan-28-14 3:45 PM

I am pro-life, as I have often stated, except if the mother's life is in danger. That is how I was raised, & I still feel that way. I was, also raised to believe that capital punishment is wrong. I struggle with that, however.

I think about the most horrible & gruesome murders that have taken place, and one in particular that never exits my mind. It's the abuse & murder of Brianna Lopez in New Mexico. She died when she was just over 5 months old. She was brutally raped, kicked, punched, bitten, thrown, whatever you can think of by her mother, father, & uncle. She was abused every day of her short life.

The max sentence was handed down - 18 years for each. I know a law was passed three years later to make such horrific crimes a mandatory life sentence, but they didn't have to serve it. Do these people deserve to live? Perhaps they are already out. I don't know.

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Jan-29-14 1:28 AM

The problem with capitol punishment is that it is said to be so expensive. I say that we should reduce the cost. If it is only used for cases where there is DNA evidence and/or credible witnesses, and only for the most heinous crimes, I would rather get rid of the murderer than pay to keep them locked up for the rest of their life. They also need to limit the amount of appeals.

I totally understand the argument for cases where their is a chance that the person didn't commit the crime, but there are plenty where we know without a doubt that the accused is guilty.

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Jan-29-14 9:33 AM

Well stated MCW. I have to stand corrected, however. My sister told me they were given harsher sentences because of the unspeakable brutality this innocent, beautiful baby girl suffered. The mother did receive 27 years & the father & uncle almost twice that, but they are all eligible for parole, however many times that comes up.

New Mexico's law, at that time was a maximum of 18 years for child abuse resulting in death. The two men were charged with murder because their last abuse was tossing her to hit the ceiling & letting her drop to the floor. The mother wasn't in on that one, so she received less time. Anyway, I do stand corrected, but I still ask whether they deserve to live. It happened 12 years ago, & I can't get it out of my head.

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Jan-29-14 10:15 AM

I tend to see myself as pro-life. But I sometimes wonder this. What kind of life does a person have if they are born into extreme poverty, crime, or are a product of violence against women? And how many "pro-life" people look to help those children in an age when everyone wants to keep what they feel is theirs? There is a difference between "pro-life" and "pro-birth."

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Jan-29-14 3:33 PM

I was born into poverty. By your logic I shouldn't exist. I have been fortunate and have not let where I began in life determine where I would end up. My wife and I have to date sent eight children through schools in developing countries through our financial support. One has even made to college.

If I had never been born I'd like to think none of these kids would have had the chance we've been able to provide for them.

When we write people off just because of where they start out in life we diminish all of humanity.

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Jan-29-14 5:35 PM

Even if you think capital punishment is the right thing to do, you'd have to administer it equitably for it to be just and fair.

Ain't happening. Anywhere.

Look into it.

Illinois and Texas are two good places to start.

One, Illinois, gave up because it was so inequitable, and the other, Texas, continues to slaughter convicts at an astonishing rate. Texas gets most "right" and a few "wrong". But, so what--they're the poor, the Black, the Hispanic, and the mentally ill.

Close enough. Right?

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Jan-29-14 8:06 PM

Abortion is cruel when it against the law and some hack does it .

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Jan-29-14 10:52 PM

Shadow, Abortion is always cruel . . . to the baby who is killed.

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Jan-30-14 12:02 PM

JReader - I didn't say you shouldn't exist. What I'm saying is many who claim to be "pro-life" couldn't care less about the child born into extreme poverty, a household filled with crime or born as a result of rape or incest. Until we, as a society, value THOSE as much as we claim to value the unborn, then no one can claim to be "pro life." They are merely "pro birth." Instead, our society values "I've got mine. The heck with you." To me, that's not very Christian.

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Jan-30-14 12:04 PM

And if you've taken care of those in need, you are to be commended. Sadly, you are the exception and not the rule.

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Jan-30-14 4:14 PM

Abortion is, also, cruel when it is "legal" to dismember, suction out piece by piece, poison, burn decapitate, crush skulls, snap spines, etc. of the most precious and innocent who have lost their ultimate right...the right to life.

