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New Ulm man charged with burglary, theft; in jail

January 25, 2014
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Jan-26-14 11:06 PM

steeling from your mom and grandparents? that is lower than low, didn't I just see this guy in the paper not long ago for raping a 15 year old? why is he even out walking around? these people need to be put away longer and then maybe they will get it through there heads that you can't do certain things.

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Jan-28-14 12:26 AM

This really saddens me. I worked with this young man when he younger. Honestly I counseled him. He I believe was a child that was lost in the system and didn't get the help he needed. I believe I also read the past articles. If I still lived in the area I would honestly donate my time to people that need help for issues that this young man is struggling with. I firmly believe that this is what is wrong with the world. If there is no help for people that have made mistakes and or seem to continue to repeat committing crimes, then why are we complaining about them? I disagree with putting them away longer to get it threw to people. I do know that this young man did not deserve certain things in his life either and that is how I met him. The system is failing these younger people. Treatment and counseling, with time for the crime vs. time for the crime with no help for the deeper issues is only going to continue to be a repeat. Only my opinion.

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Jan-28-14 9:08 PM

I would like to introduce myself. I am the mother of Cody Stark's two month old daughter. If it is any of your business, no he did not "rape" me. We knew each other before he got me pregnant so it's not like he randomly just "raped" me. He didn't force himself on me.. at all. So I would really like it if you wouldn't be judging him. Cody has had past problems and is still facing some problems. I bet you have made some mistakes in your life, it's something all humans do. So before you sit here and judge him should we go through all the mistakes everyone else has made? He isn't even fully guilty for all of this.

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Jan-29-14 9:49 AM

When an adult has sex with a 15 year old, that is legally defined as statuatiry rape. I hope this man can get his life turned around because it doesn't sound like he is making very good choices.

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Jan-29-14 6:32 PM

Just a quick update to you donnyg~ Cody Stark was "RELEASED" from the Nicollet County Jail today because the stolen property was found else where,so the judge released him! Cody he is not guilty of this crime! WAY TO GO donnyg! I hope you feel really good about your post, then to add your comment about rape, REALLY? There was a child that born from that relationship. The mother of that child responded to your comment. Thank you Julie for your post..I think that I do remember you helping Cody when his dad was trying to get him removed from his living situation at that time. Our family is very grateful for that. I think that people should not be so cruel with their words when they don't know all the facts..Cody has had a rough time in his short life. I am hoping that he does get the help that he needs & deserves. We all make mistakes. I happen to be Cody's aunt & I will stand up for him when the facts are not true!

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Jan-29-14 9:05 PM

I know its called satatory rape, I'm not stupid. Donnyg just made it sound like he actually "raped me". Neither you or donnyg know him so you shouldn't be judging. His aunt is right, everyone makes mistakes. Just like I said in my comment before, if you don't know Cody personally I think you should just not comment at all because you have NO CLUE what he's gone/going through. You only know whats on the news and if they made false statements then hmm, let me see here, maybe he isn't the bad person you are making it sound like he is?

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Jan-29-14 9:07 PM

I meant statutory rape ** my bad.

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Jan-30-14 12:18 PM

carsonj check the Brown County jail website. Cody just headed west.

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Jan-30-14 9:25 PM

Cody is still going through court if that's any of your business. You have no idea whats going on either or if possibly he will get them dropped so please, just keep your nose out of it.

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Jan-31-14 1:34 AM

I feel sorry for the child who will undoubtedly grow up in a broken home. This isn't the first time he's been in trouble and well,I have no respect for thieves.

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Feb-04-14 7:15 PM

How is my daughter going to grow up in a broken home?

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Feb-05-14 10:48 AM

Everyone makes mistakes. It's how one takes responsibility for those mistakes that sets one person apart from another.

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Feb-05-14 11:32 AM

He's not a rapist, he just has a thing for underage girls.

Oh good. I feel better now.

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Feb-19-14 11:43 PM

I knew Cody for like 4 years , I am the only "younger" girl he's been with . So like I've said many times already , please keep your comments to yourself if you DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIM . Thanks !(: I appreciate it .

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