I don't want any child to be born into extreme poverty, into a household filled with crime, & I don't condemn any mother who chooses to abort because of incest or rape or if her life is in danger. I resent being judged in that manner because I say I am pro-life.

No one knows for sure what life had in store for the 51 million babies aborted in the US. By your logic, brainiac, millions more should have been aborted because crime households, poverty levels, child abuse, etc. is rampant in our country.

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Jan-30-14 4:39 PM

For the reasons sven stated, I absolutely know that innocent people have unjustly lost their lives as a result of capital punishment. I can't imagine losing a loved one in such a horrific manner. I was raised to believe that we are no better than those put to death if we support capital punishment. My faith teaches me it is wrong.

Again, my struggle surfaces when cases like Baby Brianna happen. Her parents & uncle admitted their guilt & described the torture she endured. There was no doubt of their guilt. They go to prison, get taken care of, & will maybe get out. No true justice for that beautiful baby.

New Mexico doesn't have the death penalty, so they didn't have to pay with their lives. But should have they? I don't believe the people of New Mexico want to take care of them, but they have to. I don't want to take care of people like that, either, but I have to, also.

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Jan-30-14 9:04 PM

Does anyone on this site find it strange that every state has different criteria for the death penalty? Yes, yes, I understand states rights.

But, this is such an unusual situation. Cross a line and you get fried or hung or shot or injected--or not cross a line and you eat bad food until you meet your maker--all for the same offense.


Did I hear Balkans?

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Jan-31-14 8:10 AM

Abortion, like Cap Punishment, isn't an easy fix, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it in here. However, there are tons of stats that break down the abortions by state, federal, etc. All you have to do is look them up and read them for yourself. See what % of "mothers" have had numerous abortions. See the answers they give when asked why they are aborting. Basically, get the facts on what's going on and then, look yourself in the mirror, and ask if this is right to freedom or another answer. Let your conscience be your guide.

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Jan-31-14 9:22 AM

Abortion is wrong except for rape and incest and it should be the victims choice. The time for choice for the rest of the people was before they had sex and decided not to use contraception . Even if your contraception failed you knew there was a chance of becoming pregnant . We dispose of fetus's as if they were garbage, I don't feel I want one so I will just get rid of it. There are plenty of people wanting to adopt, it comes down to people not taking responsibility for there past actions. There are plenty of social programs to help fund the existence of the child , so don't use dollars as a reason. Your "personal choice " ended when you decided to have sex and risk getting pregnant , once pregnant you officially have a growing human inside of you. To decide to kill it for personal ease of life is sad, you could be missing out on the greatest achievement of your life - raising a child- it's not easy , but very fulfilling.

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Jan-31-14 9:26 AM

I find it funny how we give more rights to an animal than an unborn child . Heaven forbid some owl ,wolf or other animal loses it's life unjustly , you end up getting charged with a crime. We have lost our moral compass in this world , it has become live for the moment , not what legacy do we leave behind.

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Jan-31-14 12:49 PM

sven - Capital punishment screams Balkans. The US Supreme Court suspended it, deeming it unconstitutional in 1972, but reinstated it in 1976, allowing each state to rule individually on whether they wanted it or not. I don't remember the "why" behind the reinstatement, & I didn't check.

I understand state's rights, also, but being able to end a life in some states and not in others for the same offense takes unconstitutional to a whole new level, even though some criminals are the scum of the earth. Laws and punishments are different in each state, but when it comes to termination of lives, it has to be the same for all. I totally agree with you on that.

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Jan-31-14 12:56 PM

deerhunt - Your last two posts on abortion have a powerful impact. Well stated.

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Feb-01-14 8:49 AM

Deerhunt really put it on the line. I agree, in fact ask yourself this question: do you think the way that abortion is used today (contraception, socially accepted on many levels, etc) is the way that the judgement that was handed down 40 years ago was intended?? Do you think the judgement intended the millions and millions of abortions that have occurred?? No, our society has spun this thing SO far from it's intended (even if they were incorrect intentions at the time) use. Abortions for contraception are by far, the #1 reason for abortions in this day and age. I guarantee this was not the intended purpose of the judgement.

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